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Bro.D.Drake wrote at 2013-09-15 01:55:47
I always found it a little weird when my mom was a practicing Catholic that she would wear a crucifix on her neck. One day I asked her, Mom, If I got into a car accident and it throw me from the car and impaled me on to huge iron wrought gate and unfortunately that would also be the place where I died. Would you make a miniature of that scene and hang it around your neck. Well son, she That would be horrific for me. So then I said, "well its the same with Jehovah's son Jesus who was impaled" kind of of goreish you think. It made her think. But now to the world. What do you think about it. Satan is a sadist and loves to make any heavenly person look bad, so that being the case every body is fare game.

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