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A response to some recent letters...

Why do you make light of this?  Do you think this is some kind of joke?  Seriously, I can't get over the amount of ignorance that is demonstrated in some of the follow-up letters to my initial statement.  Wake up!!!  This is going on within your organization.  When I read the retaliations by Rando and some random writer, I feel like I am speaking with a couple 10-year olds.  When faced with facts, they reply the equivalent of "nuh uh" and high-five each other for their perceived intellectual prowess.

Did you actually read my entire letter, or just the part about Jehovah's Witnesses?  My statements aren't simply contrived with bias toward any group.  They are factual and indisputable and, most importantly, demonstrate that ALL organizations encounter this very severe problem.  That includes Catholics; that includes Baptists; that includes Jehovah's Witnesses.  It is ridiculous to ignore the wealth of testimonies that exist that demonstrate the proof of this.  You cannot simply put your fingers in your ears and say "La La La La La..."  These are real people who have had real lives ruined on account of sexual predators.  

Rando, all you did was copy my statement and change it back to Baptists, reword what I just said to you, and then argue that the Catholic Church is guilty.  Bravo.  I already did that for you.  

To Rando's questioner: You do not have a powerful organization. <==== please note spelling.  You have eight people who have power over you.  You hang on every word of theirs because they have convinced you that you are too stupid to gain any scriptural insight on your own by simply reading the bible.  Ironically, they say that if you just read the bible on its own, you will believe what we believe.  Interesting how your Jehovah is not powerful enough to convey his message through the inspired writers, but rather through the uninspired men who control you.

As to your letter, it is disturbing on so many levels.  I can't believe that you would suggest that the people who were victimized by these heinous acts are simply posing a distorted view of the religion that failed them.  I would invite you to easily demolish ANY of these specific claims as you say you can.  Here is the website again.
Go ahead.  Read these stories.  Challenge yourself to call them liars or dismiss them as hearsay.  Maybe perhaps once you read story after story after story, you will notice a common thread in each of them.  The elders, when told, declined to notify the authorities.  Read the newspaper articles on the home page about how elders and ministerial servants admit their guilt.  Do not stick your head in the sand on this issue.  

Furthermore your ranting about how JW's have never lost a case in court only to turn around and admit they lost a case in court is baffling at best.  JW's boasted for so long about not losing a case in court, only to now resort to, "it's just one case".  That's like a wife saying, "He only hit me one time."  Just how many times does it take to become a serious problem for you guys?  Abuse is abuse, whether or not it won in court or even went to court.  Seriously, how can you defend these actions?!?

What does settling out of court have to do with anything?  What difference does it make if it was clergy or the rank and file members?  Neither group is completely innocent.  Hooray for those who were victimized to stand strong against the threats and monetary pay-offs of any individual or organization.  Praise God that ALL of them were able to conquer their fears and proceed through a very difficult litigation process.  

Finally, Rando, you may be happy to work with law enforcement, but the elders are not required to do so with regard to child sexual abuse.  I gather that you are not an elder, so I will just inform you that I have a copy of "Shepherd the Flock of God" published in 2010 by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.  

Please consider how the rules of evidence beginning on p. 71 and 72 play out in a child sexual abuse case.  (emphasis in original in all excerpts)
-"There must be two or three eyewitnesses action can be taken if there is only one witness."
- If the accused denies the accusation,  , the investigating elders should try to arrange a meeting with him and the accuser together.  (Note:If the accusation involves child sexual abuse and the victim is currently a minor, the elders should contact the branch office before arranging a meeting with the child and the alleged abuser.)  If the accuser or the accused continues to deny the accusation of a single witness and the wrongdoing is not established, the elders will leave matters in Jehovah's hands...The investigating elders should compose a record, sign it, put it in a sealed envelope, and place it in the congregation's confidential file.  Additional evidence may later come to light to establish matters."

Child abuse is specifically mentioned on pp. 131-132.
-"You should immediately call the branch office   for direction if you learn of an accusation of child abuse."
-"Child abuse is a crime. Never suggest to anyone that they should not report an allegation of child abuse to the police or other authorities.    If you are asked, make it clear that whether to report the matter to the authorities or not is a personal decision for each individual to make and that there are no congregation sanctions for either decision.  Elders will not criticize anyone who reports such an allegation to the authorities.  If the victim wishes to make a report, it is his or her absolute right to do so."

At face value, this may seem like a reasonable statement, but please look deeper.  Who do elders HAVE to call?  The branch office.  Do they HAVE to call the police or other authorities?  No.  They are told to "leave it in Jehovah's hands", seal it in an envelope, and file it away.  All of this for fear of bringing reproach on "Jehovah's Organization".  

These things are not made up.  You will be hard-pressed to find any lies in my writings.  (Sister T, I hope you were not referring to me.)  My letters do not consist of ad hominem attacks or straw man arguments.  I don't attempt to change the subject out of the inability to address the crux of the issue.  (Seriously Rando, from child sexual abuse to Bush attacking Iraq?)  I will get to the heart of the matter and speak truth whether it exposes errors in the churches of Christendom or the WTBTS.  My loyalty is to our Father in heaven and to His Son Jesus Christ and to no organization, for it is by no organization that we are saved.

That said, if you are going to negatively address my comments, please take the time to construct an educated letter.  Provide evidence.  Don't argue the same points on which we agree.  You know...Debate 101.  

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I am not a Jehovah's Witness, however I can answer many questions concerning the ideas and doctrines on which they disagree with mainstream Christianity. I have spent a great deal of time in ministry with current and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as those who have started to become disillusioned with the Watchtower Organization.


Jehovah's Witnesses are generally wonderful and moral people who are zealous for God. However, in their zeal, they have pledged allegiance to what they believe is God's spirit-directed organization. This allegiance blinds them from allowing God's word alone to work in them. My hope is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all who seek salvation, no matter their label or denomination. My experiences come from the relationship that I have with Him as the source of my daily strength. These experiences create an undeniable testimony of salvation by grace through faith in the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God. Through prayer and meditation on God's holy word alone, we find truth as revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.

As the word "organization" is misleading in this particular area, I want to be clear that, as a member of the body of Christ, the label or denomination of the church I attend is not the source of my salvation. I do not go to or through any organization for official knowledge or guidance. I go to God's word alone.

I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree with extensive educational experience.

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