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Why should our research which promotes and advocates Jehovah God's wonderful quality of peace and love be a subject of contention here? I asked my self this question openly so that all who see can read and be informed of regarding our theology.  Lets befin with Matthew Chapter Five:

5 When he saw the crowds he went up into the mountain; and after he sat down his disciples came to him; 2 and he opened his mouth and began teaching them, saying:

3 “Happy* are those conscious of their spiritual need,*+ since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.+
4 “Happy are those who mourn, since they will be comforted.+
5 “Happy are the mild-tempered+ ones, since they will inherit the earth.+
6 “Happy are those hungering and thirsting+ for righteousness, since they will be filled.+
7 “Happy are the merciful,+ since they will be shown mercy.
8 “Happy are the pure in heart,+ since they will see God.+
9 “Happy are the peaceable,*+ since they will be called ‘sons+ of God.’
10 “Happy are those who have been persecuted+ for righteousness’ sake, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.

11 “Happy are YOU when people reproach+ YOU and persecute+ YOU and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against YOU for my sake.

12 Rejoice and leap for joy,+ since YOUR reward+ is great in the heavens; for in that way they persecuted the prophets+ prior to YOU.

13 “YOU are the salt+ of the earth; but if the salt loses its strength, how will its saltness be restored? It is no longer usable for anything but to be thrown outside+ to be trampled on by men.

14 “YOU are the light of the world.+ A city cannot be hid when situated upon a mountain.

15 People light a lamp and set it, not under the measuring basket,+ but upon the lampstand, and it shines upon all those in the house.

16 Likewise let YOUR light+ shine before men, that they may see YOUR fine works+ and give glory+ to YOUR Father who is in the heavens.

17 “Do not think I came to destroy the Law+ or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill;+

18 for truly I say to YOU that sooner would heaven and earth pass away+ than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place.+

19 Whoever, therefore, breaks+ one of these least commandments and teaches mankind to that effect, he will be called ‘least’ in relation to the kingdom of the heavens.+ As for anyone who does them and teaches+ them, this one will be called ‘great’+ in relation to the kingdom of the heavens.

20 For I say to YOU that if YOUR righteousness does not abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees,+ YOU will by no means enter+ into the kingdom of the heavens.

21 “YOU heard that it was said to those of ancient times, ‘You must not murder;+ but whoever commits a murder+ will be accountable to the court of justice.’+

22 However, I say to YOU that everyone who continues wrathful+ with his brother will be accountable+ to the court of justice; but whoever addresses his brother with an unspeakable word of contempt* will be accountable to the Supreme Court;* whereas whoever says, ‘You despicable fool!’ will be liable to the fiery Ge·hen′na.*+

23 “If, then, you are bringing your gift to the altar+ and you there remember that your brother has something against you,+

24 leave your gift there in front of the altar, and go away; first make your peace with your brother,+ and then, when you have come back, offer up your gift.+

25 “Be about settling matters quickly with the one complaining against you at law, while you are with him on the way there, that somehow the complainant+ may not turn you over to the judge, and the judge to the court attendant, and you get thrown into prison. 26 I say to you for a fact, You will certainly not come out from there until you have paid over the last coin of very little value.*+

27 “YOU heard that it was said, ‘You must not commit adultery.’+

28 But I say to YOU that everyone that keeps on looking at a woman+ so as to have a passion for her has already committed adultery+ with her in his heart.+

29 If, now, that right eye of yours is making you stumble, tear it out and throw it away from you.+ For it is more beneficial to you for one of your members to be lost to you than for your whole body to be pitched+ into Ge·hen′na.

30 Also, if your right hand is making you stumble, cut it off and throw it away from you.+ For it is more beneficial to you for one of your members to be lost than for your whole body to land in Ge·hen′na.

31 “Moreover it was said, ‘Whoever divorces+ his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.’+

32 However, I say to YOU that everyone divorcing his wife, except on account of fornication,*+ makes her a subject for adultery,+ and whoever marries a divorced* woman commits adultery.*+

33 “Again YOU heard that it was said to those of ancient times, ‘You must not swear+ without performing, but you must pay your vows to Jehovah.’*+

34 However, I say to YOU: Do not swear+ at all, neither by heaven, because it is God’s throne;+

35 nor by earth, because it is the footstool+ of his feet; nor by Jerusalem, because it is the city+ of the great King.

36 Nor by your head must you swear, because you cannot turn one hair white or black.

37 Just let YOUR word Yes mean Yes, YOUR No, No;+ for what is in excess of these is from the wicked one.*+

38 “YOU heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’+

39 However, I say to YOU: Do not resist him that is wicked;* but whoever slaps you on your right cheek,+ turn the other also to him.

40 And if a person wants to go to court with you and get possession of your inner garment, let your outer garment also go to him;+

41 and if someone under authority impresses you into service for a mile,* go with him two miles.+

42 Give to the one asking you, and do not turn away from one that wants to borrow from you [without interest].+

43 “YOU heard that it was said, ‘You must love your neighbor+ and hate your enemy.’+

44 However, I say to YOU: Continue to love YOUR enemies+ and to pray for those persecuting YOU;+

45 that YOU may prove yourselves sons of YOUR Father who is in the heavens,+ since he makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous.+

46 For if YOU love those loving YOU, what reward do YOU have?+ Are not also the tax collectors doing the same thing?

47 And if YOU greet YOUR brothers only, what extraordinary thing are YOU doing? Are not also the people of the nations doing the same thing?

48 YOU must accordingly be perfect, as YOUR heavenly Father is perfect.*+

I cited these verses because it's important to know that many times discernment is skewed to discussions of "he said she said and vice versa"  Jehovah, our Heavenly Father wrote out over six hundred  and thirteen laws to remind Israel of their sinful state and the means to atone for them. Jesus went one step further by saying;

Matthew 18:35 In like manner+ my heavenly Father will also deal with YOU if YOU do not forgive each one his brother from YOUR hearts.”+

This is vitally important because all of the Mosaic Laws were consolidated to extoll in one word, "LOVE" None of what we do here and else where means nothing if love is shoved aside just to have the last word.

One more text and I will leave you with this thought:

John 15; “I am the true vine,+ and my Father is the cultivator.+

2 Every branch in me not bearing fruit he takes away,+ and every one bearing fruit he cleans,*+ that it may bear more fruit.+

3 YOU are already clean because of the word that I have spoken to YOU.+

4 Remain in union with me, and I in union with YOU.+ Just as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it remains in the vine, in the same way neither can YOU, unless YOU remain in union with me.+

5 I am the vine, YOU are the branches. He that remains in union with me, and I in union with him, this one bears much fruit;+ because apart from me YOU can do* nothing at all.

6 If anyone does not remain in union with me, he is cast out as a branch and is dried up; and men gather those branches up and pitch them into the fire and they are burned.+

7 If YOU remain in union with me and my sayings remain in YOU, ask whatever YOU wish and it will take place for YOU.+

8 My Father is glorified in this, that YOU keep bearing much fruit and prove yourselves my disciples.+

9 Just as the Father has loved me+ and I have loved YOU, remain in my love.

10 If YOU observe my commandments,+ YOU will remain in my love, just as I have observed the commandments of the Father+ and remain in his love.
11 “These things I have spoken to YOU, that my joy may be in YOU and YOUR joy may be made full.+

12 This is my commandment, that YOU love one another just as I have loved YOU.+

13 No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his soul* in behalf of his friends.+

14 YOU are my friends if YOU do what I am commanding YOU.+

15 I no longer call YOU slaves, because a slave does not know what his master does. But I have called YOU friends,+ because all the things I have heard from my Father I have made known to YOU.+

16 YOU did not choose me, but I chose YOU, and I appointed YOU to go on and keep bearing fruit+ and that YOUR fruit should remain; in order that no matter what YOU ask the Father in my name he might give it to YOU.+

1 Corinthians 16:13 says 13 Stay awake,+ stand firm in the faith,+ carry on as men,+ grow* mighty.+ 14 Let all YOUR affairs take place with love.+

What would be the point winning an argument, discussion, deed, if we lose our friends, our brother?

Jesus loved his sheep who were lost; moreover, he loved his disciples more because they share a common goal, Jehovah's vindication and satisfaction of His name.

Thousands of other people see our questions with responses which sometimes like humility and meekness. I know I have and I am making a public apology to all of you and to those who earnestly seek an answer. Let's strive to show the LOVE that we have learned.


Bro. David Drake DeLaurentos

Jehovah`s Witness

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