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As I stated in my open letter, I am tired of seeing misrepresentations of others.  After reading Rando's "trinitarian" reply, I must note the incorrect statements made concerning trinitarian beliefs.

Jehovah's Witnesses in general, and particularly Rando, have an incorrect view of what Trinitarians believe.  It is understandable considering that their uninspired "faithful and discreet slave" constantly teach that Trinitarians believe modalism mixed with polytheism.  

Trinitarians do NOT:
1) Believe that there are three gods...they believe there is one God.
2) Believe that the Father and the Son are the same person...they believe in three separate persons.
3) Believe that salvation comes with belief in the Trinity...they believe that they are saved by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
4) Care what the Athanasian Creed says...they care what the Bible says.

Modalism, or Sibellianism, is the belief that God changed modes and showed Himself as the Father in the Old Testament, the Son as a manifestation in the New Testament, and the Holy Spirit after the Son ascended.  Questions like "Who was Jesus praying to?" or "Who ruled the world while Jesus was dead" are questions that Modalism cannot answer.  Trinitarians do NOT believe in modalism, so it is confusing why Jehovah's Witnesses are so adamant in arguing against it.  Trust me, trinitarians AGREE with you!

Polytheism is the belief that there are three Gods.  The Bible is very clear that there is ONE God, and that His name is YHWH.  Trinitarians do not believe there are three Gods.

Partialism is the belief that each of the three persons of the Trinity are three equal parts of the one God in which the sum of the parts equals the whole.  Trinitarians do not believe in partialism.

It is aggravating, to say the least, to see questioners and experts state the Trinitarian belief as one of these things.  The least that they can do is take the time to understand what Trinitarians DO believe and why.  I commend one of the former experts, EddieG, for doing just that.  We corresponded many times and had many scholarly discussions on the subject prior to his becoming an expert.  Thank you Eddie for taking the time to inquire.  You have my utmost respect despite our disagreement.

Concerning the specific reason for this letter, I point you to Rando's recent response.

Believe it or not, WE TOTALLY AGREE THAT THE FATHER WAS SPEAKING TO THE SON WHEN HE SAID "US".  To think that some brilliant revelation was made here to dispel some pagan trinity concept is absurd.  The Bible DOES teach that Jesus Christ came into the flesh.  Specifically it says that God's Word became flesh (John 1:14).  Of course, some people like to point to 1 Timothy 3:16 where some translations say, "God was manifest in the flesh."  However, any honest researcher would note that "Theos" or "God" is in the Textus Receptus (and thus the KJV), but not in the Westcott and Hortt (and thus the NWT).  This is why some texts say "God" and some say "He".

So, to the questioner who said that Trinitarians love to use Genesis 3:22 to convince themselves that there are three gods.  You are simply mistaken.  You have believed the lie of the Watchtower in their teaching that trinitarians believe there are three gods.  You have fallen into the trap of arguing against modalism and/or polytheism in the misguided attempt to discredit something you don't understand.  I do ask that, like Eddie, you take the time to inquire from a knowledgable trinitarian what they actually believe.  Feel free at that time to accept or decline the information, just please educate yourself.

Thank you for your time in reading this.  It is my hope that questioners and experts will be more educated and truthful from now on regarding this subject.

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I am not a Jehovah's Witness, however I can answer many questions concerning the ideas and doctrines on which they disagree with mainstream Christianity. I have spent a great deal of time in ministry with current and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as those who have started to become disillusioned with the Watchtower Organization.


Jehovah's Witnesses are generally wonderful and moral people who are zealous for God. However, in their zeal, they have pledged allegiance to what they believe is God's spirit-directed organization. This allegiance blinds them from allowing God's word alone to work in them. My hope is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all who seek salvation, no matter their label or denomination. My experiences come from the relationship that I have with Him as the source of my daily strength. These experiences create an undeniable testimony of salvation by grace through faith in the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God. Through prayer and meditation on God's holy word alone, we find truth as revealed to us through the Holy Spirit.

As the word "organization" is misleading in this particular area, I want to be clear that, as a member of the body of Christ, the label or denomination of the church I attend is not the source of my salvation. I do not go to or through any organization for official knowledge or guidance. I go to God's word alone.

I have a Bachelor and Master's Degree with extensive educational experience.

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