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hello and hello,
I have been reading your responses to the various questions posed to you for the entire month of June. Sir, you are truly amazing with your gift of knowledge. I know you will give all the credit to God and justly so. But, lets get real. Your knowledge goes beyond what is normal. Your answers are lengthy, very interesting to read and if one had any doubts before, they shouldn't now after reading your responses to the questions that have been sent in.
You will have to admit, you have something "special" going for you. You seem to have a direct link to the "man upstairs."
I know your God is very, very pleased with you. You take your time to answer all the questions submitted to you. And some of those quack-jobs that right in; all they want to do is try and confuse people with their arguments and foolishness..
 Brother DW is also one of my favorites.
 I'll continue to pray for you brothers, I believe you people refer to it as praying for "holy spirit."


Hi Adam,

Thank you my good friend, but the accolades, honor, and glory go to Jehovah. We all have the same means that our Creator communicates with us and that is the Bible. All prestige goes to Him because He has preserved the sacred scriptures for centuries time centuries.

While many have tried to snuff out His sacred words, many others have forfeited their lives to protect the word and disseminate it throughout history. That is truly a miracle in itself.

I advocate for Him Adam because history has blamed him for all the atrocities that has besieged mankind.  When, that is not the case. His adversary has twisted this world so much that no one knows their left from their right. They are. . . in a spiritual coma.

Jesus was the wake up call. The spark that ignited fiery windstorm of truth. He became a light in a dark world ruled by Satan, his princes, and his demons. Jehovah's spirit draws people to him. Jehovah is our beacon of light through his son so that it draws honest hearted people to the truth. So, I along with 7-3/4 million of His people do the same work in various degrees, but nonetheless, still get this awesome task to be done which is to teach from the Bible, to give them the hope of a new order ruled by His son Jesus. What better king can we ask for.  

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Please Don't Forget That the Conmemoration of Christ's Death is March 23, 2016 after sundown. Please go to your local Kingdom Hall to participate in his memory of what his death meant for mankind. Also, Pease be advised that you can go to www, for more information and or see our videos My heart has been with Jehovah God for over thirty years and in good standing with my congregation. I believe that the Faithful and Discreet Slave is Governing Body as well as the Domestic who feed off the NWT Holy Scriptured as the tools of implementation, direction, dissemination of which Jesus Christ uses. My purpose is to answer almost any question on religious and spiritually related subject matter. Much of my resources are from the Watchtower and Awake plus other scholarly journals. Please let the inquiry be base on the personís earnest, honesty and whole-hearted approach combined with good faith. Let the inquirer humbly seek answers to further their knowledge of scriptures, culture, and overall increase his or her relationship with our Creator. Our relationship through this inquiry will not involve bashing, discrediting, or dishonoring other informational providers on this forum or any other forum and/or religion. I will quote from sources if possible and provide their information on this forum. Please refrain from aggressive, negative and non-productive discussion that hinders our progress of understanding and appreciating our Creatorís word, The Holy Scriptures/ Bible.


I am an active Jehovah's Witness and have been disciplined with over 30 years of bible based knowledge with informational data to support biblical history and culture as well as giving credit to my creator. Im very familiar with the organization and its history and will to the best of my ability answer it's past and present status. I, as well as the organization, am currently researching new information as more research comes to light or refined. Many subjects dealing with the Holy Scriptures are becoming clearer and thus being disseminated to those who want to be taught. If during our uplifting discussion, I have erred in reasoning or in presenting the information, I will apologize sincerely. I will not allow my knowledge or sinful tendencies of pride to cloud my judgment. The first step in any discussion is recognizing our humility and imperfect state in this world and that all that is spoken is derived from our Creator, Jehovah God.

My main organization tie is to the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. I also belong to othe secular organizations that are related to my psychology field.

My publications have appeared in many medias locally and nationally.,

I have a Masters in Criminal Forensic Psychology and have been teaching other related subject matters on for over 20 years. In addition, I have been teaching secular and theological based information for over 20 years as well. Im well versed in human behavior and social aspects of religious dedication. I'm also astute in criminal behavior as well with criminal mind. I was a law enforcement officer and a probation officer for half of my life.

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All honors and awards go to my God.

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