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Does "Firstborn" mean Jesus was Created?

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Thanks again for inquiring with All Experts. Is Jesus considered the first born of God’s creation?

For that question to be answered we need to go way back in time. First lets find out Jesus name in different languages, especially the primary ones of Hebrew and Greek Aramaic. Je′sus Latin form of the Greek word. I•e•sous, which corresponds to the Hebrew Ye•shua or Ye’hoh-shua and means “Jehovah Is Salvation” The definition of a first born is primarily the oldest son of a father (rather than the firstborn of the mother), the beginning of the father’s generative power (Deuteronomy 21:17); also, the initial male offspring of animals, at times designated as “firstlings.” Genesis 4:4.

Leonard, many who believe that Jesus Christ is God have difficulty explaining why he is called the Son of God. Logic suggests that he cannot be both. There is no mystery surrounding the relationship between God and His son. Jehovah is separate from his son. Others think of Jesus as an important historical character, a wise man, or perhaps even a bona fide prophet of God, but nothing more. The Bible indicates that there was a time when God was alone. In his love he decided to share the gift of life by becoming a father but not in the human sense. Rather, Jehovah used his unfathomable creative power to form a living, intelligent spirit person “the beginning of the creation by God,” whom we now know as Jesus Christ. (Revelation 3:14; Proverbs 8:22) Because Jesus was directly created by God when God was all alone, Jesus is rightly called the “only-begotten son” and “the firstborn of all creation.” John 1:14; Colossians 1:15.

Clearly, then, as the very first of God’s creations, Jesus could not be the Creator, “the only God.” (1Timothy 1:17) On the other hand, God granted his Son many privileges. For example, through Jesus, God created “all other things,” including even the angels. These angels are referred to as “sons of God”—Jehovah being their Life-Giver as well. Colossians 1:16; Job 1:6; 38:7.

We cannot fathom the eons and eons of years that Jesus was with his Father. Think about this for a moment Leonard when we listen to Jesus, we are being taught by the one who was with God when God made the earth and all other things. Jesus learned much from working with his Father in heaven. No wonder Jesus is the Great Teacher!

Do you think that God was unhappy about being alone before he made his Son? No, he wasn’t. Well, if he was not unhappy, why did he make other living things? He did this because he is a God of love. He wanted others to live and enjoy life. We should thank God that he gave us life.
Everything that God has done shows his love. God made the sun. The sun gives us light and keeps us warm. Everything would be cold and there would be no life on earth if we did not have the sun.

After preparing the earth for human habitation, God, apparently speaking to his firstborn Son, said: “Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1:26; Proverbs 8:22-31) Thus, Jehovah also created the first human son of God, Adam, through the spirit creature who would become Jesus. Luke 3:38. The apostle John reveals that at the appointed time, God’s spirit Son “became flesh and resided among us.” (John 1:14) In order to accomplish this change in Jesus’ nature, God miraculously transferred Jesus’ life from heaven into the womb of the Jewish virgin girl Mary. In that way Jesus remained God’s Son, even though a human. Furthermore, since God, not any man, gave Jesus life, Jesus was born perfect, without sin. “What is born will be called holy, God’s Son,” said the angel Gabriel to Mary. Luke 1:35; Hebrews 7:26.

A confirmation of Jesus’ son ship while in the flesh came from the Father himself. At the time of Jesus’ baptism, John the Baptizer witnessed the heavens open up and heard a voice from heaven say: “This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved.” (Matthew 3:16, 17) No wonder John told his disciples: “I have seen it, and I have borne witness that this one is the Son of God.”—John 1:34. The man Christ Jesus was the first of a new creation, anointed to do God’s will. Later, on the basis of his sacrificial death, Jesus became the Mediator of a new covenant between God and a select group of men. Each of these has become “a new creation,” begotten by God’s spirit to a heavenly hope, with the prospect of ruling with Jesus in his heavenly Kingdom.—2 Corinthians 5:17; 1 Timothy 2:5, 6; Hebrews 9:15.

Just to give you the magnitude of where Jesus was during Jehovah’s creative days, as you may know, our sun is a star. It appears larger than the stars we see at night because, compared with them, it is quite close. How powerful is it? At its core, the sun is about 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit [15,000,000°C]. If you could take a pinhead-sized piece of the sun’s core and put it here on the earth, you could not safely stand within 90 miles [140 km] of that tiny heat source! Every second, the sun emits energy equivalent to the explosion of many hundreds of millions of nuclear bombs.

The sun is so huge that over 1,300,000 of our earths could fit inside it. Is the sun an unusually large star? No, astronomers call it a yellow dwarf. The apostle Paul wrote that “star differs from star in glory.” (1 Corinthians 15:41) He could not have known how true those inspired words are. There is a star so huge that if it were placed right where the sun is, our earth would be inside it. Another giant star so placed would reach all the way out to Saturn—although that planet is so far from the earth that it took a spacecraft four years to get there, traveling over 40 times faster than a bullet fired from a powerful handgun!

Even more awesome than the size of the stars is their number. In fact, the Bible suggests that the stars are virtually innumerable, as difficult to count as “the sand of the sea.” (Jeremiah 33:22) This statement implies that there are far more stars than the naked eye can see. After all, if a Bible writer, such as Jeremiah, had looked up at the night sky and had tried to count the visible stars, he would have counted only three thousand or so, for that is how many the unaided human eye can detect on a clear night. That number might be comparable to the number of grains in a mere handful of sand. In reality, though, the number of stars is overwhelming, like the sand of the sea. Who could count such a number?

Isaiah 40:26 answers: “Raise your eyes high up and see. Who has created these things? It is the One who is bringing forth the army of them even by number, all of whom he calls even by name.” Psalm 147:4 says: “He is counting the number of the stars.” What is “the number of the stars”? That is not a simple question. Astronomers estimate that there are over 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone. But ours is just one of many galaxies, and many of those swarm with even more stars. How many galaxies are there? Some astronomers have estimated 50 billion. Others have calculated that there may be as many as 125 billion. So man cannot even determine the number of galaxies, let alone the exact sum of all the billions of stars they contain. Yet, Jehovah knows that number. Moreover, he gives each star its own name!

Our awe can only increase when we contemplate the size of galaxies. The Milky Way galaxy has been estimated to measure some 100,000 light-years across. Picture a beam of light traveling at the tremendous speed of 186,000 miles each second [300,000 km/sec]. It would take that beam 100,000 years to traverse our galaxy! And some galaxies are many times the size of ours. The Bible says that Jehovah is “stretching out” these vast heavens as if they were mere fabric. (Psalm 104:2) He also orders the movements of these creations. From the smallest speck of interstellar dust to the mightiest galaxy, everything moves according to physical laws that God has formulated and put into effect. (Job 38:31-33) Thus, scientists have likened the precise movements of the celestial bodies to the choreography of an elaborate ballet! Think, then, of the One who has created these things. Do you not stand in awe of the God having such immense creative power?

Jehovah’s creative power is evident in our home, the earth. He has placed the earth very carefully in this vast universe. Some scientists believe that many galaxies might prove inhospitable to a life-bearing planet like ours. Much of our Milky Way galaxy was evidently not designed to accommodate life. The galactic center is packed with stars. Radiation is high, and close encounters between stars are common. The fringes of the galaxy lack many of the elements essential to life. Our solar system is ideally situated between such extremes.
Earth benefits from a distant but giant protector—the planet Jupiter. More than a thousand times the size of Earth, Jupiter exerts a tremendous gravitational influence. The result? It absorbs or deflects objects that speed through space. Scientists figure that if not for Jupiter, the rain of massive projectiles striking the earth would be 10,000 times more severe than at present. Closer to home, our earth is blessed with an unusual satellite—the moon. More than an object of beauty and a “night-light,” the moon holds the earth at a constant, steady tilt. That tilt gives the earth its stable, predictable seasons—another important boon to life here.

Jehovah’s creative power is evident in every facet of the earth’s design. Consider the atmosphere, which serves as a protective shield. The sun emits healthful rays and deadly ones. When the lethal rays strike the earth’s upper atmosphere, they cause ordinary oxygen to turn into ozone. The resulting ozone layer, in turn, absorbs most of those rays. In effect, our planet is designed with its own protective umbrella!

That is just one aspect of our atmosphere, a complex mix of gases ideally suited to supporting the creatures living on or near the earth’s surface. Among wonders of the atmosphere is the water cycle. Every year the sun lifts up by evaporation over 100,000 cubic miles [400,000 cu km] of water from the earth’s oceans and seas. The water forms clouds, which are circulated far and wide by atmospheric winds. This water, now filtered and purified, falls as rain, snow, and ice, replenishing water supplies. It is just as Ecclesiastes 1:7 says: “All the winter torrents are going forth to the sea, yet the sea itself is not full. To the place where the winter torrents are going forth, there they are returning so as to go forth.” Only Jehovah could set such a cycle in motion.

Wherever we see life, we see evidence of the Creator’s power. From the mighty redwoods that tower higher than 30-story buildings to the microscopic plant life that teems in the oceans and provides much of the oxygen we breathe, Jehovah’s creative power is evident. The very soil is packed with living things—worms, fungi, and microbes, all working together in complex ways that help plants to grow. Fittingly, the Bible speaks of the soil as having power.—Genesis 4:12.

Without a doubt, Jehovah is “the Maker of the earth by his power.” (Jeremiah 10:12) God’s power is evident even in his smallest creations. For instance, a million atoms laid side by side would not span the thickness of a human hair. And even if an atom were expanded until it was as tall as a 14-story building, its nucleus would be the size of a mere grain of salt located on the seventh floor. Yet, that infinitesimal nucleus is the source of the awesome power unleashed in a nuclear explosion!

Just contemplating that Jesus was there when all this was being created is just a small example of where he was in the length of time with his Father, Jehovah God. But…
During his earthly ministry, Jesus did not trumpet the fact that he was the Messiah, the Son of God. He did not brag or being grandiose about his position. He was humble and many times meek. (Mark 8:29, 30) He often allowed people to draw that conclusion for themselves by listening to his teachings, by observing his way of life, and by witnessing his many miracles, most of which were performed in public view. For example, he cured “all those faring badly, distressed with various diseases and torments.” (Matthew 4:24, 25; 7:28, 29; 12:15) The blind, the deaf, the lame, and the diseased all came to Jesus, and he healed them. He even raised the dead! (Matthew 11:4-6) Before the eyes of his disciples, Jesus miraculously walked on water and calmed the winds and waves during a fierce storm. This display of power moved the disciples to say: “You are really God’s Son.”—Matthew 14:24-33.

Why did God transfer his only-begotten Son from heaven to earth, there ultimately to die a cruel death? “In order that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) Yes, only by dying could Jesus “give his soul a ransom in exchange for many.” (Matthew 20:28) Truly, in all history, no one has shown greater love for humankind than Jehovah and his firstborn Son.—Romans 8:32.

Following his death Jesus “was declared God’s Son” in a very special and powerful way, “by means of resurrection from the dead” back to life as a spirit Son of God. (Romans 1:4; 1 Peter 3:18) Then, after waiting patiently at his Father’s side for almost 19 centuries, Jesus was enthroned as King of God’s Kingdom—a heavenly government that will soon rule over the entire earth.—Psalm 2:7, 8; Daniel 7:13, 14.

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