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In mathew 28:19 jesus says we should be baptized in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. Why do JW's get baptized in the name of the organization?
When Jesus inspected the worlds religions invisibly in 1914 and chose the JW's because of their doctrines at that time. Who saw or felt his presence? JW's dictrines have changed beyond recognition since then. How do you know JW's are still the chosen ones?
The bible warns us about false prophecies. How do you explain the false prophecies about armageddon? 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925 etc. The last being 1975. Please help me understand. I have been having bible study since 1999 and I'm really struggling.


That’s correct; J.W’s follow this command--

1. We dedicate our life to Jehovah God when we become a baptized Christian; & enter into a relationship with him.

2. Accepting Jesus and being baptized in his name means recognizing his role in our relationship with the Creator.

3. One who is baptized in the name of the holy spirit recognizes that the holy spirit is, not a person, but Jehovah’s active force. And such baptism means that one acknowledges the role the holy spirit plays in God’s purpose.


Jesus told his disciples what would be VISIBLE proofs of his invisible presence, he listed over 30 signs to look for. Those with “eyes” of understanding “saw” those signs.

The apostle John writes: “Look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, and those who pierced him; and all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in grief because of him.” Here the Bible speaks of seeing, not with physical eyes, but in the sense of discerning or perceiving. Thus, when a person comprehends or understands a matter, he may say, ‘I see it.’ The Bible, in fact, speaks of “the eyes of your understanding.” (Ephesians 1:18, King James Version) So the expression “every eye will see him” means that everyone will then understand or recognize that Christ is present.

When telling of his presence in Kingdom power, Jesus said: “Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings.” (Matthew 24:45-47)

On his return in Kingdom power in the year 1914, Christ found a “faithful and discreet slave” class providing spiritual “food,” or information.

J.W’s were the only organization teaching people bible truths when Jesus arrived to inspect the earth.


The Bible shows that Jehovah enables his servants to understand his purpose in a progressive manner. (Prov. 4:18; John 16:12)

The prophets who were divinely inspired to write portions of the Bible did not understand the meaning of everything that they wrote. (Dan. 12:8, 9; 1 Pet. 1:10-12)

The apostles of Jesus Christ realized that there was much they did not understand in their time. (Acts 1:6, 7; 1 Cor. 13:9-12)

The Bible shows that there would be a great increase in knowledge of the truth during “the time of the end.” (Dan. 12:4) Increased knowledge often requires adjustments in one’s thinking. Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing humbly to make such adjustments.

the apostles had to change their beliefs on many occasions, that didn't make them any less the "chosen ones" did it?

J.W’s are still the only religion teaching Bible truths.


Jehovah’s Witnesses do not claim to be inspired prophets. They have made mistakes. Like the apostles of Jesus Christ, they have at times had some wrong expectations.—Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6.
The Scriptures provide time elements related to Christ’s presence, and Jehovah’s Witnesses have studied these with keen interest. (Luke 21:24; Dan. 4:10-17) Jesus also described a many-featured sign that would tie in with the fulfillment of time prophecies to identify the generation that would live to see the end of Satan’s wicked system of things. (Luke 21:7-36) Jehovah’s Witnesses have pointed to evidence in fulfillment of this sign.

It is true that the Witnesses have made mistakes in their understanding of what would occur at the end of certain time periods, but they have not made the mistake of losing faith or ceasing to be watchful as to fulfillment of Jehovah’s purposes. They have continued to keep to the fore in their thinking the counsel given by Jesus: “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.”—Matt. 24:42.

Matters on which corrections of viewpoint have been needed have been relatively minor when compared with the vital Bible truths that they have discerned and publicized. Among these are the following:--

1. Jehovah is the only true God.
2. Jesus Christ is not part of a Trinitarian godhead but is the only-begotten Son of God.
3. Redemption from sin is possible only through faith in Christ’s ransom sacrifice.
4. The holy spirit is not a person but is Jehovah’s active force, and its fruitage must be evident in the lives of true worshipers.
5. The human soul is not immortal, as the ancient pagans claimed; it dies, and the hope for future life is in the resurrection.
6. God’s permission of wickedness has been because of the issue of universal sovereignty.
7. God’s Kingdom is the only hope for mankind.
8. Since 1914 we have been living in the last days of the global wicked system of things.
9. Only 144,000 faithful Christians will be kings and priests with Christ in heaven, whereas the rest of obedient mankind will receive eternal life on a paradise earth.

Another factor to consider regarding the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses is this: Have these truly uplifted people morally? Are those who adhere to these teachings outstanding in their communities because of their honesty? Is their family life beneficially influenced by applying these teachings? Jesus said that his disciples would be readily identified because of having love among themselves. (John 13:35) Is this quality outstanding among Jehovah’s Witnesses? We let the facts speak for themselves.  

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I have been one of Jehovah`s Witneses now for over 30 years, in those years I have brought up 4 children, teaching each of them the bible.Being one of Jehovah`s Witnesses has helped me cope with my Epilepsy and bring up a daughter with learning difficulties.I have conducted bible studies with people from nearly every denomination i.e. Muslim. Having used the bible all these years to answer peoples questions, I feel I am qualified to give any answer regarding Jehovah`s Witnesses and the bible.


My experience has been one of attending bible lectures 5 times a week,taking part in these lectures in front of an audience and being with thousands of J.W. at conventions where I have seen the bible at work in peoples lives.It is truly a miracle when you see thousands of people meeting together and not one policeman needed, and not even a piece of litter in sight.It is like another world.

Nearly 40 years as a Witness, is my "education" bringing up 4 children, dealing with Epilepsy, bringing up a disabled daughter.

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