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Hello Eddie, Sorry this is so long, but it contains important information that I didn't want to split up.

There are plenty of Pastors preaching the gospel right now, just not YOUR church's gospel.

The Scripture you provided does not answer the questions. So I will answer them myself.

The answer to those questions of WHY is the same, and is simple to the common sense man. He wouldn't, and He didn't. 2 Pet 3:9, which states God is "...not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.", CANNOT be fulfilled if God allowed billions of people to get His word wrong and perish without intervening until 1961.

3. Where were the Jehovah Witnesses of the 1st century to correct the authors of the New Testament?

The witnesses were right there, and they wrote what happened, what they saw, heard and said. Nineteen centuries of studying the Word of God didn't bring any of the revelations that came from your church's "scholars" (which I will address shortly). If Mt 28:20 pertains to Jehovah Witnesses, then the "true followers" of Jesus' day should've come forward sooner, if not immediately after the fact, to correct all the mistakes in the Bible. They didn't because, with MINOR exceptions, God's word is correct.

I've mentioned to you several times that your church won't release the names of the "scholars" who wrote your bible. Well, a little research turned up the names Frederick W.Franz (then vice -president of the Jehovah's Witnesses), Nathan H. Knorr (then president of the Jehovah's Witnesses), Albert D. Schroeder, Ceorge D. Gangas and Milton Henschel. I find it impossible to believe that you didn't know these names, yet each time I mentioned the writers, you never came forward and told me their names. That tells me that you, like your church, don't want these names to be known. That's disappointing, because it shows evasion on your part. We know the authors of all the NT books. They weren't seeking glory or honor, yet they allowed their names to be known. So why are your "scholars" different?

A little more researching led me to learn that NONE of those men had any real credentials. Franz had only the most basic understanding of Hebrew and Greek (2 years of Greek, self-taught in Hebrew), yet he is arguably the central figure in the creation of your church's bible. An excerpt (with commentary by the author of the article) of his testimony in a Scotland trial in 1954:

"Mr. Franz, under oath in a trial in Scotland in the Scottish Court of Sessions in November, 1954 (Douglas Walsh v. The Right Honorable James Latham Clyde, M.P., P.C., etc., Scotland, 1954, (1958 ed.).p.7.), was asked:

(Q): I think you are able to read and follow the Bible in Hebrew ....
(A). Yes.

The next day, he was put to the test. Could he really follow the Bible in Hebrew? Franz was asked to translate a simple Bible text at Genesis 2:4:6

(Q): I think we come to the name Jehovah in the forth verse, don't we, of the second chapter of Genesis ... [page 34]
(A). Yes.

(Q): You, yourself, read and speak Hebrew, do you?
(Remember, Franz had admitted to this the previous day)
(A): I do not speak Hebrew.

(The examiner was surprised to hear this)
(Q): You do not!
(A). No.

Q): Can you, yourself, translate that into Hebrew?
(A): Which?
(Q): That fourth verse of the second chapter of Genesis?
(A): You mean here?

(Q). Yes?
(A): No, I won't attempt to do that.

In the same trial, Fred Franz, then head of the Watchtower Editorial Board, admitted that he himself was the one who had checked the accuracy of the translation and recommended its publication.

(Q): Insofar as translation of the Bible itself is undertaken, are you responsible for that?
(A): I have been authorized to examine a translation and determine its accuracy and recommend its acceptance in the form in which it is submitted.

Later, Franz was asked about his own involvement in the translating (Douglas Walsh v. The Right Honorable James Latham Clyde, M.P., P.C., etc., Scotland, 1954, (1958 ed.).p.92)

(Q) : Were you yourself responsible for the translation of the Old Testament?
( A ) : Again I cannot answer that question...

Here, under oath, Franz refused to confirm or deny he was the translator of the Hebrew text. Why wouldn't he say that he did not translate the Old Testament? The court also wondered "why" and asked (ibid)

(Q): Why the secrecy?
(A): Because the committee of translation wanted it to remain anonymous and not seek any glory or honour at the making of a translation, and having any names attached thereto."

As I said before, the authors of the NT books weren't seeking glory, and they allowed their names to be known. And in those days, they could face DEATH for what they wrote. More from that trial:

HAYDEN C COVINGTON - Former Lawyer for the Watchtower Society

Q. Is it not vital to speak the truth on religious matters?

A. It certainly is.

Q. You have promulgated - forgive the word - false prophecy?

A. We have. I do not think we have promulgated false prophecy, there have been statements that were erroneous, that is the way I put it, and mistaken.

Q. It was promulgated as a matter which must be believed by all members of Jehovah's witnesses that the Lord's Second Coming took place in 1874?

(A short discussion of evidence given by Fred W Franz about 1874 takes place here.)

Q. That was the publication of false prophecy?

A. That was the publication of a false prophecy, it was a false statement or an erroneous statement in fulfillment of a prophecy that was false or erroneous.

Q. And that had to be believed by the whole of Jehovah's Witnesses?

A. Yes, because you must understand, we must have unity, we cannot have disunity with a lot of people going every way, an army is supposed to march in step.

Q. Back to the point now, a false prophecy was promulgated?

A. I agree to that.

Q. It had to be accepted by Jehovah's witnesses?

A. That is correct.

Q. If a member of Jehovah's witnesses took the view himself that that prophecy was wrong, and said so, would he be disfellowshipped?

A. Yes, if he said so, and kept on persisting in creating trouble, because if the whole organisation believes one thing, even though it be erroneous, and somebody else starts on his own trying to put his ideas across, then there is a disunity and trouble, there cannot be harmony, there cannot be marching ...... Our purpose is to have unity.

Q. Unity at all costs?

A. Unity at all costs, because we believe and are sure that Jehovah God is using our organisation, the governing body of our organisation, to direct it, even though mistakes are made from time to time.

Q. A unity based on an enforced acceptance of false prophecy?

A. That is conceded to be true.

Q. And the person who expresses his view, as you say, that it was wrong, and was disfellowshipped, would be in breach of the covenant, if he was baptised?

A. That is correct.

Q. And as you said yesterday expressly, would be worthy of death?

A. I think....

Q. Would you say yes or no?

A. I will answer yes, unhesitatingly.

Q. Do you call that religion?

A. It certainly is.

Q. Do you call that Christianity?

A. I certainly do."

I'm not going to re-post the other issues on Jesus not being God that you never answered, because I have seen, and have shown more than enough evidence that you belong to a false church, you read from a false bible, and you follow a false doctrine. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but it is the truth. If you can ever break away from the brainwashing and indoctrination of your church and research these issues freely, I believe you'll finally see the truth, and in seeing, " shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jn 8:32 (KJV) Absent that I can only say good luck!

Well Ron,

Since you know the answers to your questions already then why ask me. And since you don't see my point then why waste both of our time?

Why the exercise of futility?

As for the case against Brother Franz and Brother Covington,

Same old tactic and I see no reason to reply to them. Actually I'm not going to comment on them. Instead I'll just post Brother Hepburn's comments as he already talked about this same old case. You're welcome to read what he said but I'm not going to waste my time recapping it.

Here's Brother Hepburn's post:

Here's a website that answers your question about Brother Franz's court case.

In addition I will post this website made by someone in defense of the New World Translation. Feel free to read through it as you will find the explanations very satisfying.

It fairly and logically explains the reasons why the New World Translation of The Holy Scripture by Jehovah's Witnesses is the best of the best translation out there.

As for Brother Covington, this is the same case with Brother Franz. A malicious tactic by critics to discredit the messenger rather than the message. Funny thing is, all these cases brought upon my dear Brothers ans Sisters backfired on the accusers.

They are now probably smiling in heaven with Jesus at these so called critics.

In any case, if these things are vital to your salvation then by all means dig into them more but be forewarned, it's just an exercise of futility.

But as for me:

“. . .This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ. . .” (John 17:3)

BTW - need to add this about the Pastor's you've mentioned. I rest my case as you've proven my POINT.

None other than Jehovah's Witnesses are fulfilling the work commanded by Jesus - to preach the "GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM" Matt 24:14.  

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