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the one who knows all wrote at 2013-08-03 01:25:13
Eddie G you made a mistake.  In Acts 10:39 the word there is not "stauros" as in you reply but "Xylon"  

the one who knows all wrote at 2013-08-03 01:31:39
Eddie, you need to do your homework better yoa asked

Q: Why did the KJV translators left the original Gr word Xylon as "the/a tree " in the above instances while saw fit to change it as "a cross" on others?

Any idea David?  

The answer is the KJV translators never translated Xylon as cross in any instance.  The rendered in the following ways

tree 10 times, staff 5 times, wood 3 times and  stocks 1 times;

The word stauros appears 28 times in the NT and in each occasion the KJV translates it as cross,

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