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So is there anything new in what you just posted Mr. Holland about the Pagan Cross?

OK - now that you're back from your vacation, I can now post my reply. So anything new in your posts?

Not really. In fact you've again prove me right about the Paganistic nature/origin of the Cross.

But before I go further, let me please ask Ms. Rita not to throw a "hissy fit" and to calm down and not start accusing me of "obfuscation" if my response is little bit longer than usual. I'm sure you're aware since your posts are quite lengthy, to respond to them in a very short way will not do justice to the truth. But for Ms. Rita's sake I'll try to make it short as I can so that she won't start nagging again saying:

<"The other thing I see repeatedly from them, is how they answer questions with very very long winded answers. Obviously, an attempt to obfuscate. (I am sure they are looking this word up now lol)This also resembles a "training" tactic.">

So is there anything new in what you just posted Mr. Holland - about the Pagan Cross?

Not really. Matter of fact you've just bolstered my claim again:

That is:

1. The cross is connected to the symbol of male and female genital organs.  
2. That it is connected with sex worship.  
3. That it is connected with sun-worship.  
4. That it already existed way before the advent of Christianity.
5. That is was introduced / adopted later on by the apostate "Christian Church".  

You agreed with the first four on the list. You said so yourself:

<"On the issue of certain forms of the cross having been used before Christianity as an object of pagan worship, you are correct.">

<"Now in regards to why I didn’t dispute your first 4 points, the reason is simple….That wasn’t my objection to begin with.">

So I rest my case on the Pagan Cross!

Now what about the fifth item?

5. That is was introduced / adopted later on by the apostate "Christian Church".  

Well, you also did agree but doesn't seem to know it (yet).

I'll explain in the next post as I practically ...ran out of time.

Stay tuned for more.

P.s - I wish your followers will be fair and allow us JW to respond in a way we see fit without being accused of "obfuscations" and "long winded". I mean look at your posts - they are very long and very tiring to go through, yet your followers are OK with it. What's up with that?

Oh well, one hand tied to my back then is how you want this handled. Such is Satan's world - unfair!  

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