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Hello, Brother Richard.  I hope this writing finds you in good health.

I just had to write you, in regards to the comments by DW that appeared this morning.  Now, I realize and fully respect the fact that you are a very peaceable person, and that you do not wish to be dragged into my discussions with him.  But I am writing to get your thoughts on this one, since he did mention both you and me, by name.  

I simply would like your observation on some of his comments, and what could be the mindset behind them, in light of the fact that I have been discussing the evidence that I believe shows his desperation, and that he is under mind control.  I simply cannot think of any other reason that he would write what he did, in light of the fact that anyone and everyone can easily do a “fact-check” on him, and see that his statement is simply false.

I am referring most specifically to this comment from him…..

“So Derrick and Richard out of pure desperation have started the old "Child abuse attacks" on Jehovah's witnesses.”

Now Brother, did I actually read here, that DW is saying that WE (you and me), brought up this subject of child abuse/molestation?  I simply can’t get anything else out of that comment, when he claims that we “started” the attack.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Richard, but I have a different recollection.  I seem to recall that it was RANDO who brought up this attack against Baptists, in the following link….

Then, you very eloquently responded to his attack, by pointing out that the JW religion really has no room to talk, in the following link….

Rando then responded BACK to you, with more of the allegations of abuse in the Baptist church, in this link….

And it wasn’t until after Rando came back with his 2nd childish writing on this topic (implying that there is an expert here who is Catholic?), that I finally mentioned child abuse in this link

Basically, we pointed out that Rando should never have gone down that road, considering his own religion has enough problems of its own, in this regard.

But Brother Richard, I simply want your thoughts on this….Since its EASY to see that it was Rando, not us, who first brought this issue up, how is it that DW can blatantly say “So Derrick and Richard out of pure desperation have started the old "Child abuse attacks" on Jehovah's witnesses.” ?

What do you think?  Does he just not know that these answers are in the public forum and people can easily see who did the “attacking”?  Or does he just enjoy lying to the point, that he simply cannot type the truth about anything, as I suggested the other day?  Or, is it something else altogether, that perhaps I haven’t thought of?

But why would a man want to deliberately make himself look foolish, by claiming that we started that topic, when its obvious it was started by Rando?  Your thoughts?

Then, he proceeds to completely change the subject, as to WHY he thinks we brought up the subject (although we didn’t), by making the following outlandish claims….

“This always happens with apostates and opposers when you start stripping down their doctrine and showing how ridiculous they really are such as.”

Is this for real?  Aside for the fact that “this always happens”, didn’t even happen (us starting the attack), what doctrine is it that he thinks he has “stripped down”?  It seems they are the ones always changing the subject to something else, because they are getting exposed as false.  

But his entire premise here about us acting like apostates and opposes, is built on a false premise, that we started the attack, when actually Rando did.

What do you think, Richard?  Desperation?

Then, DW did EXACTLY what I predicted days ago, he would do.  I mean, EXACTLY.  I said that when he replied, he would NOT give actual quotes from me to support his lies, but rather, would simply keep REPEATING the same lies over and over again, without ever showing where the statements were made.  And VOILA, here he does precisely what I said….Repeated the same lies, and provided NO links or statements that this is actually what we teach.

"God sent God then God anointed God with God at his baptism"

"Jesus never died he swapped bodies for our sins before being raised as a Zombie"

Richard, do you think the above, represents an accurate description of our beliefs?  If not, why do you think DW still refuses to actually post where we have ever taught such nonsense as this, yet just keeps repeating the same lies over and over?

Do you think DW believes that a lie becomes the truth, if you keep repeating it enough times?

“Our reward is to watch our family being tortured forever"“

Richard, does this accurately depict what you believe about eternity?

"There is three almighty Gods not one"

Richard, do you believe in “3 almighty Gods”?  

Then, he goes on to say that….

“Let me firstly say child abuse has gone on in every religion it's unrealistic to think it hasn't. It's also unrealistic to think that any religion can keep an eye on every member 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Yes, but wasn’t that the precise point that you ALREADY made?  

Then, he writes….

“Another interesting point is despite all the propaganda spread child abuse is so surprising and rare among Jehovah's witnesses that when any Jehovah's witness abuses a child it becomes common knowledge. This is not true in any other religion you only ever here of priests or pastors making the news not normal parishioners.”

I highly doubt an entire segment of DATELINE NBC was dedicated to the JW religion, because “its so rare” that molestation occurs.  That is so laughable, that it doesn’t even deserve a comment.  

But Richard, why do you think DW can print a statement that is so easy to prove wrong, simply by LOOKING at the board?  Can you offer some insight into the thinking here?

Greetings Brother,
     The topic of child sexual abuse is a most difficult one to discuss.  In the ministry, we often encounter victims of sexual predators.  I would venture to say that many of us personally know someone who has been through this horrific experience.  What we cannot do is deny the existence of this sin within the ranks of all organizations.  To deny it is foolish.  To declare that the issue is relegated to a mere few is naive.  It is a pervasive threat in modern society and should be dealt with swiftly and judiciously.  My emotions become unveiled in this discussion because I have witnessed the dramatic and negative effects of this tragedy.  
     I want to take a second and respond to Brenton Hepburn's letter.  I admire Brenton, so when he said that I have attacked individuals in my comments, I took notice.  After re-reading my letter with his perspective, I can see where I showed disrespect to Rando and to his questioner.  My other letters have been carefully crafted to be truthful, seasoned with salt, and yet fair and respectful to all parties involved.  This last one crossed a line.  All the facts were overshadowed by some spiteful comments, enough to persuade a questioner to avoid me.  So, I would like to apologize to Rando, his questioner, Brenton, Brenton's questioner, and the readers for being disrespectful.  Please forgive me for that.
     As far as your observations concerning DW, I am going to give him a pass on his accusation of us starting this discussion.  He stated recently to a different questioner that he has not really kept up with the board.  It is likely that he did not see it.  As you have pointed out, the order of events is clear, and now any reader can see this for themselves.  Regarding stripping down our doctrine, I am not sure what he is talking about.  I haven't seen a relevant counter-argument to my lengthy post on the Trinity, and that is the only topic that has been discussed recently except child abuse.
     In all honesty, I just think that DW doesn't really understand what we believe.  His comments clearly demonstrate a Watchtower understanding of what we believe, which as we both know is not accurate.  For him, the Watchtower trumps anything that we could say anyway, even when it concerns the beliefs of others.  Clearly we do not believe in 3 Almighty Gods, or the zombie thing, or a reward of watching our family tortured forever.  Until the Watchtower tells him this, there is no way to convince him.  We must simply focus on repeatedly addressing this issue.
     I hope you enjoyed the Winter Wonderland the past couple days.  It is always good to hear from you.  

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