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the one who knows all wrote at 2013-07-13 05:19:47
Rita seems to have a real problem with this and from a earlier question she sent to another so called  "expert" here she does can not let go.  The first person she asked gave a reasonably balanced answer but that did not seem to satisfy here as she has come back at least twice since them and another family member has also asked the same question to ask another JW supposedly the so called Sister T and then Derick, and you poke your nose in and she gets upset

This appears to be the first question

It appears another family member asked a similar question  

Derrick wrote at 2013-07-13 20:08:26
Here's your problem, Eddie....You have so much hate towards me and my presence here, that you try to pick apart and find fault in everything I write, even when there is NO problem with it.  You, and the likes of Sister T, can label me an "opposer" all you want, but that doesn't mean that my answer was wrong or incorrect.

Instead, my answer was completely factual and correct, regardless of what you think of me.  If the JWs in this forum endeavored to get THEIR facts correct in the same manner I do, then this forum would be a MUCH more honest place.  

Work on your own honesty, Guys.  All you did was throw more of the same old insults towards me, but neither of you showed ONE example of where my answer was inaccurate.

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