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Hello. I resend the question using a new subject. Im not sure if the follow up was sent, but I think its better to open a new subject.

According to Advaita Hindu religion/philosophy, the True Being cant be only a "good personal masculine God", but as the source of everything that exists it must be considered impersonal, otherwise its closed in a box, its restricted if we consider it a masculine person with certain attributes.

No need to go in details about what this philosophy thinks about the world and God.

Im curious if a personal masculine God who is good and just, can fully describe the Ultimate Being, that sometimes is referred as "On" or "I AM" in the Bible - the True Absolute Being upon which everything else relies upon the True Being for their existence.

A second thought and question arises from the above. Since the Being is the source of everything, its considered not only the source of good but also of evil. How could evil "pop out", if the chance for it to come out to the world, wasnt already programmed by God? How could Satan be the creator of evil, since Satan was a creation of God? I think Satan expressed evil, he did not create evil.

Something(whatever this could be) cant arise out of nothing, theres a pre-programmed system for everything. For example when you play in the lottery theres already a system, which defines that if you play and have the right numbers you win something. Your reward is preprogrammed, the chance to win cant come out of nothing, it already exists.

In the same manner, evil should be a pre-programmed combination of free will and action, to have the chance to exist. How could it be expressed, if it was not already preexisting in a state of "no expression"? What can we answer to this?

Thanks for the help.

Good evening, Christaras.  I hope you are well.

This answer is going to be fairly short, because I have several JW-related questions that I am currently behind on.  And as this "question" is more about philosophy, than anything JW-oriented, then I am going to merely hit the highlights.

First off, as you can imagine, I do not subscribe to, nor am I intensely interested, in the Hindu view of God.  God has clearly revealed Himself as Personal, and having Personal attributes...Love, jealousy, anger, compassion, and a desire to know His creation.  And through Jesus Christ, He provided a means of reconciling us to Him, due to the sin that had separated us and broken the relationship.  

I have no problem with God being Person, and I know for a fact that He is, because He has answered many prayers in my life, and been a Friend to me in the hard times.  And even more importantly....Because the Bible says He is Personal.

I am not still trying to "figure God out".  Unlike many, I am fully satisfied and content to worship God the way He has revealed Himself.  I do not refuse to worship Him because He reveals Himself in 3 Divine Persons, as some do.  Nor do I refuse to worship Him, simply because I cannot fully comprehend all of His ways.  He made me in His image, but never authorized us to make Him into ours.  That is, by and large, what we see people today trying to do.

That is why you hear the homosexual movement of today, trying to make Him into a "god" they are comfortable with.  They say "Well, we believe that God is love, and therefore, He accepts us just the way they are"  Uhm, no He doesn't.  By rightly claiming He is love, they make a completely illogical leap that, just because He's love, then any old perversion must be okay with Him.  It isn't.  

Same with JWs.  Here lately, we have heard some blow hard constantly talking about how a "God of love would never send anyone to Hell", despite the fact that the Bible is full of warnings about Hell, and Jesus Christ Himself made it clear that it exists.  It is merely another example of trying to re-invent God, into one that we are comfortable with, instead of worshipping and loving Him for Who He is.  

This same above-mentioned blow hard, challenged me to answer a question, and claimed that I would not answer it.  Imagine the hypocrisy, if you can....A guy who rejects questions constantly, tells people to "read a book, because I am not saying anything else" , and rarely EVER actually satisfies anyone with a real answer, claiming that I won't answer a question.  

At any rate, the supposed question is, basically, "Is Derrick Holland looking forward to seeing his loved ones tormented in Hell?"

What an ignorant question that is.  Of course nobody is "looking forward" to seeing anyone they love, go to Hell.  Any more than he, after labeling his own father an "apostate", was looking forward to losing his father (as he did recently), and believing that his dad was beyond hope of a resurrection.  Assuming of course, that his father did not come back to the Organization before his passing.  Nobody, I repeat, nobody, wants to see a family member reject what we believe is that family member's only means of salvation.  Most of my family, are not born again Christians.  That is why I witness to them, discuss salvation when the opportunity is there, and hope and pray they come to Christ one day.  I remember back in November of 2010, my uncle passed away suddenly, and I was asked to do his funeral.  I had nearly all of that side of my family there that day, 6 of them JW's.  I preached the Gospel just as hard and straight as I knew how, and told every one of them that we do are not promised another day, and that any of us could be the next one in a casket.  I told them about Heaven, and Hell, and that Jesus' blood was shed for them, and that IT, and it ALONE, was their only hope.  

And I did that, because I am not "looking forward" to them being lost with God.  That was one of the sorriest questions for anyone to ask, that I've ever seen.

But you know what?  God's Word is God's Word, and there is no changing it....not for my family, not for you, not for the JWs, not for anyone.  Nobody gets a free pass....Whether they are my family, or someone else's family, they cannot reject Jesus Christ and expect to have eternal life anyway.  Nor can they ignore His teaching, that we must "be born again".  Its just that exceptions.

Now, as for the "evil" question that you raised....First off, you are making the mistake of trying to fully understand God with your finite mind, when the Scripture is clear that O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!" For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?(Romans 11:33-34)

Yes, it is true that evil exists, because God gave us a free will.  He could have made us robots, but He didn't.  He gives us the choice to love Him, or not to love Him.  Would you want companionship with a robot that only obeyed you, because you had programmed it to do so?  Would you want to be married to someone who CHOOSES to love you, or because they are forced to be married to you?  With that personal choice, comes the choice to reject God.  And with a rejection of God, comes all the evil we see in the world today.

What it boils down to, is are you going to wait until you have God figured out, to decide if you will serve Him?  Or, will you serve Him as He has revealed Himself, knowing that He loved us even in our lost state, enough to send Christ to die in our place, and redeem us back to Him (Romans 5:8-10)?

That is a choice that every person of the age of accountability, must make.  

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