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QUESTION: Mr Drake I want to thank you for the reply and for not making excuses for the conduct.  What I am talking about is all the name calling that some witnesses do to Mr Holland and his name calling  in return.  Mr Holland says he has the right to defend his reputation, and I agree with that right.  I also agree with the right that witnesses have to defend their faith. What I find most upsetting is the unchristian way the 5 of you go about it.  There are civil ways of responding to people as the good book says in those passages I found and quoted.  This forum would be mich more informative if the 5 of you used adult mature approaches to defending you side of the arguments. As a reminder those verses were

The Lord said “ But I say to you not to resist evil: but if one strike thee on thy right cheek, turn to him also the other:” Matthew 5:39

Saint Peter said about the Lord “Who, when he was reviled, did not revile: when he suffered, he threatened not, but delivered himself to him that judged him unjustly.” 1 Peter 2:23

Saint Paul said  “ Let your speech be always in grace seasoned with salt: that you may know how you ought to answer every man. “ Colossians 4:6  Douay Bible

If the 5 of you could apply some of that to your rebuttals instead of insulting each other you would all do a better job of  putting your point accross

ANSWER: Hi Bob from Australia,

Greetings from All Experts. I was in Law Enforcement for many many years. In law enforcement, in order for you to accuse somebody of a crime you either have to be a witness to the event or the actual subject committing the violated act. When the individual meets the criteria of whatever crime is being committed then it's up to the discretion of the enforcer to apprehend, detain, and arrest the individual based on evidence provided and let the legal system take care of the rest. I'm going just out on the limb here just a little bit and act as the enforcer and judge for a moment.

Now Bob, I have kindly asked you to submit the preponderance of facts, evidence or circumstantial conduct unbecoming of a Christian to the All Expert public inquiry here.

As of present date, you have not therefore I have no choice to submit in public that your ratings have NO BASIS and thus leaveing you like "Peter and the Wolf." Your credibility and reputation have divested itself to just the rantings a babe wanting attention. Next time, provide some semblance of an arguable subject to at least warrant my attention and to the other contributors here. If you want to complain then there are many avenues I can recommend also not withstanding a therapist or a mental health LICENSED practitioner.

Every body you have mentioned on your previous email are good people that I know on and off the All Experts forum. Yes, differences of opinion can and will occur but we have all learned to AGREE TO DISAGREE. That should be a phrase for you to learn and may want to apply it towards your self next time you want to stand on your soapbox and preach what you are not applying personally to your life.

Next Time Govern Your Self Accordingly,

Bro. D.Drake Delaurentos.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: This is not the purpose for which I wrote.  I do not want a bickering match with anyone.  I simply stated that the manner in which you reply to and about people is unchristian according to the texts I quoted.  I do not want to get into any sort of he said I said debacle as has happened between several Witnesses and Mr Holland.  That is one of the things  I was complaining about. It is people getting personal.    But seeing you are insisting on knowing how your written  speech is offensive I will show that with the way you responded to Carlos

His question arose from other discussions about what appears to be a hypercritical line of thinking on the part of Witnesses.  You people reject birthdays and other customs and holidays  that are common and enjoyed the word over. but you accept wedding traditions such as exchanging wedding rings. Carlos nicely asked a couple of questions with manners his main question was “How do you folks decipher which one of the pagan holidays you want or will celebrate?” He  then tells you why he has asked the question. His last question was “You are the expert, please share with me and other readers how we as Christians should interpret what and what not to celebrate? “  Now they are very legitimate questions.

You give a brief reply based on a couple of Bible verses and then you become sarcastic and sarcastically ask “Did you witness a dastardly behavior that SHOCKED your conscience to the point to call the JW Police Department?”  That was not called for as he made no mention of any “dastardly behaviour” In fact you have done to Carlos what you accused me of doing and I quote

“In law enforcement, in order for you to accuse somebody of a crime you either have to be a witness to the event or the actual subject committing the violated act. When the individual meets the criteria of whatever crime is being committed then it's up to the discretion of the enforcer to apprehend, detain, and arrest the individual based on evidence provided and let the legal system take care of the rest. I'm going just out on the limb here just a little bit and act as the enforcer and judge for a moment.”

You assumed from what Carlos had said that  he was complaining about some sort of “dastardly behaviour”.  He was not. He was asking  a how question  “How do you folks decipher which one of the pagan holidays you want or will celebrate?” He is simply wanting to know what criteria is used by “ you folks” to decide on which customs that originate with pagan ideologies.  Carlos acknowledges that there are many customs that originate pith pagan ideas he said “ Plus there are so many of the things we all do that originate from pagan customs. “ yet you sarcastically tell him tell him to go look at the various customs that the rest of us enjoy.  It would seem as if you are not following the evidence  Your last line is extremely offensive “Carlos, did us JEHOVAHS answer and completely DECIPHER your question? “

I wrote a piece in the “add to this answer” area saying that “Your attitude in your answer toward this person is despicable.”  My comment was toward your ATTITUDE of your answer.  You left a reply that again shows your attitude toward people is unpleasant and that your words need to be seasoned with salt.  Your first line back to me was  “Are you done? If you would have read the email, which I know you probably didn't, you wouldn't see the lack of sincerity poised on his question. “
How are you supposed to have the opinion that people will not get upset at such a statement?  I replied by saying “No I am not done. Yes I did read what Carlos had to say.  What impudence  on your behalf to suggest I did not read  the question There was nothing in what he asked that was disrespectful .”  I gather that you were offended and were complaining about the Carlos saying in his opening words “As you know, Jehovah's don't celebrate ….” The use of “Jehovah's” is what I assume got up your nose. The term "Jehovah's" is not uncommon. It is used by people who do not understand the significance of the name Jehovah's Witnesses. Many people do not know or understand that Jehovah is a reference to your God. No doubt you have heard of the Salvation Army.  Here in Australia they are knows as “Salvos”  That is not seen as derogatory to ward them.  Are you familiar with the customs of the Philippines to know if he was being disrespectful or not?

It was this reply to Carlos and me that prompted my writing to the 5 of you.  I understand that need that people have to defend themselves. However this is  supposed to be a forum for learning about the Jehovah's Witness theology. Most religions I know of make claim that they are doing the work of their God. All I was saying is give your points of view on theology and not on the individual  and mind  the  manner of speech that the five of you show in your writings reflect the sort of God you claim to worship. All I did was point out a few verses from the book that you all say you follow that suggests how you should conduct yourselves.  By all means defend your beliefs but do so honorably with decorum without insults to anyone.  Learn to tern the other cheek.

Hi Bob from Australia,

Bob, the situation with Carlos can you cut and paste it for me so that I can see what I wrote. I have a really bad memory because of medication that I take. If I said anything erroneously, please forgive me for my impertinence. In fact, if I have caused anybody to feel uncomfortable or worse yet belittle anybody, please forgive me. There is no excuse for my actions if any one sought a heartfelt answer to a question.

Your Servant and Slave
With much Philia  & Agape,

Bro. D.Drake

Jehovah`s Witness

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