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How can you read Colossians 1: 15 and tell me that Jesus was created? Firstborn in the Greek means Protokos. This refers to Christ position of supremacy because He is the creator of all things (verse16) Christ was the firstborn because He created all things. Firstborn refers to positional priority and not temporal priority. Eamples: Exodus 4:22 Isreal called the Forstborn but they were not the first nation that God brought into existence but positonally as God's chosen people. Psalm 89:27 King David is called Firstborn but he is actually the last born son of Jesse.
In Verses 16 and 17 the NWT uses (other) in Colossians 1 chapter. Why is that since this is not in the Greek Text? If it was intended to be used there then the Greek Word ALLOS which means other would have been used there in the GREEK.

The primary meaning of firstborn means the firstborn – literally, the one born first. In Israel the firstborn son received a double inheritance and he was considered to be the head of the family in the absence of the father. Israel was Jehovah’s firstborn because it was the first grouping of people, a nation, that God claimed as his own. When he brought the Israelites out of Egypt he punished the defiant Pharaoh by having all the firstborn of Egypt put to death. That even included the firstborn of animals. Are we to believe that God did not literally put to death the firstborn sheep and cattle, but only the most prominent ones positionally? Were there perhaps certain domestic animals that were given priority as firstborn that were not literally birthed first?

Besides, Jesus is not merely the firstborn of all creation. He is also called the firstborn of the dead and the firstborn among many brothers. Jesus is the firstborn of the dead because he is the first person to be resurrected from the dead to receive everlasting life. The few that had been resurrected prior to Jesus all died again. So Jesus is literally the first person to be given immortality. Jesus is the firstborn among many brothers, as Paul described him in the eighth chapter of Romans, in that, he was the first person to be born again. He was, of course, born again on the occasion when he was anointed with Jehovah's holy spirit. Afterwards, specifically on the day of Pentecost, others began to be anointed. But in both instances, in terms of the resurrection and being born again, Jesus was literally the first.

Jesus is the firstborn of all creation because he was the very first son that Jehovah created and then Jesus was empowered by his Father to create everything else. That is why Jesus is called the only-begotten Son, because he was the only son directly created by Jehovah God. As the first chapter of Colossians goes on to say, everything else was created through him and for him.

The obvious flaw in the reasoning of trinitarians is that the firstborn only has meaning in relation to others who are born. But in the case of Jehovah he was never born. He had no beginning. He has no equal. He has no peer. He has no brother. To refer to himself as the firstborn is nonsensical. But as the Scriptures indicate Jesus had a beginning. Revelation 3:14 describes him as the beginning of the creation by God. And Jesus has peers and brothers.  The apostle Paul said that anointed Christians were joint heirs with Christ. He is the most prominent among them to be sure. But he is also literally the first to be blessed by Jehovah.

Here is a link to an article on the unique position Jesus occupies.  Jesus Christ - The Only-Begotten Son  

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