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Greetings Brenton,

Jehovah's Witnesses do not claim to be prophets? They never have. They simply expound on things already in the Bible?

What do you make of this recent exchange on this forum by faithful Witnesses, one of whom is claimed to work at World Headquarters? How does this square with, we don't predict, we don't even try to foretell the future, no never.

40 Year Pattern

"You are a Prophet as well because of that statement I have to ajust the date of Oct 1 2014 as the start of the GT as I once thought,I contacted Prophet G just mentioned I needed to run by you my update so he is waiting.
OK, we are on the right track but the dates and months could be off,both months God has acted on but the actual end would have to be October 1st 2015 for several reasons which mean the GT cant start Oct 2014 like I first thought,what got me to thinking was the Watchtower study last Sunday and then your statement."

"Its good we have been discussing this you and Prophet xxx because we want this to be correct
so we need your input prophet Steve before we post the update on Allexperts ,this is a summary of both dates and the revision:
Oct 8th 2014 the start of the GT and memorial night 2015 the start of the 1,000 year New World
Memorial April 3rd 2015 the start of the GT and October 1st the first day of the new world of 1,000 years"

Hi Robert,

You ask

“What do you make of this recent exchange on this forum by faithful Witnesses, one of whom is claimed to work at World Headquarters? How does this square with, we don't predict, we don't even try to foretell the future, no never.”

Honestly, I do not think much of it.

1 That sort of speculation should never have happened on a public forum.

2 One of the men  “appears” to work at some station in the WTBTS offices. That does not mean or give him the right / responsibility or the inside knowledge to discuss such matters out side of Bethel.

3 I personally doubt that the WTS would be so bold to publicly come out ans say such a thing.  If they do, then the men that make such decisions have not learnt from past mistakes.

4 It is NOT a prophecy in the meaning of foretelling events as the prophets of old at times did.

I can understand the reasoning’s as to why they have come to the conclusion that they have.  It is their understanding of what they have read.  That is far different from the sort of prophecy that Jehovah's  prophets had in foretelling future events.

Jehovah DIRECTLY told his prophets what to say.  That includes all we need to know about the future.  Some of the details of the future need to be searched out like a hidden treasure. (as I have previously written to you)  The “40” pattern idea may be one of those hidden treasures. But for now I doubt it. Even thou I understand where they are coming from, I need a lot more details to convince me.

We have the sort of prophecy that those men have speculated o every day.  It is called the weather forecast.  The bureau of Meteorology have tools that they use to try to determine weather patterns. They have past records to look back on to see how things developed.  They have radars and gauges of many sorts measuring, wind, heat, ocean currents etc.  They plug information into a computer that has been pre-programmed with specific algorithms and then make a hypothesis as to what MIGHT happen.  They give their best guess.  Sometimes they get it right, Sometimes they get it wrong.  

Cyclones (or as Americans call the hurricanes) are a good example of that. The destruction can bee seen to becoming, but, exactly how or when that destruction will happen is often so uncertain. Was it Katrina that did unpredictable things and flooded New Orleans?    We had a cyclone in the Queensland several years ago that changed course and turned out to be more destructive that anticipated.

The Bible gives all the warnings and we can see all the signs, getting the details exactly correct is a guessing game for those that want more information.

Scientist make a hypothesis on the outcome of an experiment based on the data and knowledge that they have an.

Those men with the “40” pattern are using the data that they have – record written in the Bible – analysing it and making a hypothesis  their best guess - as to the outcome.      

If their hypothesis is correct, so what! They put the data together correctly.  I am not worried about it. It is not going to terrify me or greatly effect me. If their hypothesis is correct I will rejoice that this system is closing. If it is not correct I will rejoice that Jehovah is allowing more time for people to repent.

In the mean time I will continue doing the best I can to be a follower of the Christ.  Like I told you before, I have been a JW since the 1960s.  As a group, the JWs in the city where I live did not get excited about the Armageddon coming in 1975 or shortly there after.  We just continued doing what we always did,  warning of the  great fear inspiring day of Jehovah. And in 1973 planned to build an assembly hall.  That took many JWs away from the door to door work.  In those days before labour laws were so strict there were many hundreds of JWs on site gigging the foundations by hand, crushing bricks to make a rad bass.  1975 was just an explanation of how long since Adam was created.

Just to see what sort of reaction I would get I told a few JWs hear of the  number “40” pattern and how it was calculated and the hypothesis as to what it might mean. I had the  basic same reaction as me. “So what?” -   “Interesting wait and see” -  the main one was “Brothers should not speculate.”  -  

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