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a woman who has been married for 18 yrs, has been separated for 4years. they married civilly at the municipal hall by a minister in 95 and separated in 2009. the woman is a born again christian and the man is a roman catholic. the woman has suffered emotional and mental torture not to mention the physical abuse from the husband, including him physically hurting their kids. he has been a womanizer all the duration of their marriage and has always promised to change but he just got worse and the wife and children decided to kick him out of the house (after the youngest daughter witnesses for herself, the father romancing an 18year old girl inside their house). now he is living in with a mid 20s woman not to mention, he has a kid with another woman and she seems to be pregnant again. he has several relationships with other women but he still supports the wife and kids. now the wife met a young man who is a jehovah's witness. they have been dating but not so often because of the distance of their homes. now my question is, what is the best thing to do for them to be together that is allowed by both God and man made law? do they have a chance to be together?

Good evening, and thank you for writing.

Wow...what a guy, this man is!  My heart goes out to the poor woman in question here.  

Okay, this question is not one that can be answered with a simple answer, because there are some circumstances here worthy of consideration.  By that, I mean that I cannot just say "yes, they have a right to be together", or "no, they do not have the right".  

Here's why...there is the Biblical teaching concerning divorce and remarriage, and there is also the problem of a JW and a born again Christian forming a romantic relationship.  

First, the Biblical teaching....God's intent for marriage, is that it be permanent, and until "death do us part".  Today, people are getting separated and divorced for all sorts of selfish reasons, such as...

"He doesn't treat me right"

"She can't cook"

"He is hateful, mean, and verbally abusive"

"She doesn't appreciate all my hard work"

"He leaves his dirty socks in the middle of the floor"

"She nags me day and night"

"He won't lift the toilet seat"

"She doesn't look like she used to"

"He doesn't pay attention to me anymore, and there is this guy at work who makes me feel beautiful"

"She doesn't ever feel like romance, but the young lady in the office makes me feel attractive"

And the list goes on and on.  NONE of these are valid reasons for dissolving a marriage.  The vows taken by both parties, are serious, sacred, and to be honored.  And those who dishonor them, will stand before God.

The Scripture does give ONE reason for a Christian to dissolve a marriage, and to get re-married.....when the other party is guilty of fornication.  And in the case you outlined above, it seems that this lady has Scriptural grounds for divorce, and to remarry.

So, on that basis alone, she has the right to remarry, once her divorce from her current husband is final.  Now, let me just add that I do not believe she has a Scriptural right to be dating ANYONE, while she is still married.  I realize the husband is doing so, but that doesn't excuse her for doing what he is doing.  If she's a Christian, she is supposed to know better.

Now, this is where the second issue comes into play.....BOTH of them are going against their own teachings.  The JW man is not supposed to be dating a non-JW woman, especially one who is still married.  And the Christian woman is not supposed to be "unequally yoked" (2 Cor. 6:14) with a JW, especially while SHE is still married.  You did not state the JW man's marital status, so I will assume he is single.

As for man-made law, I doubt there is anything that prohibits them dating...only that they cannot be married until she is single.  But God's law is actually the only thing I am considering here, and I see no Scriptural way around the fact that they are both dating someone that EACH would deem the other as being an "unbeliever".

What she needs to do, is to put her situation in God's hands, and wait for His timing.  I believe that she is probably very lonely, and ready to move on, which is understandable.  But she is also doing what SHE wants, and not what is Scripturally correct.

That is about the best answer I can give you.  If you need me to clarify anything further, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks for writing, and have a wonderful evening.


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