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Derrick wrote at 2013-08-24 14:31:09
This expert continually squirms like a worm in hot ashes, to avoid answering the simplest of questions.  Perhaps that is because he has already gone on record by making some ridiculous comments, on how morally superior JWs are, and how this Organization disciplines those who practice lying.  Then, he turns right around and casts his support for a proven liar, and proceeds to call others "liar", who have never told a single lie in this forum.

Ed, I think the question was.....Why do JWs condemn everyone else as evil and headed for destruction, merely because of choosing another religion besides the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society...aka...Jehovah's Witnesses?

And Eddie goes into this tirade about wicked associations.  Great, we all agree on that.  But what did that have to do with the question?  

Personally, I do not lie, steal, cheat on my marriage, curse, smoke, drink, or watch dirty movies.  However, because I started reading my Bible and came to the conclusion that the doctrines of the Watchtower do not line up with it, then I am evil, and the likes of Eddie G employ slander, on that basis alone.

But again...What did that have to do with the question?  I personally didn't find the question that difficult to understand.

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