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Jehovah`s Witness/Why Take a Cheap Shot at Rita, Eddie?


I was somewhat perplexed why Eddie G felt the need to throw a cheap shot at Rita, regarding this discussion on the cross vs. stake, since Rita has not weighed in on this topic.  So, I wrote him about it....

Eddie G

Eddie, stop taking cheap shots at Rita

Eddie, please stop your whining about what is "unfair".  It isn't very befitting for a grown man.  I've never once told you to limit the length of your posts.  I realize mine were very long, because you and Sister T made so many mistakes, it was required.  Also, because the evidence of your errors is so overwhelming.  I do not care how long your reply is, so do what you have to do.

Furthermore, I BELIEVE the complaints about the lengths of your posts (and other JWs), is because they are long, but don't ever actually ANSWER the question.  My long posts answered directly, comments from you and Sister T.  They also provided evidence related to the subject under discussion.  They were not pointless "copy and pastes" that didn't actually answer the question raised.

Finally, Rita has not written me since we stared discussing this topic, and you have NO right taking a cheap shot at her.  I kind of hope she does weigh in on this topic, is she wished to.  But so far, she hasn't.  She has said nothing to you that was out of the way.  You inserted yourself in our conversation without being asked, and you implied she was lying about her family situation. So, you were put in your place.  I'm sorry it happened, but that wasn't our doing.

Nor do I feel comfortable with your comment about "my followers".  I don't have "followers".  There are many people who think my answers are more intelligent, balanced, Scriptural, and accurate, than yours.  But I always tell people to FOLLOW Jesus, and the Word of God.  

But again, it isn't much of a man that takes a cheap shot at a woman who has said nothing to you about this subject.  You need to stay focused on the subject at hand.

Make your response however long you want to...You will still not refute the evidence I have shown, that yes, the cross WAS used in Jesus' time, and that all the evidence points to the fact of Him dying on one.  Nor will you be able to explain why you and Sister T would partially misquote sources, and also used sources that have been debunked.  

Your "selective quoting" needed to be called out.  If you have studied the way you CLAIM to have studied, there is no way you didn't know about the facts I presented.  

2 options...Either all your study comes from WT literature, and the quotes they utilize from outside sources.


You intentionally didn't mention the evidence that is against your position.  

Now, do not whine about what is "unfair".  Remember...YOU are  the one who invited this debate, and challenged anyone to prove you were wrong.  So, I did.

Have a great day, Eddie.  Take care.


Nope - it's not a cheap shot. I just brought it out because it's in the way. Hopefully she'll get a hint.

OK - then. Now that that's taken care of. On with the discussion.

Eddie G

First off, Eddie, it was you who requested for someone to refute the misleading information you provided.  So, I did.  And now you choose to take yet another cheap shot at Rita, who hasn't even written to me since we started discussing this topic of the cross.  Why would you mark a remark at someone who has not even written me since this discussion started?  Isn't in enough that you already implied she was a liar, because of a family situation that I am quite sure she knows much more about than you do?  Sorry, but you inserted yourself into that one, without being asked.  So now, you thrown jabs at her, over a topic that she hasn't even weighed in on?

I am referring to these comments of yours:

"“But before I go further, let me please ask Ms. Rita not to throw a "hissy fit" and to calm down and not start accusing me of "obfuscation" if my response is little bit longer than usual. I'm sure you're aware since your posts are quite lengthy, to respond to them in a very short way will not do justice to the truth. But for Ms. Rita's sake I'll try to make it short as I can so that she won't start nagging again saying:”

“P.s - I wish your followers will be fair and allow us JW to respond in a way we see fit without being accused of "obfuscations" and "long winded". I mean look at your posts - they are very long and very tiring to go through, yet your followers are OK with it. What's up with that?

Oh well, one hand tied to my back then is how you want this handled. Such is Satan's world - unfair!”

In what amounts to a childish tantrum, you take a pot shot at someone who has said nothing about this topic, and then you scream about what is "unfair".  What kind of person does that?

Eddie, you have a lot of information to refute, from the facts I listed.  If I were you, I'd get busy, and not worry about anyone else.  You have several false statements you need to retract, and to explain why you left out NUMEROUS facts, related to this discussion.  You should also apologize to Rita.  

As long as your replies actually DEAL with the topic and answer the question, then I don't think anyone minds the length.  I believe the point about your long answers, was when you write a lot, but don't actually answer the question.  Hence, the reference to "obfuscating".  You guys do tend to do that.

At any rate, why don't you just prepare your response, and not take cheap shots at people who don't deserve it?


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