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Jehovah`s Witness/Pathetic Comments, Eddie...Here's Why


What is it with this Eddie G, that he is always trying to insert himself into conversations that don't involve him, only to wind up proving the very point he was trying to disprove?

I will now address his latest rants, and his implications towards both me, and my questioner, as if the situation described by my questioner just COULDN'T be as it was stated.

By the way, Eddie....Rita was quite put off with your remarks as well.  She may or may not choose to post something through me, but as she said, you have some nerve.  It might be best to worry about your own questions, unless you actually have something of value to say in this conversation.

I will now address just a few of the ridiculous remarks, made by the always-meddling-in-other-people’s-business, Eddie G.

EDDIE G:  “may I present a balanced and reasonable point view in contrast to the uneven-handed bias one offered by a JW opponent?”

REPLY:  My response was quite balanced.  I accurately presented the JW position as it is, and as it was taught to me, in my time being raised in this religion.  Eddie is arguing with the wrong person, if he thinks he is going to convince people that his religion does not teach that non-JWs are, the vast majority of the time, “worldly association”, and such association is to be avoided whenever possible.  

My response was perfectly balanced, because the questioner was asking if this is how JWs prefer things, and what was the reason behind it.  

Furthermore, I gave the Scripture that Jehovah’s Witnesses generally use to support this belief, and completely acknowledged that the principle being taught there is valid, but that the problem was in the way that Jehovah’s Witnesses apply the Scripture to everyone on the outside of the Organization.

I also told Rita that a JW might also like the chance to reply to this issue, as it seems to be a recurring one in their religion.

Nothing “uneven-handed” or “biased” about that.  I never said it wasn’t important to limit your associations…I gave a completely accurate answer to the question that was asked.

Eddie G just didn’t like the answer.

EDDIE G:  “Ms. Rita, I seem to remember reading the same questions posted (to Mr. Holland) a while back, I wonder if you're that same person.”

REPLY:  Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you Eddie?  Now, I don’t know for certain which previous question you are referencing, because you didn’t provide a link, or a time frame for me to check who the questioner back then was.  It is possible that you are referring to back in early May, with a questioner named David, who wrote not only me, but several other of the “experts” here, as well.  David’s question was similar in nature.

However, it becomes VERY obvious in Rita’s first question to me, that we had not corresponded before, because in that first question, Rita thought that I AM a Jehovah’s Witness.  This is evidenced by the fact that she asked me….“Is this what your religion teaches, to ignore family that are not witnesses?”  Had we talked before, she would not have thought that I was a JW.  

But the fact is, Eddie G, I HAVE had this question in the past.  And as I told Rita, it has been MANY times.  This isn’t proof it’s the same questioner, Eddie….Its proof this is an ongoing and widespread problem in your religion.  

No need to make “uneven-handed” (Your term, Eddie.  Most people would say “under-handed”) implications towards Rita.  She did nothing to you.  She was writing about the inconsiderate way her JW relative is treating her.

EDDIE G:  “Wow, very damning accusation - if accurate and true. But is it? Might there be a hidden agenda on your part? I hope not. “

REPLY:  This is the very JW mindset that I was talking about.  It MUST somehow be the non-JW’s fault.  Its just gotta be!  

What hidden agenda, Eddie?  Perhaps if the JW relative simply acted like the Christian he claims to be, then Rita would not have needed to write to me.  

Eddie, is it, or is it not true, that your religion views outsiders as “worldly association”, and such contact should be limited whenever possible?  It’s a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

EDDIE G:  “So I hope you're not begrudging the help you gave your nephew for…”

REPLY:  After making the above ridiculous comment, then you make an off-handed implication that this person may be trying to “blow a trumpet” about helping a relative.

First, I think your comments here are completely uncalled for, and it’s a shame that you have to hit below the belt like that.  There is nothing in Rita’s question, that indicates that she “begrudges” anything.  

I BELIEVE, Eddie G, that her problem was not with helping someone with a need, but the way she is IGNORED and treated AFTER helping that person.  I don’t believe I misunderstood her intent for writing…How is it that you managed to?

Its not like Rita just wrote me, bragging, and saying….”HEY EVERYONE, I helped out an ungrateful JW, and I just want everyone to know so they will pat me on the back”.  

I believe Rita stated that, not only does this person not attend their family gatherings (which you try to defend by asking if they are holiday gatherings), but that this person can’t seem to find time to even CALL, to see how everyone is doing.

What does picking up the phone and calling to inquire about everyone‘s well-being, have to do with celebrating Christmas or a birthday, Eddie?

And you have the nerve to even suggest, that this person is “begrudging”, or has “a hidden agenda”?  The fact is, Rita’s story is not unique…not even close.  There are countless other stories just like hers, and that is the reason I have received so many questions about this very topic.

EDDIE G:  “What I will comment on though is your blanket accusation that "ALL" Jehovah's Witnesses have "odd behavior" because your nephew somehow "offended" you.”

REPLY:  First off, Rita did not say that “ALL” Jehovah’s Witnesses have “odd behavior”, just because her nephew offended her.  Why on earth you would put that in quotes, like you are quoting a statement from her, is mind-boggling.  She never said “ALL” Jehovah’s Witnesses have odd behavior.  

The only 2 times I can find where she used the word “all”.  One was in reference to my statements being “all” true, and the other was in reference to her feeling sorry for “all” JWs, because they have the characteristics of a cult.  I too feel sorry for ALL Jehovah’s Witnesses….I don’t necessarily think all of them exhibit “odd behavior”, in this manner.  

Which AGAIN, Eddie, you would have seen if you were as interested in getting your facts straight, as you are in finding fault with my answers.  My answer was quite balanced, not only for the reasons I have already stated, but because I also acknowledged that some JWs take it further than others, and some are more balanced.  I also acknowledged that I myself, still enjoy frequent association with my mother, because she knows I am not “worldly”, even though she is a JW and I am not.

Do you need for me to give you the quotes, that you conveniently left out, Eddie?

EDDIE G:  “I assure you mam, True Witnesses of Jehovah are NOT like your nephew (if what you've accused him of are true).”

REPLY:  I assure you, Eddie, that there are MANY “Witnesses of Jehovah” (meaning, they belong to the religion of this name), that are like this.  Again, that would better explain the vast number of questions I have personally had, along these lines.  It would also explain the thousands of stories just like Rita’s.  That is not saying that every single JW on the planet is like her nephew…But it is saying that there are far too many who are.

EDDIE G:  “As such, TRUE Witnesses of Jehovah hold to a much higher standard than anyone else.

What does this mean?

This means that a true Witness of Jehovah will hold to the standards set by OUR God Jehovah and His son our Lord and master Jesus Christ.

Thus every true and active Jehovah's Witness will avoid things that WILL bring reproach to our God's name Jehovah.”

REPLY:  This is such hogwash, I don’t even know where to begin.  It’s the very thing I said in my answer to Rita….That Jehovah’s Witnesses, by and large, believe themselves to be morally superior to everyone else.  You just said it, Eddie.

My response to this nonsense will be short….

1.  I will be happy to put my standards, Biblical morals, and integrity alongside yours any day, Eddie.

2.  The name of Jehovah is disgraced and reproached every single week in this forum, by TRUE baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses, who certainly do NOT avoid behavior, words, or LIES, that reproach the very name they claim to love and represent.

Think before you type, Eddie.

EDDIE G:  “If one doesn't hold to such standards then that person is accountable to God - NOW and in the coming judgement. That is a fact!”

REPLY:  Finally, a true statement that I can agree with.  You might want to pass this on to some of your fellow brethren, who don’t quite seem to get it.

You then proceed to provide a doctrinal statement of JW belief, which Rita did not ask for, and which has NOTHING to do with the fact that her nephew has taken her help, but otherwise, has nothing to do with her.  And we are supposed to be impressed that Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in the Trinity?  What did that have to do with anything that was being discussed?

But let’s examine one more statement of Eddie G’s, that is pure hogwash….

EDDIE G:  “But if anyone thereafter makes a practice of adultery, fornication, homosexuality, drug abuse, drunkenness, lying, or stealing, he will be disfellowshipped from the organization.”

REPLY:  Seriously, Eddie?  Are you kidding?  LOL.  You are saying that a person who makes a practice of LYING, will be disfellowshipped?  

You mean to tell us all that, if a JW slanders and lies in public, not once but REPEATEDLY, that other “true Witnesses of Jehovah” will not condone or come to his defense, but will see to it that he is counseled, and deal with accordingly?

Is THAT what you really want to tell us, Eddie?  Please clarify….

Because Eddie, lies have been told for the past several years in this forum, and have continued to be told within the past week.  And I haven’t heard a “peep” out of you about it.  

And I’ll tell you why….Because you are a lot of talk, and you want to present a nice picture of the Organization you represent.  But when it comes to an actual EXAMPLE of habitual lying from one of your own, you don’t have the spine to say a word about it.

For instance, do you know that your buddy Rando REFUSES to state that he has never lied about me, and other non-JWs?  Yep, its true.  You see, I challenged him on this in public, and he immediately did as I said he would, and started whining about the Trinity, which has NOTHING to do with him lying.  

So then, I sent him a question, asking him to please come forward and just state once and for all, that he has NOT lied in this forum.  Wow, you would think he could at least do that….UNLESS….he knows he has lied.  But he rejected the question, because he CAN’T say it, and he knows I will blow it out of the water if he does.  Nor can he afford to admit that he has lied, because he is shown to be what he is.  

Furthermore, he has now taken to going back and editing his past answers, to remove damaging statements.  I caught him doing that, just this week.  Furthermore, he has intentionally edited articles before referencing them, to remove damaging quotes which actually refute what he is trying to say.

Yeah, I sure am glad that “true” Witnesses of Jehovah, hold such higher standards than anyone else.  

Well, I’ll tell you one thing….I sure couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, if I was that crooked and dishonest.  Or, if I posted what you just did, knowing for a fact it was a bunch of nonsense.

You know, Eddie, you complain about “blanket statements”.  So, why do YOU make blanket statements, such as “Jehovah’s Witnesses do this”, or “Jehovah’s Witnesses do that”?  Why don’t you just say that Jehovah’s Witnesses are TAUGHT to do this, but many, many, do not bother to apply what they are hearing?  

Because that would make them look just like anybody else, I guess.

EDDIE G:  “Curious, what kind of gatherings are these you've invited them to attend? Do they somehow involve parties where there might be drinking, gossiping, dancing, loud music, unwholesome activities? Or we're they patriotic gatherings, holidays, birthdays and the likes? If none of the above, then I have to agree with you - it's odd on their part not to accept your invitation. Maybe you should ask them why.”

REPLY:  Again, even if these ARE holiday/birthday gatherings, what does that have to do with not even calling, to see if they are okay?  Or paying a visit when these “wicked” birthday parties with all their beheadings, are not going on?

EDDIE G:  “>>Frankly, we do not understand this avoidance of our family.<<

I'm sure you do. Unless of course you haven't asked then why.”

REPLY:  Well, why don’t we just call Rita a liar, Eddie?  

Truthfully, Eddie….you don’t know the situation any more than I do, so you aren’t “sure” of ANYTHING.  So why don’t you just quit trying to poke holes in everything, because it embarrasses you?

Also, I have contacted Rita and asked her if she wishes to respond to anything you have said, regarding any or all of your statements.  If she wishes, she can satisfy your curiosity as to what type of video games and movies are allowed in her home, and again, perhaps we can find out what this has to do with the JW relative never even calling, or showing any interest in the family’s well-being.

EDDIE G:  “Like I said, how high are your standards? Is it the same as the Witnesses'?”

REPLY:  Why ask this, Eddie?  You have already informed us that Witnesses adhere to a MUCH HIGHER standard than anyone else.  Wasn’t this a ridiculous question, then?

Actually, you just proved my point about the JW mindset.  Thank you, Eddie.  You just validated everything I said, about how the Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught to view “worldly” people.  Just think…you wasted all that time complaining about my “biased” answer, and then you proceeded to validate it, by telling us how morally superior Jehovah’s Witnesses truly are.

EDDIE G:  “If they are true ACTIVE Witnesses - I'm sure they are thankful of it and will endeavor to pay you a visit. After all, that's what we're commanded to do. Talk to our relatives about the Good News. In fact we want ALL of our relatives to come and join us. Sadly many take it the wrong way.”

REPLY:  I didn’t get from Rita’s writing, that she was “taking it the wrong way”, that her JW relatives tried to share the Good News.  What I got from it, is that the relatives only bother with them when they need something.  

One of us sure missed the intent of her writing.

EDDIE G:  “Funny thing is, from the worlds point of view we're always on the losing side. If we, for instance do something that "seems" to be in contradiction with what we believe, we're automatically accused by people as hypocrites. But if we decline to do such a thing, we're automatically accused by people as odd / brainwashed.”

REPLY:  No, the funny thing is, Eddie has simply tried to create diversions.  This topic has nothing to do with finding fault with Witnesses, when they uphold their convictions, or when they don’t.  I personally can respect ANYONE who has a conviction, and STICKS to it, but still managing to show Christian love to those who aren’t where they are.  I THINK the point was that this JW relative is ignoring the rest of the family.

EDDIE G:  “Now this is what I call a busybody - always gossiping about other peoples business. How would you feel mam if you hear the same thing about you?”

REPLY:  Eddie, you are the last person to be calling anyone else a busybody, as you are always sticking your nose into conversations that don’t concern you, even to the point of trying to tell Dee to stop writing me awhile back.  Like you have any authority to be telling other adults who they can, and cannot, write to.  I have seldom seen anyone on this board, who concerns themselves with other people’s business, as much as you do.  

Furthermore, you made this remark because Rita commented on her nephew marrying an older woman, who basically runs the home and sets the rules.  Don’t you think that Rita might know much more about that situation than you do, and perhaps is merely making her observations, which you have no evidence are anything but true?

Unless you too are a relative in this family, maybe YOU should quit being such a “busybody”.

EDDIE G:  “As for the rest of what you said - no need to bring them up as they are worthless gossip. But as for Mr. Holland, beware of the wormwood he's feeding you (Revelation 8:10, 11)

. It will lead you to your demise.”

REPLY:  There you go again, Eddie.  Telling people they should not write me, because YOU say so, at the risk of their eternal damnation.  After lecturing Rita about being a busybody and “gossiping”, here you go with your sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong, and running your mouth about a family situation you know absolutely nothing about.

But again…All you did was validate my answers to Rita, without even knowing it.  

Thanks, Eddie!  

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