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Agape Sister,

Please could you help me with the following:

I have a talk with a 9 year old and its a bit difficult for me to adjust my talk to her level.  The talk is about what we should know to be know by Jehovah ( 2 Tim 2:19)

Any ideas on what setting i could use, or adjust.. I took information from the TEacher book about how to make Jehovah happy and also the article in Watchtower of 15 september 2011.

Trust you can help
Thank you

Hi Gertrude,

Your topic could be "Encouraging Bible Reading." Are You Known By Jehovah w11 9/15 pp. 25-29 - The Watchtower—2011
is a really good article to get information from. There is another article from this year that may be helpful. Receive Full Benefits from Reading the Bible w13 4/15 pp. 7-11 - The Watchtower—2013.

I hope this helps.


Pam B

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