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You asked me what I think the Bible says about soul. You provided many passages that seem to be against my thesis. Here is my opinion.

First of all, I think the Bible is not a book that teaches us secrets of God's creation, but God's plans about man. Its not like the book of philosophers like Plato, where they discuss about knowledge of things. If that was so, God would tell us about human body, cosmos etc.

As for the word soul. Its a word with many meanings throughtout the years and civilizations. In the Bible nephesh means breath and neck. For this reason, it also means life(breath is essential for life). Then, it also means the being that bears life, the "wn" that has "zwh" - "zwo"(greeklish characters). But, the Bible doesnt go in detail, describiing the EXACT ESSENCE of this person as soul. Is it the body, is it something else, it doesnt say cause its not a book of man's or God's science.  So soul is not something specific but something general that denotes life. In later times, 7-6th century BC "soul" gets the meaning of something inside, something immaterial and different than the flesh, that is the real personality. Paul says that he suffers inside this tent(as he describes his flesh), wanting to depart and be with the Lord. This passage betrays that Paul believed also in something else than the flesh.

What I believe happens after death. I dont know, its a mystery.
What the Bible says. In the oldest books the people have no hope of life after the death of flesh or resurrection. This is evident in Ecclesiastes. But in Daniel and Hezekiel hopes of resurrection are given no matter if that the soul which sins will die. In the NT, hope of resurrection is again given for people who will accept Jesus's precious sacrifice.

I just think the Bible isnt a treatment on science, its the word of God for what will happen in humanity.

But if man's soul is the same as animal's soul ,then the animals would also be made in the image of God.

Your views. Thank you.

Hi Christaras,

Like I already said, since the Scripture says that we are Living Souls NOT having a "soul" thus any other explanation will not be based on facts and a lie.

“. . .And Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul.  ” (Genesis 2:7)

That's all there is to it.  

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