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Did you find it funny that someone wrote a question to Rando with a no-win situation set-up for you at the end?  According to this person, you have two options: 1)allow Rando to have the last word, thereby conceding; or 2) defend yourself, thereby apparently "having a demon on your side" and somehow making that writer "right"?  If defending yourself presupposes that demons must be on your side, Rando clearly wins for taking that bait first.

Now, concerning the topic raised by that "opposer", I was interested in what he or she brought up, so I took a closer look at it.  There is some real validity to it.  I am a person who is adept at analyzing people and performing research, and I must concur with many of the broader statements made by your writer.  I'm sure that if Drake would step back and examine his own writings, he would see how he has raised these suspicions...and, from what I understand of his background, he is perfectly capable of this action.

Now, having taken a good look at Winternatt discussions online, I can see how you could possibly know who this is.  I believe I know who it is as well.  You may be interested to know that there is a fascinating connection with EA Sports, specifically Madden '08.  The blog referenced by your writer is readily available online, and your writer was correct.  Winternatt was thumped handily.  The writing style matches a certain person you know, thus I suspect the reason behind your guess.  By the way, does the name "Alfonzo W." ring a bell?  Based on my research, this Winternatt may have more in common with the famous JW tennis players than you first thought.  Seeing how Wimbledon is going on now, perhaps they are all giving speeches in England.  To be honest, I would expect a 2200-rated chess player to be more careful, but perhaps that is a lie just like all the other names.  

If you hear from this "opposer" again, please thank him or her for giving me something interesting to research.  God bless.


Hello, Jim. Thank you for your observations.

Wow, you have mentioned a lot of various things here, much of which I cannot go into detail on, or say for certainty in the public.  But I will admit your observations are interesting, and have merit, to say the least.

Yes, I did see the little game this questioner tried to play, with his comments about my responding.  And you are correct....if that proves demonic inspiration, then he just condemned Rando (himself), without knowing it.  More on that in a moment.

The point that will not be answered by Rando, or his other personalities, is that all of my comments were true.  They were fact.  All his belly-aching and complaining, will not change that.  That is why he cannot, and will not, ever deny that the statements are true.

Jim, we have a saying down here in the south, and perhaps you have heard it:

“If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps, is the one that got hit”

We just saw Rando “yelp”, and with good reason….he does the very thing that the questioner originally wrote me about.  But you know what is so funny about it, Jim?  The post that got Rando so shaken up this time, wasn’t even about him specifically.  If my count is correct, there were only 2 paragraphs in my answer that made a direct reference to Rando.  And that was only because of the subject matter that was written wrote about….”Experts” who send questions to themselves, and “praise” their own wisdom and knowledge, pretending to be someone else.  

And Rando has.  And he still does.  My statement was completely true…So, what is he complaining about?  Had he not ever done that, his name would not have been mentioned.  The guy needs to learn to accept responsibility for his own blunders, instead of going through life blaming everyone else for his stupid mistakes.

I merely pointed out that I could not verify if the expert being asked about (Drake), has done this, but that I knew for certain that Rando has.  The post wasn’t really in regards to Rando to begin with, but the other expert that was asked about.  I merely pointed out about Rando, what everybody knows anyway….I said that I knew for a fact that he has done this, because the topic was about something he has done so often.  

Wow, Jim, did you see him go all to pieces, when the question was actually about another “Expert”?  What’s his problem?  Its funny how they mention about being “obsessed”, yet it is Rando who has constantly tried to keep people from writing me, and slandering me for the past 6 years.  I have never posted one thing about him that wasn’t true.  He certainly can’t say the same thing, can he?

He didn’t even have to respond to this, as he was not even the primary subject of the answer, or the question.  His reaction alone proves that it hit a nerve.  

Funny thing…Rando didn’t actually deny doing it.  He just went off on another crying jag, and lashed out at me for making it known.   

But you know, there are some interesting comments in this tirade of the “questioner” and the answer from Rando, that are very telling.  Some of the comments I will now address, are from the “question“, which I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Rando wrote it himself (it looks and sounds like his style), thereby proving the very point that I made about him in yesterday’s correspondence.  And some of them are from his “answer”.  

For instance, he says….

“Just reading the other post that this person who is an Apostate or Oposer of Jesus and His God and Father Jehovah,who sent to Derrick Holland,”

REPLY:  Good grief, what terrible grammar!!  You have to read it 10 times, just to get any sense out of what the questioner is trying to say.  And then, you finally realize there IS no sense in it!

This is typical JW mind-set at work right here.  They cannot refute a thing I said, so they just make up a lot of emotionally charged (and false) statements, hoping they will “stick”, which they never do.  I notice that no examples were given that show Derrick Holland opposing Jesus, or God the Father.  Just a lame attempt to scare readers into thinking that is the case, so that nobody writes to me.  However, people write to me anyway….Go figure.  

It must be, that those people know that the Bible doesn’t teach such nonsense as losing your salvation for speaking to someone.  

Another one….”I do notice he continues to lie and twist your statements of the past to favor himself with others. This is shameful and disqusting by Derrick Holland.”

REPLY:  I address these, because it is a fine example of cult mentality at its finest.  First, the hypocrisy….Claiming I lie and twist, by writing to the guy who has the proven and documented track record of lying and twisting.  But again, no documentation or actual quotes are given from them…just empty accusations.

In addition to the hypocrisy mentioned above, it should be pointed out that there is no way to “lie and twist’, when I have the practice of either copying the quote VERBATIM, or simply providing the link where the quote can be found.  JWs, by the way, do not have the practice of actually providing the quotes from me, that they claim are lies.  That is, and always has been my practice.

However, if Rando or this “questioner” (almost certainly Rando also) thinks his words are being twisted and lied about, he is more than free to post a rebuttal and show why this is the case.  I notice he never does….all he does is post his little tirade on the Trinity every time I expose him, to try and divert attention.  But he is more than welcome to show where the quotes are being twisted, or he can even write to me, and I will respond and let his objections post, as well.

So, that little attempt to defend Rando’s lies, was weak….try again, Questioner.

Another comment…..”I predict he or that one oppostate will read this message to you here and write something to counteract this. If so! Then you knew there was a demon on their side guiding them 2. Annd that I was right they would! Agape.”

REPLY:  Aside from the person writing this question having some of the worst grammar and spelling skills on the planet, I couldn’t pass up addressing this comment, for it represents cult “logic” at its worst….

In this character’s mind, he writes, telling lies while defending a proven liar, and then “predicts” that my questioner will follow up and I will respond.  Wow…good one, Dude.  Of course I am going to respond to that nonsense, if the original questioner follows up, or if I get another question regarding his comments, or if I simply feel like it.  And this guy thinks that proves there is a demon guiding us?  I guess he doesn’t think a demon was guiding him to LIE in the first place?  

Funny, that cult mind-set….Its not demonic to lie, or to support a liar…Its only demonic to respond to the lies.  Right.  

Thank you for illustrating how cult mentality warps the brain, and totally robs one of the ability to think in a logical and rational manner.

And as you pointed out, Jim, they were thinking they had me in a "no-win"  They're not nearly as smart as they think they are.

Let’s see if I can make a few predictions of my own…I predict that Rando will change the subject, and post his list of “questions” to me about the Trinity again, all to get the attention off of him as quickly as possible.  And if he doesn’t, it will only be because I just predicted he would, because he has just about every other time he has been exposed.  The same list that he NEVER has the courage to send TO me.  His other option is to crawl back into his cave for awhile, until the heat dies down.

I also predict that he will NOT post anything that rebuts or disproves what I have said, and that he will not dare to deny that he himself has lied in this forum, and posted self-praising questions to himself….exactly as I said in my previous answer that he has done.  

Furthermore, I predict that Rando will never directly answer ANY of the comments about his actions, that I have pointed out, but will instead, squirm like a worm in hot ashes, and continue his usual lashing out and character attacks, just as I pointed out in my last response, is typical of JWs in a debate.  Followed by this, will be Rando’s usual retreat back into hiding for a time, to recover from his latest exposure of his underhanded tactics.

And by this “questioner’s” logic, this proves I have ability to predict the future (spiritual insight, no doubt), and that they have “demons”, if they respond...LOL.

Again, cult “logic” at its best.

But actually, the “questioner’s” REAL reason for making that prediction, was in the hopes that it would cause me NOT to respond, because I wouldn’t want to fulfill their predictions.  Nice try, Rando….But I really don’t care what you do or don’t think my next move will be.  

Next quote…..“When Derrick Holland speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar.”

REPLY:  Of course, this is a favorite saying of Rando’s, yet once again, he never actually stated what my lie was.  Who didn’t see that coming?  Perhaps Rando would like to follow up, and say exactly what these lies are, and also, I would like for him to make an outright DENIAL right here in this forum, and state that he has NEVER told one willful lie in this forum.  I challenge him to do that…He won’t dare.

So, what was the “lie” that Derrick Holland speaks, Rando?  Is it when I said that you wrote yourself questions under aliases, bragging on yourself?  Did you not do that, Rando?

Or, is it when I said that you gave yourself high ratings, and “Expert of the Month” nominations?  You did that also, didn’t you Rando?

Or was it when I said you then turned around and accused me of doing it, after I exposed you for doing it?  Did you do that, Rando?  Do I need to post the proof?  Because I can.

Answer these questions for us, Rando…And remember, Jehovah is a God of truth, and He is listening and watching what you say.  Will you now answer these statements once and for all, or will you continue your usual manner of dodging the facts, and continuing to post more lies about me, and the other non-JW readers?  What’s it gonna be, Rando?

Isn’t it also true, Rando, that I myself have written to you on a number of occasions, showing you what the Bible AND your own Organization teaches about lying, and you have disregarded the counsel from the Organization, and from God’s Word?

What say you, Rando?

Another comment of his….

“Matter of fact, anyone saying a greeting to him could forfeit everlasting life. "never receive him into YOUR homes or say a greeting to him .  For he that says a greeting to him is a sharer in his wicked works." (2 John 10-11) For anyone to go unscathed, you would have to wipe out God's Word. Impossible.

Have nothing to do with him, for anyone who approaches him in public or in secret "is a sharer in his wicked works" and his false testimony against holy spirit has been rendered. Proof of this is that he has absolutely no understanding of even the most basic scripture . "And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly, and no wicked ones at all will understand" (Daniel 12:10) Those who approach him will lose their "Spiritual INSIGHT" and become dumb.”

REPLY:  Ah, very interesting.  It appears that this is a lame attempt to intimidate and scare readers from asking me a question, by telling them that speaking to me will bring them certain destruction.  I guess Rando thinks the readers are as weak-minded and gullible as he is.

But it brings up another question for you, Rando.  Let’s see if you have an answer to enlighten us with.  You seem to be saying that Jehovah will not allow anyone to have everlasting life, for even speaking to me.  

Okay, if that is the case, then could you answer this?………….

If speaking to me will cost one their salvation, then what will be the end of those who SUPPORT and APPLAUD you for your lies, and try to help you cover them?  Yes, I’m speaking of those who know you’re a liar, yet defend you because you are in the “Org”, and try to help you cover your lies, despite the embarrassment that you cause them in having to do so.  

What will be their end, Rando?

Should we do a little Scriptural comparison, Rando?  You give yours, and I will show mine.  Doesn’t the Scripture teach that Jehovah is a God of truth, and that He HATES a lying tongue?  Doesn’t that mean that He hates what you do here, Rando?  

When did Jehovah tell you to get on Allexperts and make up slanderous comments and start false rumors, in the name of His Organization?  Is that what you think He did, Rando?  Did some voice tell you to do that, and you thought it was Jehovah?

When did Jehovah lead you to get on Allexperts, and LIE about what born again Christians believe, and then cowardly go into hiding when you are addressed about your falsehoods?  

When did Jehovah tell you to get on Allexperts and MAKE UP names of “questioners”, which are actually YOU, and then brag on yourself?  Seems like that goes against the Biblical quality of humility.

When did Jehovah tell you, Rando, that the names of the 3 angels that appeared to Lot, are Michael, Gabriel, and Abaddon?

I mean, you said its in the Scriptures….where is it?  I guess you missed the fact that your own religion teaches that Michael and Abaddon are BOTH Jesus Christ….so, how did they get to be TWO separate angels here?  And you think we Trinity believers are confused?
(Also, notice the self-rating at the end of the above link…proving my point.)

Rando, did Jehovah ever tell you to do these things?  Now, what was it you were saying about “speaking a lie”, and sinning “against the Holy Spirit”?  Care to elaborate?

You know, Rando, you really didn’t have to subject yourself to another shellacking from me.  It would have been better, had you just stayed out of a post that didn’t concern you.  My very few references to, and statements about you, were completely true….So why did you bother responding, as if they weren’t?

Trying to hide something?  Your diversions don’t work, Rando.  They never have.  When will you learn that?

Thanks, Jim, for writing with your accurate and keen observations.  I can't believe that people who claim to be Christians, can do the stuff they do.  Take care, and God bless.


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