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Can you please commment on these two verses for me; Rev 8:10 and Rev 9:1. Why does the Society say that the star that had fallen is Jesus in Rev 9? Would you not say that the star in question is the very one that is mentioned in Rev 8:10?

In Revelations 1 we are told that the stars are the anointed Christians and in Rev 12 it is said that the dragon dragged a third of the stars to earth, is that not referring to the anointed?

I am having difficulties in understanding the Societies stand on these verses. In the Climax book it is said that the fallen stars in Rev 12 are those in Noah's days, was not Revelations written about the things about to take place and not history?

Thank you

Well, I think there are a lot of assumptions, to be frank.
Revelation 1, which you referred to says:

"The seven stars mean [the] angels of the seven congregations..." - verse 20

I think the interpretations of such verses are perceived rather than evidenced, but to say that Rev.8:10 is the Christ himself is a longshot, whereas the next verse says the name of the star(angel) is "Wormwood". So, no. That star (angel) is not the Christ.

The seven stars are also said to be the angels of the seven congregations, according to further examination in chapter 1.

"A" star mentioned in 9:1 that "had fallen" seems indicative of the same star on the surface, but not necessarily.

Revelation 12 refers to stars (angels) in general,so the war in heaven resulted in the Dragon's success to take some along with him to the vicinity of the earth.

All I know, is it is about perceptions, and I recall the society providing sheets of labels
to paste over certain interpretations in the Climax book in order to change some of their perceptions. Everybody sat around tearing off these little labels with words printed on them and pasted them over certain sentences and phrases.
Seemed comical at the time, but admittedly some of the Revelation book is really hard to understand.


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