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Hi Brenton,
Received your reply re: Dates. I really like the way you explained it & the site you provided...Interesting..What does man know about dates, BC, AD & so the beginning should be the Year # 1 & so on..BC AD, what's that all about ? Men are getting all wrapped up in the wrong thing. So many calendars, Chinese Calendar, Jewish Calendar, etc. We know what day it is & how old we are. We know not to go to work on Sat. & Sun ( if that is your schedule). Man places to much importance on things that at the end of the day, what does it matter. So much has gotten lost in translation, again, the bible just tells the chronology of things that did & will happen. It comes down to that humans still haven't learned the real deal...To draw close to Jehovah/Jesus & in time we will know. Even when you read the bible even though inspired by God, who wrote it..Man with their own little spin...Example...Today language...My sister & I were just sitting around chill' if this system continues to maybe 200 yrs from now, someone will read that & say, her sister was cold, why wasn't she warm, why wasn't a sweater provided..the word chilling may no longer be a part of the english language anymore. To read the Bible one must take into account the times...could be 33 BC or 49 AD, what really matters is the lesson. If you see someone in need will a date help them, or would a dollar or a cup of coffee or even you are attempting to save them..Oh, by the 1914 Jesus began to rule in Heaven. We humans are missing the point, getting involved in facts instead of deeds & works. Ask an elderly person about the dates, they have heard so many, what do you think they would say HONESTLY, if they would not be disfellowshiped because maybe deep inside, they are saying...who cares about the dates, I'm still here...& still serving Jehovah, maybe they are weary & I would say so because how many times can you hear we are in the last days, & now you have grands & great grand children. Think about the young ones, feeling we won't live to see some of them get married very young, because not much time I would like a companion, & experience the beauty of marriage that Jehovah provided & what my parents have. Again, let's stick to the script that Jesus gave his disciples...Preach & teach & baptize...he didn't say & Oh by the way tell folks about dates..(that'll really confuse them)...

Take Care,


Hello Dee,

Thank you for your remarks

Yes what really matters are the lessons we learn from Gods word, and the doing our imperfect best to impalement those lessons

Yes JWs wanting to serve Jehovah should be doing so because he is our life giver NOW not at some future time. He has given us that most beautiful home, this wonderful earth That is why we should be wanting to serve him.

"Salvation" or everlasting life, is a nice bonus, but  should not come into the picture as to why we want to serve God.

It is the most important work that JWs are engaged in. The Kingdom message. The vindication of Jehovah sovereign right to rule.  The benefits of that kingdom is a bonus for us, but, just when those benefits might come is not important.

Paul gave council to the Corinthians. Even though this letter was written about 55 c.e. Before the destruction of Jerusalem, they lived no where near Jerusalem so it can not be a warning about Jerusalem's destruction.  He said " Moreover, this I say, brothers, the time left is reduced" (1 Corinthians 7:29) How was it reduced for them and us? Every day we are a live reduces, that is our  individual time left. Our end in death from the effects of Adams sin could come today or tomorrow or in many years. Paul's council was not to let the normal everyday aspects of life entangle us, weigh us down, or stop us from serving Jehovah. In other words live each day as if we knew it was our last and make sure we are doing what is right in Jehovah eyes.

Paul’s words were very appropriate to those living in Corinth. . “ These Christians had problems to face, and they had questions to be resolved. There were factions within the congregation, for some were following men. A shocking case of sexual immorality had arisen. Some were living in religiously divided households. Should they remain with their unbelieving mates or separate? And what of eating meat sacrificed to idols? Should they partake of it? The Corinthians needed advice regarding the conducting of their meetings, including the celebration of the Lord’s Evening Meal. What should be the position of women in the congregation? Then, too, there were those in their midst who denied the resurrection. Problems were many. Particularly, though, was the apostle interested in bringing about a spiritual restoration of the Corinthians.” *** si p. 211 par. 6 Bible Book Number 46—1 Corinthians ***

As I said to Stewart,  I am not worried about it. .If the end of this system comes tomorrow, I will rejoice that this system is closing.  If it does not come in my life time I will rejoice that Jehovah is allowing more time for people to repent. As for me. I need to be determined to continue doing what is right to the best of ability in my circumstances NOW TODAY the end.

Keep you chin up and “let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” Hebrews 12:1

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I AM one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I am always learning. I am NOT an expert in the full sense of the word but I can answer questions on the reliability of the NWT - the so called mind control problems-so called prophecies - how being a JW affects the individual and relatives and general practices and history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. >>WARNING<< Please be aware that there are people here who ARE NOT practicing JWs. By all means ask these ones questions. Depending on the question you will get an honest answer, but, generally the answer you get, will mislead you as to what we believe, often because, they do not give ALL the relevant details. These ones will, have an agenda against JWs., and will at times give answers that are not correct in regard to JW teachings and practices. If you are after a answer from one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, please read some of the answers that the various experts have published before choosing someone. If you want to ask one of the NON JWs a question, that is fine, BUT if you want a balancing view after asking one of the NON JWs, ask a JW the same question. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: There(have been)and are, some "experts" here who are NOT always the most courteous and polite, at times are actually quite rude, that applies to both JW's and non JW's and their answers may offend, especially when they get personal and attack the character of the person and not the message. Unfortunately some here that have done that. So it IS IMPORTANT to chose an "expert" that YOU feel will best suit YOU by reading some of their past answers . . . . .


I have been a publisher since 1964. When I first went on the internet I found a lot of negative information dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses covering prophecy, mind control and what many said was a very bad translation of the Bible known as the NWT. It shook my faith. After may hours researching these topics I could see why some felt that way, but, I was also able to explain why there were these misleading views. I can now set matters straight for anyone that has negative information about Jehovah’s Witness to show them that such information is at best misleading and at worst dangerous lies.

I have been a student of the Bible for many years, am trying to teach myself Biblical Greek. Was a public tax accountant for many years untill SEP 2009 when I gave it up due to health problems.

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