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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando Lies Some More...I Over-Estimated His Honesty


Yes, its true.  Even I didn't know Rando was THIS dense, and THIS dishonest....

After exposing Rando's lie, where he claimed that I said that the "Holy Spirit changed His mind" on the definition of a word, and showing that I did not make that comment, I stated that Rando would probably wait about 6 months before trying to recycle the same lie all over again.

I Previously Stated..."You said this was one of those things that make you go “Uhmmm”….Well Uhmmm, do you GET IT NOW?  Or will I have to pummel you on this same lie AGAIN, 6 months from now?"

That was my mistake...Assuming that Rando would wait 6 months to repeat the same lie that he just got pummeled for telling.  Instead of waiting 6 months, he waited exactly 3 days.

And to top it all, instead of giving an actual link where I made the statement that he falsely claims I made, he INSTEAD, gives a link to a question from Eddie G, who also made the same false claim.  Now, THAT is downright funny.

And even in that link, my answer thoroughly exposed Rando for that same lie that he continues telling.

Guess what....It shows that poor Rando is so desperate for something, that he cannot even show a REAL lie from a REAL quote from me, so he has to keep using the very ones that have already made HIM to look like a liar himself.

Pathetic, Rando.  Really lame.

Basically, this latest post of yours, is nothing but more of same dishonest, lying stuff that you have been posting.  Grasping for straws, aren't you?

But here's the best one....There are several JWs in this forum, who KNOW that Rando lies.  They won't dare to deny it, and when you prove it to them, their answer is "I don't want to get involved" , or "Well, I don't really know the details" .  You would just think that these people would be more concerned about TRUTH, than keeping a "united front".  

But then, to top it all, one of these JW "experts" who knows that Rando has been caught lying but wants to just ignore it, makes this statement, evidently with a straight face...

" If I sit back and say nothing when a falsehood is spoken then how can I rightly call myself a minister of the true God?"

Yeah, that's a great question, Ma'am.  But somehow, you do just that.  

At any rate, we see Rando desperately trying to save face after being thoroughly exposed, by of all things, telling the SAME lies again.  Yes, the very ones that were just exposed as lies.  If that isn't desperate....

First off, let's just start by pointing out that Rando wrote to himself, while PRETENDING to be someone else....AGAIN.  This is quite dishonest.  And he calls Bob "dishonest" for writing under 2 names?  Yes, this "Craig" was one of Rando's favorite aliases to write to himself with, when he first joined this forum.  He retired "Craig" from the list after I pointed out what he was doing, and now has decided to bring "Craig" back.  We should be watching for the return of "Brenda", next.  But at any rate, Rando is up to his old games of writing himself, while pretending that someone else is writing him.  

Just what real, and honest Christians do.

Still not convinced?  Okay, fine.  Let me just give another example, from a woman named Edna, who was actually STUDYING with Jehovah's Witnesses, and thanks to Rando's dishonesty, she concluded that Rando was "not a real Christian".  Why did she reach this conclusion?  Simple...because she wrote questions to both me, and Rando, on Allexperts.  Then, after becoming ill, she didn't come to the forum for awhile.  Then, Rando decided to FRAUDULENTLY use her name, to write questions to HIMSELF and other JW experts, as if they were from her.

Here is what Edna sent to me, about Rando fraudulently using her name, to write to himself, and other JW experts...

"Hello Derrick,

So good to hear from you, I hope that you are well.  The only reason that I am responding to your  letter/answer is that I am upset that anyone would use my name for their own disturbed benifit.  I wrote Rando because I was commenting on an answer he had gave someone about 1914 and how he claims JW never claimed to be prophets and I asked him about the make disciples and baptizing them. In any case you can read it on allexpert under 1914/make disciples.  I saw that your name was not listed under the ask questions/experts, I assume that you had taken ill and would no longer be answering questions.  I have never asked anyone else a question, besides Rando and you (Derrick). I am not a Jehovah Witness, but I do study with them, and they are kind people who would never be cruel.  The questions that Ive asked about Baptism and making disciples was something that I wanted to know about because this is all new to me and I dont want to fall in a trap like I did with the catholic.  And it seems to me that Rando is not a true Christian. I have not been on allexpert in a while do to health problems so I have no idea what Rando has done but i know this much, I wont be going to Rando for answers, you can tell him that for me and that Ive been to the Sunday talk Nov 15 2007 only mentions about making disciples and not baptizing them.  I thank you Derrick for bringing this to my attention, and you have my permission to use my letter to address this problem. Being in the truth is one thing ,but being in the truth and using it for you own gain is wrong.

Mrs Edna Lapointe Ratelle,

from Ontario Canada."

You remember this, don't you, Rando?  Do you DENY it?  Settle it once and for all, and come on here and deny that you make up names to write to yourself, and to other experts, so you can spread your poison.

You guys ought to be real proud of "dear Brother Rando".  He even offends and stumbles new studies.

So, Rando repeats both lies that he just got exposed for 3 days ago...That I said the Holy Spirit changed His mind, and that I said that a person "must think of the Trinity to be saved", although it was clearly shown that I actually disagreed with that statement when asked about it, well over a year ago.

Still, Rando has has nothing else to use, so he has to keep using the very lies that he has been using.  Just shows how weak his attempts truly are.

Then, he once again, completely contradicts himself.  Just like when he told us one day that "Derrick Holland has abandoned the Trinity" , and then turned right around the very NEXT day, and claimed "Derrick Holland loves apostate doctrines like the Trinity" .

Further proof that he lies so much, that he cannot remember what his last lie was.  

But now, he has given us an even BETTER one.  Consider from his latest post...

"He is actually preaching the story of Tammuz.  Derrick Holland's Baptist Religion engages in Trinity Worship and Easter worship.  Neither Trinity nor Easter can be found in the "Inspired Word of God"  of the Bible.  It's man-made doctrine.

But funny, last month, Rando alleged that I was NOT preaching "Baptist" doctrine....

"I wonder if his Leaders at the Baptist Organization know they have an Apostate Trinitarian  in there midst teaching against their doctrine??"

This guy cannot even make up his mind which lie he wants to tell from day to day.

You know, Rando, you have few JWs here like Eddie and Sister T, who know you have been exposed.  They can't deny your lies, nor will they try.  That's why they won't comment.  They certainly are not about to DENY that you lie.  So they just bury their heads in the sand, instead of following the Scriptural counsel that the Bible gives them in 1 Timothy 5:20-22....

Here, I'll quote it from their own "bible"....

Reprove before all onlookers persons who practice sin, that the rest also may have fear.

I solemnly charge you before God and Christ Jesus and the chosen angels to keep these things without prejudgment, doing nothing according to a biased leaning.

Never lay your hands hastily upon any man; neither be a sharer in the sins of others; preserve yourself chaste."

But you know what?  I guarantee you, that deep down, they wish you would just stop your lying too.  Unfortunately, they just don't have the guts to address you about it.  

Stop embarrassing yourself, Rando.  These lies of yours have already been exposed.  You will have to invent some new ones.  

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