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If billions of people are to be resurrected as the Jehovah's say; then where are they going to live? Does God plan on making part of the ocean livable?

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Twila, I love your question because it reaffirms Jehovah God’s plan for man to live on paradise earth. But, we know that man cannot accomplish this. Man would have to make nothing less than drastic changes in government policies and in people’s attitudes will rescue the earth’s ecosystems from destruction, according to a report from Worldwatch Institute. The report warns that if such problems as population growth, increasing carbon emissions, depletion of the ozone layer, vanishing forests, and erosion of topsoil persist, there will be too many people on this planet and not enough resources to sustain them. It also states that recycling and conservation programs alleviate the problem but that such measures are insufficient. For a significant solution, sweeping changes by government, industry, and the public are needed.

In fact, Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, director general of WHO, warns: “If we do not act now, the crisis for the Earth and its inhabitants will become intolerably acute, with an environment that is no longer sustainable.” The Bible promises that there will be a time when “no resident will say: ‘I am sick.’” (Isaiah 33:24) This will be accomplished, not by man’s efforts, but by God’s Kingdom, which will eradicate sicknesses and their cause.—Revelation 21:3, 4.

Jehovah’s people believe that dramatic, earth-changing events are near. However, they are convinced that rather than leading to a disastrous future, these events will pave the way for the most wonderful conditions the world has ever experienced. Why such optimism? Because they trust the promises made in God’s Word, the Bible. Note one of these promises: “Just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more; and you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be. But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”—Psalm 37:10, 11.
Regarding earth’s atmosphere, note what God said, as recorded in the Bible some 2,700 years ago: “The pouring rain descends . . . from the heavens and does not return to that place, unless it actually saturates the earth.” (Isaiah 55:10) How succinctly that describes the hydrologic, or water, cycle! Water vapor in the clouds condenses and precipitates as rain, which “saturates the earth.” Solar heating causes moisture to evaporate and “return to that place,” or the atmosphere, to start the cycle again. Jehovah’s Word revealed amazing details regarding earth’s climate system centuries before non-Biblical writings did. Does that not build your confidence in the Creator and in what he is capable of doing? So when it comes to the outcome of the present climate crisis, would it not be reasonable for us to look to “the Creator of the wind,” the “father for the rain,” the one who knows how this planet functions?—Amos 4:13; Job 38:28.

Although opinions regarding our planet’s future differ, one thing is certain: Earth is unique. Unlike other planets, it hosts a stunning diversity of life. What makes this possible? Scientists point to several factors. Specifically, the earth has an abundance of liquid water; it is located at the right distance from the sun; and it contains the right mixture of atmospheric gases, including large amounts of oxygen.

You may be surprised to learn that the Bible book of Genesis refers to these very features in the creation account. For example, Genesis 1:10 describes God’s bringing together “the waters [that] he called Seas”—a clear reference to an abundance of liquid water. At Genesis 1:3, we read: “God proceeded to say: ‘Let light come to be.’” Our planet is located close enough to the sun that most of its water stays liquid, yet not so close to the sun that all the water would evaporate into space.

Genesis 1:6 says that God produced the “expanse,” or atmosphere. Then, verses 11 and 12 describe God as causing grass, plants, and trees to appear. All of this is evidence of the existence of oxygen, which later would make it possible for man and animals to sustain their lives by breathing.

What, then, can we conclude? When God created the earth with an abundance of liquid water, located at just the right distance from the sun, and with the right mixture of gases—he must have had a reason, a purpose. The Bible tells us: “[God] did not create [the earth] simply for nothing, [he] formed it even to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18) “As regards the heavens, to Jehovah the heavens belong,” states Psalm 115:16, “but the earth he has given to the sons of men.” Yes, earth was created for human habitation.

According to the Scriptures, God created the first human couple and placed them in the garden of Eden, a beautiful paradise. They were to “cultivate it and to take care of it.” (Genesis 2:15) God also told them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28) Just think of the marvelous prospect placed before them! They were to extend the borders of Paradise globally and to dwell in it forever. What a wonderful future they had in front of them.

Sadly, instead of obediently listening to God, the first human pair chose a course of defiant independence, which the majority of mankind have followed down to this day. (Genesis 3:1-6) The result? Rather than cultivating and taking care of the earth, man is “ruining the earth” on a scale never before imagined. (Revelation 11:18) Yet, we can take comfort in the fact that God’s purpose for the earth has not changed. The Bible assures us: “[God] has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.” (Psalm 104:5) And Jesus himself promised in the Sermon on the Mount: “Happy are the mild-tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

What, though, will happen to our polluted planet? Noteworthy is the fact that Jesus when on earth exercised miraculous powers over natural elements, such as the wind and the sea. He silenced a violent storm just by uttering a few words. (Mark 4:35-41) Ruling in the heavens as the “Lord of lords and King of kings,” Jesus will exercise far greater powers over earth and its elements. (Revelation 17:14) In fact, Jesus described his rule as the “re-creation.” (Matthew 19:28) Another translation uses the expression “the renewal of all things.” (New International Version) Jesus will re-create, or renew, conditions on earth, making them similar to those that existed in the garden of Eden. Paradise will be restored. (Luke 23:43) Earth will be cured of its “fever”—by God’s Kingdom.

Now in the beginning Twila when Jehovah caused all the moisture in the atmosphere to suddenly release as rain it would not amount to even a couple of inches if spread over the earth’s surface. So from what source was this vast deluge of Noah’s day? According to the Genesis account, God said to Noah: “Here I [Jehovah] am bringing the deluge [or, “heavenly ocean”; Heb., mab•bul′] of waters upon the earth.” (Genesis 6:17,) Describing what happened, the next chapter says: “All the springs of the vast watery deep were broken open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.” (Genesis 7:11) So overwhelming was the Deluge that “all the tall mountains that were under the whole heavens came to be covered.”—Genesis 7:19.

Where did this “heavenly ocean” come from? The Genesis account of creation tells how on the second “day” Jehovah made an expanse about the earth, and this expanse (called “Heaven”) formed a division between the waters below it, that is, the oceans, and the waters above it. (Genesis 1:6-8) The waters suspended above the expanse evidently remained there from the second “day” of creation until the Flood. This is what the apostle Peter was talking about when he recounted that there “were heavens from of old and an earth standing compactly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God.” Those “heavens” and the waters above and beneath them were the means that God’s word called into operation, and “by those means the world of that time suffered destruction when it was deluged with water.” (2 Peter 3:5, 6) Various explanations have been offered as to how the water was held aloft until the Flood and as to the processes that resulted in its falling. But these are only speculative. The Bible says simply that God made the expanse with waters above it and that he brought the Deluge. His almighty power could easily accomplish it.

Now the Noachian flood, a sudden opening of the ‘springs of the watery deep’ and “the floodgates of the heavens,” untold billions of tons of water deluged the earth. (Genesis 7:11) This may have caused tremendous changes in earth’s surface. The earth’s crust is relatively thin (estimated at between 30 km [20 mi] and 160 km [100 mi] thick), stretched over a rather plastic mass thousands of kilometers in diameter. Hence, under the added weight of the water, there was likely a great shifting in the crust. In time new mountains evidently were thrust upward, old mountains rose to new heights, shallow sea basins were deepened, and new shorelines were established, with the result that now about 70 percent of the surface is covered with water. This shifting in the earth’s crust may account for many geologic phenomena, such as the raising of old coastlines to new heights. It has been estimated by some that water pressures alone were equal to “2 tons per square inch,” sufficient to fossilize fauna and flora quickly.—See The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch, by D. Patten, 1966, p. 62.

Twila, the Bible is full of restoration prophecies recorded by the Hebrew prophets include elements that will also find a physical fulfillment in the restored earthly Paradise. There are features, for example, in Isaiah 35:1-7, such as the healing of the blind and the lame, that did not have a literal fulfillment following the restoration from ancient Babylon, nor are they fulfilled in such a manner in the Christian spiritual paradise. It would be inconsistent for God to inspire such prophecies as those of Isaiah 11:6-9, Ezekiel 34:25, and Hosea 2:18, with the intention that they have only a figurative or spiritual meaning, without having a literal fulfillment of these things in the physical experiences of God’s servants. People in this paradise will not experience famine or poverty. Everybody will have their own abodes with their own vegetation to eat from. This is God’s promise. It is difficult to see that now, but Jehovah says that nothing returns to his mouth without results. That is his promise. I really wouldn’t worry about the earth being over populated Twila.

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