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Jehovah`s Witness/Ole' Rando and DW just keep right on digging....


It is getting almost amusing to watch these guys try to cover their previous lies, with more lies, not realizing they are making themselves look like....well, liars.

Oh well, they are about the only ones that can't figure it out.

Looks like poor old Rando had to write to himself again, and convince himself that he is really brilliant, as he has been exposed once again for repeating his same old lies.  And true to Rando’s usual form, once he is exposed for lying, what does he do?  Simple…Just tell some more lies.  

Now, his latest post was so full of lies, that there is no possible way to cover them all.  But everything he writes does lessen his credibility, because it shows the demonic spirits which operate in him.  That is, unless anyone reading actually thinks it is God’s Spirit, leading him to lie like he does.  

For instance, notice how he INVENTS another statement, and claims that I became a Trinitarian after leaving the A/G?  That was a lie….Never said any such thing.  I said I became a born again Christian in an A/G church, and was not Trinitarian when I became a Christian, but later on did become one as I studied the Scriptures.  I was a Trinitarian long before I left the A/G.  

Rando cannot tell the truth on even the smallest of details.

But again, just shows how Rando LOVES to lie, and hates to tell the truth.  In fact, Rando is completely unable to actually type ONE post, and speak only the truth…further evidence of what is controlling him.

Another lie, is when he stated that I “admitted the KJB is in error” in Acts 12:4.  Either this man is completely stupid, or a liar.  Actually, its both.  The KJB is absolutely CORRECT in translating Acts 12:4 as “Easter”, because it is in reference to Herod, who was a pagan.  Even Tyndale, the man who INVENTED the word “Passover”, did not use the word “Passover” in his own translation, because he realized the context ruled it out.  

I'll be willing to bet that Rando can't tell us why the Tyndale Bible didn't translate Acts 12:4 as "Passover", even though the very guy who wrote the Tyndale Bible, is the same guy who INVENTED the word "Passover".  

No, Rando is merely trying to LIE and TWIST as he ALWAYS does, when he is exposed as a liar.  And that is what happened to him, when he ONCE AGAIN, foolishly came out with that notion of claiming that I said the “Holy Ghost changed His mind” on the translation of the word.  

But really…Its not my fault that he would come back with the same lie, that he has already been exposed 50 times for telling.  Just shows how dense, and DESPERATE he is.  Only desperate people have to MAKE UP a lie, if they actually have an example of my telling one.  

I guess DW and Rando really don’t have any examples of me lying, since they have to keep making up the same old worn out, and already refuted, lies.  

Seriously Rando, have you learned YET not to quote an ARTICLE, and claim that it was a statement from me?  Or, are you still that dense, and I will have to continue to expose you even in the future on that one?  I mean, how many times do you want to be exposed for the SAME lie?  You’re about the only person too dense to see that I gave 3 separate replies to that question….One stating MY view (which you NEVER actually do quote), and the others stating from other articles, arguing other points of view.  

Why is it that you always quote from the article written by someone else, and claim that “Derrick Holland said this”, when you know full well that it wasn’t what I said?  Do you really think the readers are stupid, Rando?  Also, do you think that they don’t know that you write to yourself all the time?  

Now, you just keep telling that same little lie, and I will keep making you look stupid each time.  Its no problem.  And when you HAVE to keep making up lies just to try and make me look like a liar, you are merely continuing to prove that you have absolutely nothing.  And its obvious to everyone.  

Rando, why is it that several Jehovah’s Witnesses have said that you are a sorry example, and won’t tell the truth?  Why did one recently say that you do not act like a Christian, and that if he knew you, that he would avoid you because you would be “bad association”?  

Why would members of your own religion say that about you, Rando?  Is your conduct not consistent with what you are taught at the Kingdom Hall?  Why do you claim allegiance to the “Slave”, but you don’t let them know who you are, because you know they would not approve of your lying conduct?  Why do you claim to be loyal to the “Slave”, but you don’t obey them?

Also, why do you TEACH and believe things CONTRARY to the "Slave's" teachings?  Like the other day, I saw where you told someone about Abaddon being Jesus Christ.  But didn't you previously LAUGH at that notion, and indicate that Abaddon was NOT Jesus Christ?

Now, tell us again who "changes their doctrine"?

Don't you also believe that you are sealed to a heavenly hope, even possibly WITHOUT being one of the 144,000?  Do I need to provide the quote?  Because I can.  Isn't that contrary to the teachings of the "Slave", which you FALSELY CLAIM to follow?

Furthermore, you never explained to this board some of your other weird actions.  Such as when you were asked WHY you gave us links to homosexual web sites, and if you yourself approve of the LGBT agenda?  Otherwise, it is unthinkable why you would do that.  Are you part of the LGBT community, Rando?  Explain yourself, please, why you would not only quote articles from those sources, but also, give quotes from those sites that contain vulgar language?

Sorry, can't help but wonder....

Why do you constantly write to yourself, and lie to the board, by pretending its actually someone writing TO you?  Do you know how ridiculous you look?

Why are you in hiding behind a computer screen, with an “alias”, Rando?  Why is it you feel entitled to give everyone else’s personal information here, but you yourself hide like a coward?  So that you can lie, and not get caught?  Because if people knew who you are, your congregation might find out about you, and deal with you because of your disobedience to your own religion?

Now, even though Rando wrote this next comment to himself, it is obvious he was quite nervous when he wrote it.  I mean, did you ever see so much unintelligible babble in your life, as this….

“Dont 'DEAD' like Derrick Holland HERE, know when there ALREADY DEAFEATED AND DEAD in all they have beeen EXPOSED ALL THE THE TIME!!! Lol!”

Folks, this is your brain on drugs….Don’t do drugs.  You’ll end up like Rando.

And by the way, Rando….A Jehovah’s Witness talking about other groups shielding child molesters, is about like Osama Bin Laden lecturing against terrorism.  

Have you just not ever heard of Candace Conti, and how your religion was ordered to pay her 28 million dollars, for protecting her molester?

Has the Baptist group ever had an entire DATELINE NBC special dedicated to them, about their policies providing a safe haven for child molesters?  Your religion has….

Or, have you never heard of Michael Porter, who abused children for years, including INFANTS?  A man so evil and vile, that his own SISTER cried because he was not given prison time, and she described his as…“He's an evil monster. He can't have a soul.”

Hey, since this molester was over there in DW’s neck of the woods, perhaps DW can shed some light on this guy?  Maybe he even knew Michael Porter?

Now, I really don’t need to say much more about that, since Richard has already pummeled you on this topic.  But Rando, that was royally stupid for you to go down the road of talking about religions that harbor child molesters.

And DW, I see you too are trying to squirm out of the corner that you have lied yourself into.  I notice that you would NOT come back on here and just make a simple statement, that you have never lied on this forum nor spread willful falsehoods about anyone, and that you fully believe every statement you have made about others, to be the complete truth.

Some reason you would not do that?  Any certain reason you are afraid to simply state that you have not lied, but instead, keep trying to lie and twist my words?  

Also, is there any certain reason that you CONTINUE to refuse to post ANY statement at all from me, that I teach:

1.  Jesus is “another almighty god”
2.  Jesus is a “super body swapping zombie”

And then REJECT ever questioner who asks you for such a quote from me?  Wouldn't you post it, if you actually HAD it?  But if you don't have it, why do you say it?

Isn't that a little hypocritical of you, if I may quote your own words, to "be stating things as a FACT that are not FACT attempting to deceive people” .  But why is it perfectly fine for YOU to do it?  Tell us, DW....Why the double standard?

Also, is there some reason that you still refuse to show even one instance of my changing a doctrine, even though you have stated several times that I “change like the wind”?

Why do you continue to expose yourself as a fraud and a liar, DW?  If I had nothing, just like you have nothing, I would have sense enough to not keep posting the lies, and making myself look stupid.

Now folks, he is about ready to scream “See, Derrick is attacking me again” , followed by a puddle of tears.  But is it attacking someone, to point out that they’re lying….WHEN THEY LIE, and you document the lie?

In the words of his very own Sister T, no it isn’t attacking to do that.  I quote her….

SISTER T (August 14, 2013)-  “If someone is lying and I call them out, that's not name calling.”

That is correct….Its only an “attack” when you call them a “liar”, but cannot show WHERE they lied.  You know….like you have been doing.

Now, rather than re-word his dumb statement…“now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise" , after being asked several times to do so, we can only conclude that he still BELIEVES his statement about the “Slave” being able to “tell you otherwise” about a Bible teaching no longer being correct.  

He has been given numerous chances to re-word it, but instead of doing so, he simply spends all his time trying to create a diversion, by blaming me for “misleading” people about what the statement says, even though ANYBODY can see that is exactly what it says.

In fact, I am going to write a separate post tomorrow evening, and it will deal specifically with that statement, and what it implies.  And then, rather than re-word it or explain it to us, DW will continue to launch more attacks against me….All in an attempt to get everyone’s mind off his own babbling and making such a foolish statement as that.

And, off of his other lies and distortions….

Like here….

“Furthermore to claim he's studied us extensively, then to state something completely unfactual as a FACT rather than an OPINION shows clear deceit on Derrick's part and shows that he doesn't even qualify to be on this forum as an "expert"

If the answer is three see above answer

The bottom line is this. Derrick should not be stating things as a FACT that are not FACT attempting to deceive people”

DW, not only have I studied your religion’s beliefs extensively, after approx. 14 years on this board, I have a great deal of personal experience on this subject, also.  

Now, I would say “nice try”, but the above comments don’t even constitute a “nice try”.  Rather, they are a very lame and feeble attempt to get all the eyes off of you, and the statement you keep ignoring, and the CONTINUED failure on your part, to back ANY of the statements of which you have lied to this board, and stated about my beliefs.

ONCE AGAIN, DW…”Yes”, or “No”….Can you say in all honesty, that you have never lied about anyone on this board, and that the statements you have made about our beliefs, are TRUE and FACTUAL?  

Now, I admit that I am tempted to jump all over your hypocrisy, in stating that “Derrick should not be stating things as a FACT that are not FACT attempting to deceive people” .  

Now, talk about stating the obvious.  Of course NOBODY should state things are facts, when they aren’t.  But YOU, of all people, saying that?  That’s exactly what YOU do, isn’t it, DW?  State things as facts, when you know they are false?

So folks, DW is in full meltdown mode right now.  He cannot even give this board a simple statement that his statements are honest.  Nor can he provide ANY statements from me that would validate his lies about what we believe, and anybody who asks him for such statements, is rejected for “Spam”.  Nor can he show one example of a doctrinal change from me, although he claims they are numerous.  

And to beat it all, he wants to sit and argue about whether this statement, “now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise" , is actually saying that the “Slave” can overthrow a Bible teaching, when ANYBODY can see that is in fact, what it says.

I mean, this is beyond insane, that he is still trying to deny this is what his statement SAYS.  

What he and Rando don’t realize, is that with every shovel of dirt they try to sling at me, then are actually digging themselves a deeper hole with the dirt they are slinging.  And while everyone is standing around watching them digging their own pits, and watching them sink deeper down into the ground with every post, and laughing at them, they somehow try to pat each other on the back and tell each other what a great job they are doing.  And if your business is digging a hole, then I agree….You guys are the best, and nobody does it better.  In fact, if I ever need anyone to dig a pit for me, I will definitely call you guys first.

So folks, just watch the pattern continue.  DW will attempt a feeble response to this.  He will likely complain once again, that he is being “attacked”, and you will see the usual crying.  This is because he is feeling the heat of being exposed, yet again.  He will continue to tell everyone how I am “lying and misleading”.  

But what you will NOT see, amongst the accusations of “lying and misleading”, is ONE example of a lie from me.  You will not see a direct quote, nor an actual example.  You never will.  When a person chooses to not practice deceit, as I have chosen not to, then your adversaries are only left with the option of lying themselves, twisting your words, and attacking you personally.  And that is what you see here, and what you will continue to see.  And the image of the JW religion will continue to suffer, because they will not do their sensible brethren a favor, and shut up their stupidity.  So, I say…let them keep on, because lies will NEVER conquer the truth.  It will only show who the true liars are.

As once again, we see DW accuse me of being deceitful, while in the same writing, altering yet ANOTHER quote…..

“Or this is a lie by Derrick "We don't say their brainwashed because they have a different OPINION to us, these are the facts"

Here is the ACTUAL quote from me....

"No, we don’t think they’re brainwashed because they disagree with us.  But when a man makes a comment like… “now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise", then yes, that is a big reason why we know him to be brainwashed.  Do THINKING people actually believe an Organization can overthrow a Bible teaching, and tell you it is no longer correct?

I think its obvious from the above, that I said that DW himself, is brainwashed, because he makes a statement like that.  And yes, any JW who would agree with his statement, is likewise, brainwashed.  That does not mean that the ones who DISAGREE with his statement, are brainwashed.  Nor do we say they are brainwashed, because they disagree with us.  

This is what I pointed out in my last post, and they guy had no better sense than to do again, the very thing I pointed out that he does….ALTERING QUOTES.  The above is NOT a quote from me, although he tries to present it as though it was.  But we need to remember, that he just admitted a few days ago, that he will "PARAPHRASE" my comments, and put his ideas on what he THINKS I am saying, into them.  

I mean, honestly, is it so difficult for him to just COPY AND PASTE the actual quote, instead of altering it?  Does he love to lie THAT much??  

The man absolutely cannot tell the truth, and gives us further evidence that he is doing the works of his father….

John 8:44-  “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Now, this verse leaves no wiggle room for people who practice lying.  Not people who make an honest mistake, believe what they are saying is the truth, or are willing to re-word a poorly worded statement, but those who INTENTIONALLY, and WILLFULLY sit down and type lies, all in an attempt to slander and discredit a person whom they hate.

It tells us clearly WHY, and WHO, is behind it.  There is no way to say that it is done in defense of Jehovah’s Organization, for it is Jehovah Who said that He HATES a lying tongue.  Jehovah does need His own personal liars to defend Him.  No, Jesus here clearly states that people lie, because they are like their father, Satan.  There is no truth in Satan, and that is why you see DW and Rando lie in nearly every post they write.  Rando’s last post was FULL of lies….Because his father is the inventor of the lie.  DW’s posts, likewise, contain numerous lies that are easily shown false.  Does he retract, or apologize, or correct the lie?  No….he merely attacks the person exposing him.  

And why?  The above verse lays it out quite clearly….He is doing the work of his father, the devil.  That isn’t my opinion….That’s the words of Christ.

Just watch the board, Readers, and see if the predicted pattern is not exactly what plays out.  Its been that way for years….No reason to think its going to change now.  

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