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Brenton wrote at 2013-10-05 05:09:53
For Ron...

Thousands of scholars may have a lot of skills but their theology comes into play.  Yes one would think that common sense would be a factor but it is very much lacking. When their theology is threatened most will go with their theology. Just as people say the the NWT is biased I will assert that other translations are   far more biased and I have done the research to support that.  Not only that but many manuscripts that are used a faulty.  The Textus receptus for example that the  King James Bible is based on has many faults even though the King James only adherents will not agree. One of the biggest fault is found at  1 John 5:6,7.  these word are added in late 12th century Greek manuscripts.  Only 4 manuscripts from that period include the added words.  The original translator of the Textus Receptus only included them in his third edition even though he himself did not believe that they were genuine  

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