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Hello Bro Derrick

It greatly sadden me to see LOL after Rando account refer child abuse.
Regardless who is doing the act.
Many people of many profiles have been brought to justice years after the event.
There are wolfs in all beliefs is Rando! Our belief and church are no different to any other.
Never make light about a very sore issue to maybe many readers.
Judgement will come to all men/women who have done wrong in the sight of The Lord.
The Millstone will be round their necks! For the wrong they have done, nothing is hidden from God!
No I am not one who has committed. Or done any wrong refer theses acts.
Have respect for those that may have encounter these acts.

Derrick! Has Rando lost his human state of mind regarding the seriousness  at what he is LOL at!

Yours in Christ
Sister S

Well hello, Sister S.  Its been awhile since you have written, and I was just wondering the other day what had happened to you.  Good to hear from you again, and glad you are still reading the board.  It has been rather interesting the last few days, seeing how people react to having their false statements exposed.  It seems to bring out the worst in them, huh?  

At the end, you asked me...."Derrick! Has Rando lost his human state of mind regarding the seriousness  at what he is LOL at!"

Yes Ma'am, I am afraid he has.  If you simply look at his comments on a daily basis, there is no other conclusion that one can come to, except that he truly has mental issues.  His comments are completely without logic or sense, and he is unable to stick to one subject at a time.  You can be talking about a completely different topic, or you can just expose him for telling a lie, and then the next thing you know, he is babbling about the Trinity, or Easter, when that wasn't even what was being discussed.  Its all a diversionary tactic he uses, but it also speaks to the illogical manner in which his mind works.  It has truly been warped, and its obvious simply by reading his writings.

Here is a guy who attacks us for shielding child molesters, while his own religion has a terrible track record of this.  Then, of all things, he tries to make it look like all Baptists are tied with the UN (never mind that I do not belong to any of the groups in his list, like that is supposed to implicate me, or something), while not mentioning that HIS OWN religion was also a member of the UN, up until a few years ago when people began pointing it out and bringing it to light.  I mean, what is wrong with this guy?  The elevator just isn't going all the way up to the top floor.

But you are correct...It is truly sad to see him treat a subject such as this, in such a nonchalant manner.  I honestly do not believe this man has compassion or caring for the victims of such a crime, for if he did, he would have compassion for the victims in his own religion who have been abused in such a manner, instead of trying to make THEM look like the guilty ones, in the name of defending the Organization.

The thing is, despite DW's bald-faced lie claiming that Richard and myself started the "attack" about child molestation, the fact of the matter is, that Rando brought it up as an accusation against Baptists.  I mean, what is that supposed to mean?  Was he implying that Richard and myself are child molesters?  What was his intent?  I would dare and challenge him to have the nerve to make such a public statement as that.  

But it DOES make me wonder about him, however.  I mean, think about it.  He's anonymous, and EXTREMELY paranoid about us finding out the location of his congregation.  And the reason is obvious....he knows he would reap the repercussions of his wicked conduct here, if they ever found out who he was.  So, like the coward he is, he remains anonymous.  Also, he was called out by Jay, for posting links to homosexual web sites.  I mean, WHY would he even be READING homosexual web sites and giving us links from them to begin with?  Plus, he has written in the past, speaking out somewhat in favor of being "gay", as long as the person isn't practicing the act.  He refuses to answer questions about it, when asked.  And now, he brings up child molestation, when NOBODY was even talking about that topic?  Kind of makes me wonder WHY his mind is so much on these topics....

Anyway, let me simply say a word about child molestation, to Rando, and his questioner (himself)....It is not a joke.  Nor is it funny.  Nor should a post about it, be written with a bunch of "LOL"s.  I personally could care less what you say to, or about me.  Nor do I care even a little bit, what you think of me.  But its nothing to laugh about, when children are hurt, nor should jokes about another person even be MADE, in the same post where such an issue is being discussed.  The fact is, as has already been pointed out by Richard, Brenton, and DW....This heinous crime has occurred in all religious groups, mine and theirs.  And I personally, if I ever were to walk in a room and see a Baptist OR JW molesting a child or harming it, it would not be a pretty sight.  

There happens to be a family who lives a few miles from us, and are good friends of ours, who have a little girl who was molested by a man in their neighborhood.  I am a Baptist, and the family is Lutheran.  The mother of the little girl told me that the man who molested their daughter, claims to be "Baptist".  I put that in quotes, because I don't think the man was active in any church, but just perhaps had been raised a Baptist.  But you know what?  Despite my differences with Lutheran doctrine, I would have hoped to see that so-called "Baptist" be put UNDER the jail, and them throw away the key.  And I would feel that way about anyone, who would harm a child.  This little girl is still traumatized from her experience, and has had to undergo therapy and extensive counseling.  All for being a little girl, and living next to a sick and demonic pervert!  

So Rando can bet one thing....If I had caught this so-called "Baptist" harming this girl, would I have called the cops?  Yes, if I could keep the presence of mind to not handle it myself, in a way that I might later regret.  Because it would probably be most merciful for that person, if someone did call the cops and they got there very quickly, if I were the one to catch him doing it.  That would just be my human side taking over.  

I have no use for any low life that would harm a child, an elderly person, or even a defenseless animal, and I don't care for one second what religious label that person calls themselves.  But there is another form of child abuse, that many don't talk about.  The fact is, thousands of unborn children are murdered each and every day in the USA, and its called "woman's choice".  

But there will be a day of reckoning with God, for every child that is murdered, molested, or harmed....And for anyone who knows about it, and tries to cover it up.

You are correct, Sister S....It doesn't matter WHO is doing the act.  Its a wicked and demonic act, period.  There is a man in my place of employment, who claims to be a Christian.  He talks about God and the Bible, and I cannot judge his heart.  But I found out later on, that he did time in prison for molesting a little boy.  And sure enough, his name is on the NC Child Sex Offender Registry.  Since I learned of that, I honestly have a hard time speaking to the guy, or having anything to do with him, even in casual conversation.  I know that if he has repented, then God can forgive him.  And I am not the judge, to decide this man's current spiritual condition, or his standing with God.  But the human side of me, wants nothing to do with someone that has ever done anything like that to a child.  It simply sickens me.

So, I don't know what implications Rando might have been trying to make.  But all I know, is that when people have an obsession with talking about sexual perversion, especially when it wasn't even the topic of discussion and it is just brought up out of the clear blue, then there is often a reason why.  Not in every case, but quite often, nonetheless.  I'll just say that, and make no further comment at this time, because I don't know anything for a fact.  But I just think that some of his posts, indicate a deep-rooted problem somewhere in his mind, or his heart.

Sister, you said it best, when you wrote....

"Judgement will come to all men/women who have done wrong in the sight of The Lord.

The Millstone will be round their necks! For the wrong they have done, nothing is hidden from God!"

You are correct.  This is right out of Scripture....

Matthew 18:6-  "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

Like you said, they will answer to God.  And the thing is, so will all liars and slanderers....Those who disgrace the name of their God, by disobeying His clear commandments.  They talk so much about the name "Jehovah", yet they disgrace His name with their lies, and their blasphemous statements.

I can just see it....They stand before God one day for their lies, and He will remind them that He said that He hates "lying lips" (Prov. 12:22) , and that they were supposed to "speak truth" to their neighbor (Eph. 4:25), and that they were NOT to "bear false witness against thy neighbor" (Exodus 20:16), and are they actually going to reply with something like...."But we DID use your name, Jehovah, even though we blatantly disobeyed you."???  "Yeah, we might have lied a lot, but we did go on Allexperts and tell everyone that they should say "Jehovah" all the time.  Doesn't that excuse our lying, because after all, we did it for you..."

These people are in for a rude awakening.

Well Sister S, it is getting late, so I am going to close for now.  Thank you for writing, and reminding us how serious and sensitive of an issue that this is for so many people.  God help anyone who would use it to boost their own religion, or slander someone else.  Many people bear the scars of sexual abuse to this day, and will for the rest of their lives.

God bless, and take care, Sister.  

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