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Jehovah`s Witness/odd behavior or just a misunderstanding?


To the poster name Rita,

I'll just make this short as I can so as not to get Mr. Holland in a tizzy. He seems quite animated.

To Ms. Rita,

You said:

>>... No outside influence to prove that what the organization teaches is wrong, and no one to turn to if you leave. I agree with you, it is a cult. So happy to not be a part of anything like that. Take Care.<<

>>.. No wonder many view jw's  as a cult. They do many things that resemble one. I feel sorry for all of them.<<

To avoid any misunderstanding, why not asked the Elders where your nephew attends? Let them know what's going on and I can assure you they will get to the bottom of it. Let your nephew know also how you feel. If he won't listen then whatever he did/does will come back to him in one way or another. If he did anything bad it will be revealed in time (if true). That I can assure you of.

One thing though that I'd like to humbly request from you - please don't lump ALL Jehovah's Witnesses into one as if we act and think like your nephew (as you stated above). Each one of us have freedom to choose - leave or stay. If one decides to stay, obviously as in any organization one must abide by the rules. If one will NOT or don't want to apply the Biblical Standards then that person will be removed. Simple as that.

As for Mr. Holland - thanks for the "complement?" ("Pathetic Comments, Eddie...Here's Why"). I'll try next time per your observation not be "pathetic" in my comments so as not to merit your "uneven-handedness" or as you correctly put it - under-handedness.

As for my responding to your post (that you sent to a known Critic of JW - Mr. Holland), on this JWExpert PUBLIC forum, why would it be considered meddling? I mean what would you do if your entire family is being accused of doing something bad because of a family member? Would you not set things straight? Would you not come to the defense of your family name and clear things up? What if the accusation was made in PUBLIC? Would you not also respond in PUBLIC? Well since this is a PUBLIC Forum "created" for JWs and you came to accused ALL JW as you stated above, why can't I offer my side?

Also, why gossip about your nephew in PUBLIC if you have no hidden agenda? But like I said - talk to your nephew and let him know how you feel. Maybe he's not even aware of what's he's doing, after all, you said this about him:

>>He is a sweet man but has never made good choices or wise  decisions. His intelligence level  falls short, and he has always been weak and gullible.<<

just a suggestion - take it or leave it.  

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