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Hello again Pam

Thank you for your answer to the Question.
And for the time you spent in your reply.
However Pam am not being picky! Yet some reading this may think l am!
Sorry if it you take offend.
However l must point out.
I ask questions.
Some that you may not have picked up on!
If you gleamed over my questions l was asking! you may have missed what I was actually asking!, which may have been the case here.
It may be just a misunderderstanding what l was asking!
But I felt a bit let down ( partly ) by your respond! As it didn't answer all the questions.
Maybe you will read my 1st copy and sent me a responds to the other questions!

Thank you again for your time Pam


I'm sorry that you feel i did not answers all of your questions, but from my standpoint I did. If you have a specific question to ask me please do. However, I am not going to read through your original lengthy question. With all due respect, asking someone to gleam over your previous questions to pick up on more questions that have been "implied" is unreasonable.

If you feel that I've missed some please feel free to copy and past them in to a follow-up questions and I will be more than happy o assist you.

With Warm Regards,


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