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Greeting Brother in Christ,
First, uyou guys on this forum do a bang-up job in answering all these questions that are thrown at you. It's obvious, (if you go to other, so-call religious experts, they really aren't wexperts compared to the JW's.
Here's my question. I have talked with JW's over the years and I know that you guys say; from the Bible that death is the penalty of aLL SINS.n With the exceptipn of blasphemy. Come on Brother D, do you ereally think God is going to resurrect the serial and mass murderers like Pol something, he was the guy in Cambodia THAT KILLED 100'S OF THOUSANDS OF HIS OWN PEOPLE. Then you have that idiot Hitler that killed so many people including JW's. Please give me some insight that will satisfy my curious mind!

With love and concern,

Hey Barney,

Thank you for inquiring with All Experts. As you probably read on this forum, many subjects were discussed. One of them described Jehovah God’s loving kindness and mercy extended to all righteous and unrighteous; however, one item was never discussed. Wickedness. The definition is that of a person that is morally bad in principle and practice. Also, this person or persons is spiteful, malevolent, vicious, extremely troublesome and dangerous. THEY ALSO DISPLAY FRUITS OF THE FLESH. This person does not conform to God’s standard of moral excellence. The Hebrew verb ra•shaʽ′ and related forms designate that which is wicked. (Genesis 18:23; 2Samuel 22:22; 2 Chronicle 20:35; Job 34:8; Psalm 37:10; Isaiah 26:10) Po•ne•ros′ (related to po•ne•ri′a) often signifies that which is evil or wicked in a moral sense (Luke 6:45) and can apply to something that is bad or worthless in a physical sense, as when Jesus Christ spoke of “worthless fruit.” (Matthew 7:17, 18) This word can also describe something that is hurtful and, at Revelation 16:2, has been rendered “painful” (AT, TEV) and “malignant.

Barney, we can compare this to immorality and other sins THAT were rampant in Israel. The prophet Amos warned the rebellious nation: “Get ready to meet your God.” (Amos 4:12) Unfaithful Israel could not escape the approaching execution of divine judgment because for the eighth time, Jehovah declared: “I shall not turn it back.” from punishing them. (Amos 2:6)
Jehovah God said: “No one fleeing of them will make good his flight, and no one escaping of them will make his getaway. If they dig down into Sheol, from there my own hand will take them; and if they go up to the heavens, from there I shall bring them down.” Amos 9:1, 2.
The wicked could not evade the execution of Jehovah’s judgment upon them by digging “down into Sheol,” figuratively denoting attempts to hide in the lowest parts of the earth. Neither could they escape divine judgment by going “up to the heavens,” that is, trying to find refuge on high mountains. Jehovah’s warning was clear: There is no hiding place beyond his reach. Divine justice required that the kingdom of Israel be called to account for its wicked deeds. And that time did come. In 740 B.C.E.—about 60 years after Amos recorded his prophecy—the kingdom of Israel fell to the conquering Assyrians.

Amos has helped us to see that divine judgment is always deserved and is inescapable. But the book of Amos also indicates that Jehovah’s judgment is selective. God can find the wicked and execute judgment upon them wherever they hide. He can also find repentant and upright ones—those to whom he chooses to extend mercy.

Now Barney, Jehovah is a shrewd God and a master planner when it comes to foiling Satan the Devil, who caused the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to rebel against God, and  anyone who stands in opposition to God’s righteous standard. (Matthew 6:13; 13:19, 38; 1 John 2:13, 14; 5:19) The rebellion initiated by Satan called into question the rightfulness and righteousness of God’s sovereignty, that is, whether God’s rulership over his creatures is exercised righteously and in their best interests. The fact that Adam and Eve rebelled also raised another issue: Would all other intelligent creatures prove unfaithful and disloyal to God when obedience appeared to bring no material benefits? Satan’s claim respecting faithful Job implied that they would do so. Satan said: “Skin in behalf of skin, and everything that a man has he will give in behalf of his soul. For a change, thrust out your hand, please, and touch as far as his bone and his flesh and see whether he will not curse you to your very face.”—Job 2:4, 5

Time was required to settle the issues that had been raised. Why time? Remember, all of Jehovah’s angels, cherubs and seraphs were watching and hearing as well. Hence, Jehovah God, by permitting wicked persons to continue living, made it possible for others to share in proving Satan’s claim false by serving God faithfully under unfavorable and trial some circumstances. God’s permission of wickedness has also provided an opportunity for individuals to abandon a wrong course and to subject themselves willingly to God’s righteous laws. (Isaiah 55:7; Ezekiel 33:11) So God’s holding back for a time from destroying the wicked serves to spare the righteously disposed ones by allowing time for them to prove their love and devotion to Jehovah. Romans 9:17-26.

Additionally, Jehovah God makes use of circumstances in such a way that the wicked themselves unwittingly serve his purpose. Though they oppose God, he can restrain them to the extent necessary for the preserving of his servants in their integrity, and can cause the actions even of such persons to bring his righteousness to the fore. (Romans 3:3-5, 23-26; 8:35-39; Psalm 76:10) This thought is expressed at Proverbs 16:4: “Everything Jehovah has made for his purpose, yes, even the wicked one for the evil day.”

A very good example is Pharaoh on whom Jehovah, through Moses and Aaron, served notice for the release of the enslaved Israelites. God did not make this Egyptian ruler wicked, but he did allow him to continue living and also brought about circumstances that caused Pharaoh to manifest himself as being wicked and deserving of death. Jehovah’s purpose in doing this is revealed at Exodus 9:16: “For this cause I have kept you in existence, for the sake of showing you my power and in order to have my name declared in all the earth.”

We read the destruction of Pharaoh and his military forces in the Red Sea, were an impressive demonstration of Jehovah’s power. (Exodus 7:14–12:30; Psalm 78:43-51; 136:15) For years afterward the nations roundabout were still talking about it, and God’s name was thus being declared throughout the earth. (Joshua 2:10, 11; 1 Samuel 4:8) Had Jehovah killed Pharaoh immediately, this grand display of God’s power to His glory and for the deliverance of His people would not have been possible.

Now Barney, one thing that few people will dispute: We are all imperfect and therefore make mistakes and do things that we come to regret. Still, does that explain the many bad deeds, both major and minor, that we see or hear about almost daily, either in person or in the news.  In spite of human imperfection, people generally acknowledge that there are moral boundaries that should never be crossed and that humans are capable of abstaining from evil acts. Most would also readily agree that there is a difference between inadvertent untruth and outright slander, between causing an accidental injury and committing premeditated murder. Still, shocking deeds are often perpetrated by seemingly ordinary people in the neighborhood.
The Bible sheds light on this subject. This wonderful and old book identifies key reasons why people act in ways that they know to be bad. First example is stated in Ecclesiastes 7:7 where it says that Mere oppression may make a wise one act crazy. The Bible acknowledges that at times people feel driven by force of circumstance to do what they otherwise would not do. Some may even commit criminal acts in an effort to bring about what they perceive as solutions to hardships and injustices. “In many cases,” says the book Urban Terrorism, “the primary motivation for a terrorist is a genuine frustration with seemingly intractable political, social, and economic forces. Another example is The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy  6:10, ASV Every man has his price, implies that even good people are willing to violate the rules of decency and morality when enough money is involved. Some who appear amiable and kind under normal circumstances seem to undergo a personality change when money is at stake, transforming themselves into obnoxious and hostile characters. Think of the many crimes that are rooted in greed—blackmail, extortion, fraud, kidnapping, and even murder.
Another one is Ecclesiastes 8:11 for it says “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily, that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad.” That scripture points out the human tendency to think that one can get away with anything when those in authority are not watching. This is true of people speeding on the highway, cheating on exams, embezzling public funds, and worse. When enforcement is lax or when fear of getting caught is absent, people who are normally law-abiding may feel emboldened to do what they otherwise would not do. “The ease with which criminals get away unpunished,” observes the magazine Arguments and Facts, “seems to inspire ordinary citizens to commit the most brutal of crimes.”

Now every man Barney is “tried by being drawn out and enticed by his own desire. Then the desire, when it has become fertile, gives birth to sin.” James 1:14, 15. All humans are susceptible to wrong thinking. Every day, we are bombarded with countless suggestions and temptations to do wrong. Back in Bible times, Christians were told: “No temptation has taken you except what is common to men.” (1 Corinthians 10:13) Even so, the outcome depends on the choice one makes—to dismiss the bad thought quickly or to entertain it and allow it to grow. The scripture above from the inspired letter of James warns that if one allows the wrong desire to “become fertile,” bad actions are sure to follow.
There is no minimizing the influence—for good or for bad—that our associates can have on us. So often, people do what they have no intention of doing all because of peer pressure or, as many say, because they fell into bad company, with disastrous results.

In Bible language, “stupid ones” refers, not to those who lack intelligence, but to those who ignore the wise counsel from God’s Word. Young or old, if we do not choose our friends and associates wisely, that is, by the good standards from the Bible, we can expect that we will “fare badly.” Therefore the Bible says “he that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.” Proverbs 13:10. These and many other verses in the Bible succinctly explain why people perhaps otherwise ordinary people do bad, even shocking, things.

In the book of Psalms Barney, there are many references to wicked people. Such scriptures can help us discern whether a person is basically wicked or weak. For example, consider the inspired prayer of King David: “Do not draw me along with wicked people and with practicers of what is hurtful, those who are speaking peace with their companions but in whose hearts is what is bad.” (Psalm 28:3) Notice that wicked people are mentioned in parallel with “practicers of what is hurtful.” A person who sins because of fleshly weakness is likely to stop as soon as he comes to his senses. If, though, someone ‘practices’ what is bad so that it becomes a part of his life, this could be evidence of a wicked heart.
David mentioned another characteristic of wickedness in that verse. Like Ananias and Sapphira, the wicked person speaks good things with his mouth but has bad things in his heart. He may be a hypocrite—like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day who ‘outwardly indeed appeared righteous to men but inside were full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.’ (Matthew 23:28; Luke 11:39) Jehovah hates hypocrisy Barney (Proverbs 6:16-19) If someone hypocritically tries to deny his serious sins or grudgingly admits only what is already known by others, refusing to confess fully, this could well be evidence of a wicked heart.

Other things that characterize a wicked person are outlined in Psalm 10. There we read: “In his haughtiness the wicked one hotly pursues the afflicted one; . . . he has disrespected Jehovah.” (Psalm 10:2, 3) How are we to view a dedicated Christian who is haughty and disrespects Jehovah? Surely, these are wicked mental attitudes. A person who sins out of weakness will, once he realizes his sin or has it drawn to his attention, repent and strive hard to turn his life around. (2 Corinthians 7:10, 11) In contrast, if a man sins because of a fundamental disrespect for Jehovah, what will stop him from returning again and again to his sinful course? If he is haughty despite being counseled in a spirit of mildness, how can he have the humility needed to repent sincerely and truly?

Consider now David’s words a little later in the same psalm: “Why is it that the wicked one has disrespected God? He has said in his heart: ‘You will not require an accounting.’” (Psalm 10:13) In the setting of the Christian congregation, the wicked man knows the difference between right and wrong, but he does not hesitate to do wrong if he thinks he can get away with it. As long as there is no fear of exposure, he gives full rein to his sinful inclinations. Unlike David, if his sins do come to light, he will scheme to avoid discipline. Such a man is highly disrespectful of Jehovah. “There is no dread of God in front of his eyes. . . . What is bad he does not reject.”—Psalm 36:1, 4.

Usually, more than one person is affected by a sin. For example, an adulterer sins against God; he victimizes his wife and children; if his partner in sin is married, he victimizes her family; and he stains the good name of the congregation. How does he view all of that? Does he show heartfelt sorrow along with genuine repentance? Or does he manifest the spirit described in Psalm 94: “All the practicers of what is hurtful keep bragging about themselves. Your people, O Jehovah, they keep crushing, and your inheritance they keep afflicting. The widow and the alien resident they kill, and the fatherless boys they murder. And they keep saying: ‘Jah does not see; and the God of Jacob does not understand it’”?—Psalm 94:4-7.
Another example Barney is the spirit of being ready to victimize others for personal benefit. This too is arrogance, the mark of a wicked man. (Proverbs 21:4) It is totally the opposite of the spirit of a true Christian, who is willing to sacrifice himself for his brother.—John 15:12, 13.

These few guidelines are not intended to set rules. They do, however, give an idea of some things that Jehovah views as truly wicked. Is there a refusal to accept responsibility for the wrong committed? Has the one who sinned brazenly ignored previous counsel on this very matter? Is there an entrenched practice of serious wrongdoing? Does the wrongdoer manifest a blatant disregard for Jehovah’s law? Has he made calculating efforts to conceal the wrong, perhaps corrupting others at the same time? (Jude 4) Do such efforts only intensify when the wrong comes to light? Does the wrongdoer show total disregard for the harm he has done to others and to Jehovah’s name? What about his attitude? After kindly Scriptural counsel is given, is he haughty or arrogant? Does he lack a heartfelt desire to avoid repeating the wrong? If the elders perceive such things, which strongly indicate a lack of repentance, they may conclude that the sins committed give evidence of wickedness rather than merely weakness of the flesh.
Even when dealing with a person who seems to have wicked inclinations, those with spiritual qualifications do not cease to exhort him to pursue righteousness. (Hebrews 3:12) Wicked individuals may repent and change. If that were not the case, why did Jehovah urge the Israelites: “Let the wicked man leave his way, and the harmful man his thoughts; and let him return to Jehovah, who will have mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will forgive in a large way”? (Isaiah 55:7) A person’s heart condition as reflected in a repentant bearing and attitude. Let me repeat, Jehovah looks at heart condition, repentance, and attitude. Lets look at some people.

Lets count down the 23 of the most notable, nefarious, infamous men in History.

1.Attila was Khan of the Huns from 434 until his death in 453. He was leader of the Hunnic Empire which stretched from Germany to the Ural River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea. In much of Western Europe, he is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity.

2.Maximilien Robespierre was a leader of the French revolution and it was his arguments that caused the revolutionary government to murder the king without a trial. In addition, Robespierre was one of the main driving forces behind the reign of terror, a 10 month post-revolutionary period in which mass executions were carried out. The Terror took the lives of between 18,500 to 40,000 people, with 1,900 being killed in the last month.

3.Ayatollah Khomeini was the religious leader of Iran from 1979 to 1989. In that time he implemented Sharia Law (Islamic religious law) with the Islamic dress code enforced for both men and women by Islamic Revolutionary Guards and other Islamic groups. Opposition to the religious rule of the clergy or Islam in general was often met with harsh punishments. In a talk at the Fayzieah School in Qom, August 30, 1979, Khomeini said:“Those who are trying to bring corruption and destruction to our country in the name of democracy will be oppressed. They are worse than Bani-Ghorizeh Jews, and they must be hanged. We will oppress them by God’s order and God’s call to prayer.” In the 1988 massacre of Iranian prisoners, following the People’s Mujahedin of Iran operation Forough-e Javidan against the Islamic Republic, Khomeini issued an order to judicial officials to judge every Iranian political prisoner and kill those who would not repent anti-regime activities. Many say that thousands were swiftly put to death inside the prisons. The suppressed memoirs of Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri reportedly detail the execution of 30,000 political activists.

4.Idi Amin was an army officer and president of Uganda. He took power in a military coup in January 1971, deposing Milton Obote. His rule was characterized by human rights abuses, political repression, ethnic persecution, extra judicial killings and the expulsion of Indians from Uganda. The number of people killed as a result of his regime is unknown; estimates range from 80,000 to 500,000. On August 4, 1972, Amin issued a decree ordering the expulsion of the 60,000 Asians who were not Ugandan citizens (most of them held British passports). This was later amended to include all 80,000 Asians, with the exception of professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and teachers.

5.Leopold II was King of Belgium from 1865-1909. With financial support from the government, Leopold created the Congo Free State, a private project undertaken to extract rubber and ivory in the Congo region of central Africa, which relied on forced labour and resulted in the deaths of approximately 3 million Congolese.

6.Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer Rouge and the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979, having been de facto leader since mid-1975. During his time in power Pol Pot imposed an extreme version of agrarian communism where all city dwellers were relocated to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labour projects. The combined effect of slave labour, malnutrition, poor medical care and executions is estimated to have killed around 2 million Cambodians (approximately one third of the population). His regime achieved special notoriety for singling out all intellectuals and other “bourgeois enemies” for murder. The Khmer Rouge committed mass executions in sites known as the Killing Fields. The executed were buried in mass graves. In order to save ammunition, executions were often carried out using hammers, axe handles, spades or sharpened bamboo sticks.

7.Vlad III of Romania (also known as Vlad the Impaler) was Prince of Wallachia three times between 1448 and 1476. Vlad is best known for the legends of the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign and for serving as the primary inspiration for the vampire main character in Bram Stoker’s popular Dracula novel. In Romania he is viewed by many as a prince with a deep sense of justice. His method of torture was a horse attached to each of the victim’s legs as a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body. The end of the stake was usually oiled, and care was taken that the stake not be too sharp; else the victim might die too rapidly from shock.

8.Ivan IV of Russia, also know as Ivan the Terrible, was the Grand Duke of Muscovy from 1533 to 1547 and was the first ruler of Russia to assume the title of Tsar. In 1570, Ivan was under the belief that the elite of the city of Novgorod planned to defect to Poland, and led an army to stop them on January 2. Ivan’s soldiers built walls around the perimeter of the city in order to prevent the people of the city escaping. Between 500 and 1000 people were gathered every day by the troops, then tortured and killed in front of Ivan and his son. In 1581, Ivan beat his pregnant daughter-in-law for wearing immodest clothing, causing a miscarriage. His son, also named Ivan, upon learning of this, engaged in a heated argument with his father, which resulted in Ivan striking his son in the head with his pointed staff, causing his son’s (accidental) death.

9.Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, becoming “Führer” in 1934 until his suicide in 1945. By the end of the second world war, Hitler’s policies of territorial conquest and racial subjugation had brought death and destruction to tens of millions of people, including the genocide of some six million Jews in what is now known as the Holocaust.

10.Stalin was General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee from 1922 until his death in 1953. Under Stalin’s leadership, the Ukraine suffered from a famine (Holodomor) so great it is considered by many to be an act of genocide on the part of Stalin’s government. Estimates of the number of deaths range from 2.5 million to 10 million. The famine was caused by direct political and administrative decisions. In addition to the famine, Stalin ordered purges within the Soviet Union of any person deemed to be an enemy of the state. In total, estimates of the total number murdered under Stalins reign, range from 10 million to 60 million

11.Hirohito was the Emporer of Japan from 1926 to 1989. In 1937, Japanese troops committed the war crime that is now known as the Rape of Nanking (the then Capital of China, now known as Nanjing). The duration of the massacre is not clearly defined, although the violence lasted well into the next six weeks, until early February 1938. During the occupation of Nanjing, the Japanese army committed numerous atrocities, such as rape, looting, arson and the execution of prisoners of war and civilians. A large number of women and children were also killed, as rape and murder became more widespread. The death toll is generally considered to be between 150,000 and 300,000.

12.Talat Pasha, he was the Grand Vizier of the Sultan in the Ottoman empire from 1917 to 1918.  In 1915, Talat declared an order to wipe out the Armenian race.  People were whipped, tortured, robbed, raped and killed.  All of the Armenians were forced into concentration camps.  People were overloaded with supplies and forced to trudge miles with no food and they were killed if they couldn’t continue.  People were naked when they marched.  The whole male population of Angora was exterminated.  Many were forced to rape family members.  Others died from exposer to weather.  People were killed by bayonets, clubs, axes, hammers, spades, scythes, and saws.  Many had their private parts and sexual organs cut off.  Tens of thousands were burned, drowned, poisoned, dismembered, crucified, boiled and beaten to death.  Out of the population of 2.5 million Armenians, 1 to 1.5 million people were killed.  Talat was assonated in 1921 by a Armenian assassination squad.

13.Joseph Mengele, He was a physician in the concentration camp Auschwitz and the doctor known as the “Angle of Death.”  He was in charge of selecting Jews to be sent to concentration camps or to be killed.  He practiced many experiments on people.  One of the most common experiments were on twins.  He would find the similarities and differences in the genetics of twins, as well as seeing if the humane body could be manipulated.  There were about 3,000 twins, only 200 survived.  The twins were arrange by sex and age.  During the experiment, he would pour chemicals into the eyes of the twins to see if it would change their colors into sewing them together in hope to create conjoined twins.  He sometimes tried to change the sex of the twins.  He sometimes forced parents to kill their children.  He tortured children to see how long they could survive.  He often beat prisoners to death personally.  He sent over 400,000 people to their deaths in the gas chambers.  Mengele escaped with his family to South America and lived there the rest of his life.  It is possible that he used 88 twins in his medical experiments there.  He died from a stroke in 1985 while swimming in the Brazilian ocean.

14.Reinhard Heydrich was the chief of the Reich Main Security Office, the second most powerful person in the SS and the mastermind of the Final solution.  He was one of the highest ranked of all the Nazis and was responsible for many war crimes.  He actions caused the deaths of millions of people.  He was responsible for the mass murder of Soviet officials and Russian Jews during Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union, which killed over a million people.  He forced 60,000 Jew to leave Germany and go into Poland, where they were sent to Ghettos.  As he chaired the Wannsee Conference, he presented a plan of transportation and deportation of 11 million Jews from every country in Europe to be worked to death or killed.  Heydrich thought  of the pretext to invade Poland, which killed over 80,000 people and  started World War II.  There was an assassination attempt on him in 1942.  He survived the attempt to kill him, but died 9 days later.  In response to his death, Nazis killed nearly everyone in the village of Lidice.

15.Saddam Hussein was dictator of Iraq from 1979 to 2003.  During that time about 2 million people died as a result of his actions.  He authorized many attacks on people like the chemical attack on Kurdish village of Halabja which killed 5,000 people.  Saddam’s 1987-1988 campaign of terror against the Kurds killed 50,000 to 100,000.  An Amnesty International report said “victims of torture in Iraq are subjected to a wide range of forms of torture, including the gouging out of eyes, severe beatings, and electric shocks… some victims have died as a result and many have been left with permanent physical and psychological damage.”  Saddam also had approximately 40 of his own relatives murdered.  He executed over 400,000 Iraqis.  Many of them were tortured to death and filmed so he could watch them at his house.  In 2006, Saddam was hanged after being found guilty for being convinced of crimes against humanity by the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

16.Heinrich Himmler was the head of the SS, the second most powerful Nazi and the architect of the Final Solution.  He, more than anyone, encouraged and facilitated Adolf Hitler’s decision to implement the Final Solution to the Jewish question, as well as other programs of ethnic cleansing that destroyed millions of lives during World War II.  He was responsible for 6 to 7 million deaths of Poles, Russians, communists, and other groups whom the Nazis deemed unworthy to live including people with physical and mental disabilities.  Himmler once said “The decision, therefore, lies here in the East; here must the Russian enemy, this people numbering two hundred million Russians, be killed on the battle field and person by person, and made to bleed to death”.  His house contained furniture and books made from the bones and skins of his jewish victims.  Himmler committed suicide in 1945 by eating poison.

17.Adolf Eichmann was the architect of the Holocaust.  He was in charge of rounding up Jews into and forcing them into ghettos and concentration camps.  He was responsible for day-to day organization of the Final Solution.  He organized the registration, cremation and transport of Europe’s Jews.  From May until July, 1944 Eichmann organized the deportation and murder of more than 400,000 Hungarian Jews.  He was responsible for 5 to 6 million Jewish deaths. He would leap into his grave laughing because the feeling that he had 5 million Jews he killed filled his heart with gladness and joy.  He once said that he would even kill his father if he was ordered to do so.  He escaped and made his way to Argentina and lived under the name Ricardo Klement for 15 years.  He was captured in May 1960, Israeli Security captured him and took him to trial.  He was tried for 15 charges.  Eichmann was hanged and he was the only person to be executed in Israel’s history.

18.He was dictator of North Korea from 1948 to 1972.  Kim Il Sung started the Korean War, which killed 3 million people.  After the war, he brainwashed the people of North Korea into idolizing him, even though he made the country a lot worse than it was before.  He killed all of his officers and rivals.  In addition, he exiled or executed 90% of his generals that fought in the war.  More than 200,000 political prisoners were forced into concentration camps.  People were forced into concentration camps for something as little as dropping a picture of Kim Sung accidentally on the ground.  If someone committed a crime, the person’s children and the children’s children would also be killed or sentenced to life imprisonment.  Prisoners were starved, tortured or worked to death.  Prisoners were sometimes forced to kneel in a box motionless for months until he or she dies.  Hundreds of thousands were killed by firing squads and in concentration camps.  Of the population of 22 million Koreans, 900,000 to 3.5 million have died in a famine.   Kim Il Sung died in 1994 of a heart attack, which was brought on by a row with his son Kim Jong Il, who has proven that he is worse than his father.

19.Nero was Rome’s 5th emperor from AD 54 to AD 68.  He brought the Roman Empire to ruin.  He burned entire cities.  He murdered thousands of people including his aunt, stepsister, ex-wife, mother, wife and adoptive brother.  He systematically murdered every member in his family.  Some were killed in searing hot baths.  He poisoned, beheaded, stabbed, burned, boiled, crucified and impaled people.  He often raped women and cut off the veins and private parts of both men and women.  He is said to have fiddled while Rome was burning.  The great fire killed many of Rome’s citizens and left hundreds of thousands destitute.  Though Nero probably started the fire, he blamed it on the Christians.  Christians were starved to death, burned, torn by dogs, fed to lions, crucified, used as torches and nailed to crosses.  He was so bad that many of the Christians thought he was the Antichrist.  He even tortured and killed the apostle Paul and the disciple Peter.  Paul was beheaded and Peter was crucified upside down.  Nero committed suicide when he realized he was losing the rebellion and his life was in danger.

20.Caligula was Rome’s 3rd emperor from AD 37 to AD 41.  He was wild, extravagant, with a penchant for sexual adventures.  In the first 3 months in his reign of terror, over 160,000 animals were sacrificed in his honor.  He later got a brain fever that made him mentally ill.  He then believed he was a god.  Under Caligula, the law became an instrument of torture.  He believed prisoners should feel a painful death.  He began to brutally murder for fun.  He would kill his opponents slowly and painfully over hours or days.  He decapitated and strangled children.  People were beaten with heavy chains.  He forced families to attend their children’s execution.  Many people had their tongues cut off.  He fed prisoners to a lions, panthers and bears and often killed gladiators.  One gladiator alone was beaten up for 2 days full days.  He sometimes ordered people to be killed by elephants.  His cruelty caused people to commit suicide.  He demanded sex with a lot of women including his 3 sisters.  He would force husbands to give up their wives.  He exiled his sisters and had his brother in law put to death.  He caused many to die of starvation.  Sawing people was one of his favorite things to do, which filleted the spine and spinal cord from crotch down to the chest.  He liked to chew up the testicles of victims.  He killed some of his most important friends and his father-in-law.  One time Caligula said “I wish Rome had but one neck, so that I could cut off all their heads with one blow!”  In AD 41, Caligula was killed by Casius Chaerea, a man whom Caligula had mocked at court for his effeminacy.

21.   Tomas de Torquemada was the Grand Inquisitor of Spain from 1483 to 1498.  He started the Spanish Inquisition, which was established on November 1, 1478 and disbanded in July 15, 1834.  The Spanish Inquisition was an ecclesiastical tribunal run by the Spanish monarchy and established to root out heretics and other individuals who threatened the status of Roman Catholic Church in Spain.  Torquemada’s spies turned friends against friends and they made sons and daughters testify against their parents.  Torquemada without lack of evidence would order Jews to be tortured or killed because of his discrimination towards them.  Countless of people were tortured, whipped, subjected to horrific physical punishments, and forced to surrender all of their property.  Children sometimes died from starvation.  People were often naked when they were tortured.  Torquemada favored many forms of torture like foot-roasting and suffocation.  People were sometimes burned alive, hanged, and grilled.  Some ways of torture often went through sexual organs.  One way  to torture people was the garrucha, which pulled a prisoner’s arms and legs from their sockets.  Another way of torturing Jews was the toca, a water torture, which was when water was forced down the victim’s throat.  Another method was the porto which used tight cords to stop blood from flowing.  Another method was the turtle which was when victims were crushed with heavy weights.  Another method was when a victim would be pushed into a garroting chair, which had a sharp point in the neck region.  Another method was the rack which stretched a person’s body a foot or more.  Then an inquisitor would rip off the victim’s nipples, tongue, ears, nose, and genitals. Some people were skinned from their head to their waist.  2,000 to 10,000 Jews suffered death by being burned on stakes and more than 9,000 were punished by other methods.  Many Jews died from starvation.  By one account, he killed over 30,000 people.  Torquemada’s hatred of heretics influenced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to expel every Jew or Muslim that had not embraced Christianity which was 200,000 to 300,000.  Most of them had ancestors that have lived in Spain for centuries.  It is said that Torquemada himself had Jewish blood in him.  Torquemada died of old age in 1478.

22.Mao Zedong was dictator of China from 1943 to 1976.  Mao’s plan was to make China a superpower country.  Mao also said he would turn China into a powerful country that could match the United States and the Soviet Union.   In the process however, he created the greatest famine and genocide in history.  Under Mao’s rule China endured a series of economic disasters and political terrorism.  Millions of Chinese died by execution, starvation and committing suicide.  Tens of millions were sent to labor camps.  5 Million were executed.  Mao turned neighbors against neighbors and sons and daughters against their teachers and parents.  Mao used fear to root out every last hint of dissent.  A criticism uttered in private could lead to public humiliation, torture or death.  The famine killed about 30 to 45 million people.  Millions died from disease.  Another 700,000 committed suicide out of fear of Mao.  Mao lead 2 Great Leap Forwards which was a plan to use China’s vast population to rapidly transform the country from an rural economy into a modern communist society.  Both combined killed 40 to 50 million people.   Millions of children were also killed.  If children stole food, they would have their fingers chopped off.  Mao once lead a revolution that everyone in China was supposed to accept, but if you opposed the revolution, you would either be imprisoned for many years, tortured or executed.  People were expected to work till they dropped.  People were beaten up and tortured if they could not do their work and if they were late going to work.  People were also beaten up if they said something that made Mao or his men angry.  Mao’s brutal men had methods of torture like whipping, burning people with incense or with flame of a kerosene lamp and nailing a person’s palms to a table and then to insert bamboo splints under fingernails.  Mao killed 70 million people.  Mao died in 1976 after suffering from a nervous system disease.

23.Ivan was Tsar of Russia from 1533 to 1584.  Ivan was cruel, brutal and merciless even as a kid.  When he was young, he had had habits of taking creatures like dogs, cats, bears, and other creatures to the top of tall buildings and then throwing them to the ground.  Ivan killed people when he was a teenager.  Ivan found them fun and amusing.  When Ivan became Tsar of Russia, he became paranoid and started to see enemies everywhere.  Ivan forced thousands to move from their lands and made them homeless.  Ivan became obsessed with killing and torturing anyone he saw as enemies but most were innocent people.   Ivan destroyed hundreds of villages, towns and cities.  In the Novgorod Massacre, 60,000 were tortured to death.  Ivan had his own personal torture chamber.  Ivan tortured and destroyed entire families.  Hundreds of parents were forced to see their children tortured and killed.  Ivan ordered hundreds of people to be eaten by bears and wolves.  He personally killed and tortured people with his long and hard staff.  If Ivan ordered someone to be killed, he would often want to watch the execution.  Some his executions were as long as 15 hours.  He enjoyed seeing people’s blood and suffering from being tortured.  Ivan ordered people to be beheaded, strangled, hanged, blinded, burned, stabbed, boiled, disemboweled, buried alive, impaled and fried.  Ivan would often remove people’s ribs with red hot pinchers.  Peasant girls were often tortured, whipped, raped and used for target practice.  Religious leaders were tortured and killed if they begged Ivan to stop his killings.  He blinded his architect and boiled his treasurer.  Ivan killed one of his wives a day after their marriage.  He even killed his favorite son in a rage.  Ivan died while he was playing chess with one of his friends in 1466.  Most likely he was poisoned.

Remember the “wicked man” in Corinthian  congregation Barney. Evidently he changed his ways, and Paul later recommended his reinstatement to the Christian congregation. (2 Corinthians 2:7, 8) Consider also King Manasseh. He was very wicked indeed, but when he finally repented, Jehovah accepted his repentance.—2 Kings 21:10-16; 2 Chronicles 33:9, 13, 19.
My good friend there is a sin that will not be forgiven—sin against the holy spirit. (Hebrews 10:26, 27) This is important to remember, only Jehovah alone determines who has committed that sin. Humans have no authority to do so.

So think about this for a moment. These men that I mentioned were so notorious and their crimes against humanity were so atrocious that in boggles the mind. But, we have to understand that Jehovah understands the hearts of men and this is his forte. Barney, even there are victims in the hands of these people, He will resurrect them to a paradise earth.
These genocidal crimes are horrendous to say the least, but remember, Jehovah judges them and He truly knows their heart and will take into account the circumstances surrounding their actions. Jesus said very clearly and I know this is hard, but we need to love our enemies. I know that is a difficult concept to grasp much less to practice, but remember, being a true Christian involves true forgiveness. One day we may have to put our lives on the line and forfeit our lives for another. That is the ultimate price for love and Jehovah will reward you for it.

That is the true price of forgiveness. So Barney, the question remains, who is really wicked, who is really evil? Its up to Jehovah to determine.

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