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Hi, I know the Born-Again movement can be very weird, and alot of people that I know became one and have left that cult, have became extremely schizophrenic in the process! They have had to get professional medical help ever since, because they all claim to be hearing voices once they succumb to the mind-control tactics of that scary cult.
Could you share you thoughts please of what else you know on this cult? Thank you.

I’m not familiar with this side of Born-Again Christians. I am familiar with Born-Again Christians but not heard of them having mental llness from it. Very interesting.  But, I believe you may be referring to the charismatic movement. Among those would include faith healers, which claim to imitate Jesus Christ and his apostles, and they feel that God himself is the source of their power.
The Charismatics stress the importance of “spiritual gifts,” including divine healing, speaking in tongues (foreign to the hearer), discernment of spirits and prophecy. What appears to have disturbed the Catholic Church is the practice some Charismatics have called “discipling,” wherein the believers are grouped into units of about ten persons under the direction of a “shepherd,” who teaches and guides them. The disciples are committed to obey their shepherd. It especially bothers the Church that sometimes this shepherd is someone other than the disciples’ own minister. Clergymen, including those of other religions, fear that divisions in the church might thereby come about. Some charismatic leaders, however, oppose the practice of discipling. These say that, for the most part, they have taught members to remain within their denominations.
A further cause of concern to many persons is the fact that the charismatic “healers” claim, when their healing efforts are ineffective, that the failure is due to “lack of faith” on the part of the ailing person. This produces a guilt complex in the sick person, which, incidentally, complicates the job of any medical doctor treating the individual.
Of course, when Jesus and the apostles healed the sick, their healing was not dependent on the degree of faith of the healed person. Of Jesus, it is recorded: “All those who had people sick with various diseases brought them to him. By laying his hands upon each one of them he would cure them.”—Luke 4:40; compare Luke 6:19; 9:6, 11.
The charismatic movement is doubtless a result of the churches’ failure to fill the need of church members for spiritual food. But while it has attracted many, particularly young persons, it has failed to measure up to the Bible’s standard for true Christianity. The Bible strongly counsels Christians not to follow human leaders, thereby having divided allegiances, but to follow Christ. The Bible therefore also commands: “Get out of her [Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion, with its multitude of sects], my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.”—Rev. 18:4.
Spiritistic religion is deceptive and dangerous, because it is getting in touch, not with the true God, but with malevolent spirit creatures ruled by the one “who is misleading the entire inhabited earth,” Satan the Devil. (Rev. 12:9) It is God-condemned spiritism. (Deut. 18:10-12) And do not forget that unchristian heathen of ancient times also received the “spirit,” enabling them to heal, speak in unknown tongues, and “prophesy”! Churches that pretend to approach God by stirring up audiences to states of ecstasy or hysteria are imitating the heathen.
If you could explain this in a little more detail, I would be most interested to research this topic in more depth.

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