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As you know, Jehovah's don't celebrate many of the holidays because they are pagan holidays. Right. How do you folks decipher which one of the pagan holidays you want or will celebrate? Because you folks do have weddings and you do give a wedding ring to your spouse and both of them stem from paganism. Plus there are so many of the things we all do that originate from pagan customs.
You are the expert, please share with me and other readers how we as Christians should interpret what and what not to celebrate?

Have a bless day,
Cebu, Philippines

Hi Carlos,

Im so glad to have you submit a question with All Experts. Can you please provide a custom that you have witnessed in a ceremony that a Jehovah's Witness folks have performed that is in your perspective questionable?

Aside from the wedding rings, which is appropriately BIBLICAL. Let me cite the two Bible texts just so that you wont strain your brain.

Then there is the tradition of the wedding ring. A study of the subject would likely leave you confused as to the origin and meaning of the wedding ring; the claims are many, the facts muddled. Even if the Bible does not directly mention wedding rings, it is plain that Jehovahís servants could wear rings. (Job 42:11, 12; Luke 15:22) But what if people in oneís land believe that a wedding ring symbolizes a coupleís unbroken faith, love and devotion? Christians do not attach any symbolic meaning to a wedding ring, even though they cultivate these qualities in marriage, and even if many in the world are hypocritical in claiming to manifest such. A wedding ring ensures nothing. It merely serves public notice of married estate. It is not improper for a Christian to give evidence of his or her married status by wearing a wedding ring, be it on the right hand, as in Germany, or on the left. Yet this is not a necessity where it is not a legal requirement. So the couple can decide what to do in accord with their financial situation and personal preferences.

You see in order for anybody to form a question to really satisfy their intellect, appropriate questions should be asked based on first hand observation. Did you witness a dastardly behavior that SHOCKED your conscience to the point to call the JW Police Department? Now, you may go to to find out about other PAGAN holidays or your can let your fingers do the walking and search the world wide web to find the origins of OTHER Satanic customs such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, and Satan's favorite HALLOWEEN.  

Carlos, did us JEHOVAHS answer and completely DECIPHER your question?

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