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Jehovah`s Witness/Poor Rando and DW....So Predictable


Everyone has heard the expression...."Killing 2 birds with one stone".  Well, let's see if we can expose 2 "birds" with one post.

Since all they do is lie and twist, that should be easy enough.

Well, I see Rando is back here, telling more lies.  He had taken a few days off from his trouble-making, probably trying to figure out how to get Richard's shoe print off of his behind.  But now he's back, with his same old worn out lie....

RANDO:  “What he needs to do, is grow up and accept responsibility for his ridiculous comment.…”

"The Holy Ghost is speaking here in Acts 12, and He changed the significance of the word pascha to sometimes mean Easter."

Now Rando, why would I accept responsibility for a comment that was in an article that I didn’t write, and said I didn’t agree with?  

Now seriously, how many times do I keep having to burn you over this same lie?  Are you going to EVER show where I made this statement, or are you going to continue to LIE, and attribute it to me, while everyone clicking on the link can clearly see that is from an ARTICLE?

This is so hilarious.  I predicted that you would come back with the same old worn out lies, even after being shown up and exposed for using them, because it was all you had.  And here you are...doing exactly that.  You see me predict exactly what you are going to do, and yet you do it anyway…LOL.  All because you have absolutely nothing you can use, except to quote some article I didn’t even write, and attribute the quote to me…Wow, so desperate, and so predictable.

Rando, thank you for once again showing the readers that I can predict your next move, and that you really can show NO quotes from me, which constitute a lie, so you have to resort to the shenanigans above.  

Rando, can you show anywhere, that I have ever said that the Holy Ghost/Spirit changed His mind on ANYTHING?  If so, would you please post it, instead of continuing to embarrass yourself, your fellow JWs (and yes, many ARE embarrassed by you), and LYING to the readers of this board?

Now that I gave Rando his desired bit of attention, let’s move on to DW’s latest false comments….

DW:  “Readers as you know the issue in the first place was Derrick misleading people.
Derrick tries to make it into something else to hide his embarrassment at being caught out once more”

First off, its “called out”.  Secondly, the issue never was about “Derrick misleading people” , but hey, nice try on trying to change the subject to me, and create a diversion again.  But no, the “issue” is that you made a dumb statement, that shows the level of your brainwashing, and I exposed it, and you are about to have a nervous breakdown over it.  But sorry, I don’t accept blame for your comments.  I’m pretty sure if I had made a statement like that, you would be all over it.  

And another “issue” that you continue to ignore, very CONSPICUOUSLY, I might add, is that you have completely failed in your mission to prove any lying or misleading on my part.  And the fact of the matter is, I have even tried to HELP you do it, and you don’t even have the brains to take advantage of it.

I have clearly outlined your own false statements about my beliefs, and asked you to show a quote from me, where I have said any such thing.  If you could produce them, can you just imagine how humiliating that would be for me?  No telling what result it might have.

But no….You continue babbling about nothing, because you have nothing.  All you do is “paraphrase”, which you freely admitted in your last post, that you do.  Only problem…A man doesn’t have to “paraphrase” (twist) someone’s comments, if he actually has ANY REAL comments from the person.

So, thanks for making that so obvious once again, by your complete inability and refusal to post even ONE statement from me, teaching that:

1.  Jesus is “another almighty god”
2.  Jesus was a “super body swapping zombie”
3.  An example of my change of doctrine.

Is that why you reject as “Spam”, every question sent to you, asking you for a statement from me?

Remember…I said I was going to point out this sore spot, with every post you write, where you fail to provide the quotes.

POLL:  How many readers think that if DW and Rando really had any such quotes from me, that they would continually refuse to post them?  Are they just trying to be nice because they like me?

Anybody think that?  LOL.  Nope….Its because they have NONE.  And hence, the little temper tantrums you just witnessed, yet again, from these sorry embarrassments to the JW religion.

Funny, he mentions my “embarrassment”.  Then why am I not embarrassed?  I think its pretty obvious who is embarrassed right now.  The one who is in complete meltdown mode, over having his own statement quoted exactly as written, and then utterly torn apart.

But hey DW, if you would care to FINALLY give this board a REAL statement from me, that you can show is a lie, then I will be more than happy to discuss it.  The reason I haven’t as of yet, is because you keep refusing to provide any such statement for me to address.  Nor have you been able to provide any such statement for others who have written and asked you for one.

DW, you and your counterpart, Rando, need to learn to grasp one simple thing, so as to avoid continued embarrassment on this public forum where you guys constantly make fools of yourselves, and that is this….The threats of “pummeling”, the claims of my being “embarrassed for being caught lying”, etc, simply have no effect on me.  Reason being, is because I know myself, and the principles which I operate under in my daily life, and on this forum, as well.  I do not practice lying.  Nor do I practice deceit.  So, when you come on here with these claims, I merely challenge you straight up to produce the evidence, because I already know you don’t have it, and there is nothing to worry about.

Now, you can either FINALLY give the quotes that you keep refusing to give, or you will continue to be exposed as a fraud….your choice.  But your threats or claims of “victory’ mean absolutely nothing to me, because they only show it is you who is embarrassed, and in denial about it.  

DW:  “1) He still hasn't learnt that how ever carefully he tries to word his statements I will paraphrase them and expose what he's really trying to say. He carefully words his comments he says this
<<<<<<<< Do I believe that most JWs have a mindset that, whatever the “Slave” says, trumps clear statements in the Bible?. Yes >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Which actually means

<<<<< “"Jehovah's witnesses are brainwashed because they say the faithful slave can overthrow a bible teaching">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

That's what the statement means. No matter how carefully Derrick tries to word it!!

Now, that is VERY revealing!  I wonder if the "man" even realizes what he just said.  Did he just say he was going to "PARAPHRASE" my comments?  Meaning, he will NOT quote them as they are, but will instead, put them in HIS OWN words, in order to convey the meaning HE WANTS the readers to see?

But as with most things he says, his "paraphrases" are always inaccurate.  First off, I say what I mean, and I do not need the English Rando’s help in stating my thoughts.  As stated before, clearly enough for anyone besides DW and Rando, to understand it….I believe MOST JWs are brainwashed, because most of them share the same mindset found in DW‘s statement.  However, not all do share that mindset…Some are in this religion for other reasons….They simply haven’t studied all of the Scriptures, and believe they have the correct understanding of the select Scriptures they have studied in the literature, but would never accept the literature OVER the Scriptures, when its shown they conflict.  This is evidenced by the fact that millions have READ the Scriptures and LEFT this religion, upon doing so. Obviously they weren’t brainwashed to think the “Slave” trumps a Bible teaching.

However, he is trying to make a clever play on words.  Unfortunately, he isn't smart enough to get away with it.  He thinks he can justify his misquote, by saying that I BELIEVE or THINK JWs are brainwashed.  Whether I think it or not, is not the point.  I did not MAKE the statement he LIED, and claimed I made, and even went so far as to say I should APOLOGIZE for making it.  The issue is not what I think....Its the fact he INVENTED a statement that he claims I made, cannot show where I made it (because I didn't), and then has the nerve to say I should apologize for making it.

No DW, YOU should apologize...For being such an embarrassment to your religion, you should apologize to your brethren.  For being such a liar, you should apologize to those you have lied about.  For being so incompetent in your answers, you should apologize to every questioner who's legitimate questions you have rejected, because they showed you for what you are.

But you simply aren't going to INVENT false statements from me, and get away with it.

Let me just say at the start, that the above comment, once again shows DW to be quite hypocritical, and operating under a double standard.  He just basically told the readers that he is completely free to read into my comments, whatever he thinks they mean, and paraphrase them accordingly.  And he wants everyone to believe that there is nothing at all “misleading” about that.

But on the other hand, I didn’t even have to paraphrase this statement from him, or decipher “what it means”…..

“"now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise" ….

because its pretty self-explanatory.   It reeks of its own stupidity.  But notice how he has been screaming bloody murder, “attack!!!”, “misleading”, “liar”, etc., for my merely taking his statement just as it is written.  

A double standard….He feels like he can distort and twist my comments as he sees fit, and that is perfectly fine.  However, when I simply take his statements at face value, refute EXACTLY what the statement actually said, then he calls me a “deceiver”….LOL.

This is why these guys are so funny….They are such hypocrites, in word and in practice, that they continue to make complete morons of themselves, and are the only ones who can’t figure it out.

Now, to address DW’s little comment…“He still hasn't learnt that how ever carefully he tries to word his statements I will paraphrase them and expose what he's really trying to say.”

The big problem with that is, DW’s “paraphrases” never get it right, or convey the correct meaning.  That is when it becomes twisting, rather than paraphrasing.  

So, what you have just seen here, is DW essentially admitting EXACTLY what I have been pointing out that he does….Instead of actually QUOTING the statement verbatim, he alters it, twists it, and puts his own spin on it, until it says what he WANTS it to say.  

That is exactly how he came up with his “lie” that “Derrick Holland believes truth is determined by a person’s character” , and “Derrick Holland says it does him a service when people believe a lie” ….by “paraphrasing” and changing the wording.

This is how liars work, and it is funny that DW now admits that is what he does.  And the reason he does it?  Simple….We see it with every post he writes, that he STILL posts NO actual quotes from me, which would support the false claims he makes.  He has to "paraphrase", because he will NEVER produce any statement from me, that even comes close to the lies he likes to tell.

That, my friends, is WHY DW will not post actual quotes from me.  The quotes speak for themselves, and he knows full well that just posting the quotes, will make the readers see that he is a liar.  So, he “paraphrases”….

Exactly as I have been showing, and now he admits it.  Right there in his own words….He admits he will “paraphrase” the comment, to expose what HE THINKS I meant, rather than simply taking the phrase as its written.

On the other hand, he has said so many stupid things, I can simply quote his words verbatim, with no "paraphrase" necessary, and then watch the fireworks…LOL.

Like this one….“now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

C’mon, Mr. Windbag….Why don’t you just tell the reading audience what you were thinking when you typed that crock of nonsense?  

Do you stand behind this statement, or do you not????  

I laid out quite clearly what this statement says, and as of yet, you have STILL been unable to answer ANY of the comments I made, about what this statement implies.  None of them.  So, instead of having another crying jag about me, and twisting my comments and looking foolish even further, why don’t you just explain the above statement?…The one that YOU made.

Why don't you explain it, with hopefully something better than, “We believe Jehovah has an Organization”, which simply doesn’t work at all, because it doesn’t explain why Jehovah’s Organization would be led of Jehovah, to teach something from the Bible is “correct”, and then later “tell you otherwise”.  Is Jehovah confused about what is "correct", so that He has to change it?

Notice everyone, how upset he gets when you quote his own statement back to him, REPRESENT IT EXACTLY AS ITS WRITTEN, and then show how foolish it is.  But its ok for him to "paraphrase"  And then he complains when I QUOTE him word for word.  What a hypocrite.

But there is still yet another problem with his statement.  He now wants to give everyone the impression that he merely worded it badly, but didn’t really mean it the way it came out, blah, blah, blah.  

Hey, I’m all for letting a guy explain himself.  Anyone can make a mistake in wording, me included.  The problem is, when I do it, I’m called a “liar” even when I correct it.  DW can do it, and all he does is whine when its pointed out, but really never goes back to correct the statement, or explain it.

But DW is trying to pretend it was simply a matter of poor wording.

He says….“I don't deny I could have worded my sentence better and that it could give certain people the wrong impression.”

Well, we’re STILL waiting for you to re-word it.  When do you plan on it?  I just checked your past answer that contained this quote, and its STILL there, worded as stupidly as ever.  I told you yesterday how I would re-word it….When are you going to tell us how YOU WISH you had worded it?  

I simply want to know….Do you believe that we should go with the “Slave”, or the Bible, when they conflict in what they are teaching?  It is a simple question, but let me break it down even further for you, since my past experiences with you, have convinced me that you will not understand what I’m asking.  Also, my breaking it down further, will eliminate any need for you to “paraphrase” it….


1.  Accept the Bible and tell the “Slave” to jump in the lake?


2.  Accept the “Slave’s” teaching over the Bible’s, and simply “wait for the Slave” to catch up….Meaning, we go with the Slave, and hope at some point they line up with the Bible?

Now, let’s all watch DW dance around those questions like a barefooted man in the middle of a camp fire, and do everything BUT answer them.

Again, DW wants us to think this was simply a case of “poor wording”.  But its not that simple, for if we look back to the days just after WHEN he first made the statement, we see that he KNEW even then, that it would be a statement that would cause problems.  He made the statement in June, of 2012, and he knew back then that it was a statement that was problematic for people.  

If he realized that even then, would THAT not have been the time to say “Hey, I said something here recently that I realize now was poorly worded, so let me just rephrase what I was trying to say” ?  If he had, I am pretty certain that everybody, including myself, would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

But no, he made no mention that it was “poorly worded”, even though he was questioned about this very comment, and he KNEW that it was a statement that would cause problems.  Instead of an admission or a clarification, he merely defended the statement, and chastised those who would not accept it.  

Let’s just look at the character’s own words, from 6/17/12.….

I quote from his response to a questioner named Adam, about this very comment, just a few days after making the statement, from the following link….

I will also place some of my comments in non-bold print, after his statements to Adam….

DW:  “Hello mate.      

Nice to hear from you.

Thanks for writing.

There's two reasons people can't accept this comment:

"Now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

Well, he wasted no time in jumping right in and addressing that comment, evidently realizing that the questioner had problems with it.  What a GREAT time to have said, “Yeah, you know what, I should’ve said that differently” .  But instead, he defends it, and condemns people who don’t accept the statement.

Notice his “2 reasons” people wouldn’t accept a statement, that he now admits was poorly worded….


2)Lack of understanding

He forgot one…There is also that thing of some people actually believing the Bible teachings are true, with or without the “Slave’s” approval, and that the truth doesn’t change.

Now i'm fully aware people take the stance you take , but the reason being is because your either leaning on your own understanding,not taking notice of Jehovah:

OR….Maybe there are “taking notice of Jehovah”, by leaning on HIS Words, and by deciding to adhere to His Word, in spite of the “Slave”.

Proverbs 3:

5 Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding. 6 In all your ways take notice of him, and he himself will make your paths straight"

Or you just do not want to submit to Jehovah's way of doing things:

Ah yes, here it is…If you don’t accept that stupid statement that the Slave can “tell you otherwise” regarding a Bible teaching, well, you just don’t want to submit to Jehovah’s way of doing things.  

Since WHEN does Jehovah's way of doing things, involve believing a Bible teaching, until a group of men come along later and "tell you otherwise"??  Uh, I think Jehovah’s “way of doing things”, is that we READ the Bible and accept that its teachings are unchanging, and the FINAL authority.

Can DW give us one Scripture, that teaches we are supposed to change like the wind, when a self-appointed “Slave” says so?

Prov 16:

18 "Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling"

Yeah, not much more prideful than elevating a “Slave” made up of men, over the written inspired Word of God.

Now listening to who Jehovah has appointed is essential for salvation it always has been. This is how Jehovah views it."

Essential for salvation?  I BELIEVE, if I am not mistaken, that the SCRIPTURES (you know, the ones that the Slave can “tell you otherwise” about), are what makes us “wise unto salvation”.

2 Timothy 3:15-17.…”And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

I don’t believe any “Slave” is appointed by Jehovah, to take precedence over that.

Now here's a bible principle

Exodus 16:

8 "because Jehovah has heard YOUR murmurings that YOU are murmuring against him. And what are we? YOUR murmurings are not against us, but against Jehovah"

You murmur against Jehovah's representatives ,you murmur against him.”

Unbelievable.  If you don’t accept this statement….“now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise” , then you are:

1.  Proud
2.  Lack of understanding
3.  Leaning on your own understanding
4.  Won’t take notice of Jehovah
5.  Un-submissive to Jehovah’s way of doing things
6.  Prideful and haught
7.  A murmerer against Jehovah

But I have a question….Why didn’t DW just use that opportunity to clarify what he meant, instead of justifying the statement, and condemning those who don’t accept it?

Simple…He only admits it was poorly worded, because he has been called out on it, and he realizes the predicament the comment put him in.

Then, the full-blown desperation continues, in the following ridiculous and childish rants….

DW:  “Derrick can't read . He never answered my question. I asked whether he was looking forward to watching his family being tortured forever, not whether he wanted to see them go to hell. To compare watching someone die to watching someone being tortured forever is ridiculous.”

Yes, I can read, DW.  I dare say, probably better than you can.  Yes, I answered your question.  You merely want to split hairs over an insignificant difference of wording.  I don’t believe there is a difference, in “seeing them go to Hell”, and “watching them be tortured in Hell”.  What?  You think it  would make sense to say “I am not looking forward to seeing them go to Hell, but yes, I am looking forward to seeing them tortured in Hell”?

This is how dense this “man” truly is, to so desperately try to make such a distinction, that is not even there.

But there is one reason he did it…PRIDE!  He simply cannot humble himself to admit that he made a fool of himself by claiming it was not answered, when it was right there under his nose, and just say “Hey, I missed it, but yes, right there he did answer it” .  Nope, not DW….He is too proud and arrogant.  He simply thinks…“Uh oh, boy I sure did look stupid on that one, so let me see …I know!  I’ll find a slight difference in the wording even though it means the same thing, because I just can’t admit I stuck my foot in my mouth as always”

But no matter…Because the answer is STILL there, in my response that question, in the following statement….

“And I did that, because I am not "looking forward" to them being lost with God.”

DW, in case you didn’t know, being “lost without God” is precisely what results in people suffering in Hell.  So, there was your answer….AGAIN.

Man, this guy looks worse every time he writes….

DW:  “Derrick's pride stops him apologizing for misleading people. Why does everyone think he's on a J.W forum??”

Not to mislead, DW…But rather, to keep charlatans like YOU from misleading people.  Which is exactly why you would love to silence me and others like me…Because you yourself know that you’re a liar.

Let’s prove it….DW, would you post in your next “reply”, categorically that you have NEVER ONCE uttered a willful falsehood about me, my beliefs, or about any other individual on this forum, and that you believe EVERY one of your statements to be true and honest?

Let’s just see if he will do this…it’s a reasonable enough of a request.

And by the way….Just you claiming that I mislead people and should apologize, is not evidence that such is the case.  I believe you first need to illustrate that this happens, before any apology is necessary.  Again, who quotes verbatim, and who “paraphrases”?  There’s your first clue, as to who is doing the “misleading”.

DW:  “Derrick has no relationship with God. How can you have a relationship with a
mysterious,+torturer. Yet God want's us to have a relationship with him”

Nothing mysterious about it to me….God hates sin, but has provided us a way of forgiveness.  If we ignore that and thumb our nose at it, then the justice of God demands punishment for the crime.  The reason you think Hell is too severe, is because you don’t think sin is severe enough to warrant it.  Pretty simple…

Oh, and because you reject the Bible’s teaching, because it makes you uncomfortable.

But hey, let me ask you a question….How do YOU have a relationship with God, when you mock and ignore the teaching of Christ that you have to be born again, and decide that it is now about some adherence to a “Slave”?

DW:  “Derrick knows nothing of logically fallacies no matter how much he claims too. Rewording my statement doesn't imply what my first statement does. So ass I said before I either meant what Derrick says or I worded it wrong. Which one is it?? It can't be both like Derrick claims that's impossible!!”

I am going to assume you meant to type “as I said before” ….

This is such a ridiculous question to keep harping on.  DW is so embarrassed, he is deliberately trying to get everyone’s mind off of his dumb statement.

First off, this statement makes absolutely no sense….“Rewording my statement doesn't imply what my first statement does.”


I’m gonna take a stab at what I think you might be trying to say.  Your first statement clearly implies that the “Slave” is somehow in authority to tell us later on that a Bible teaching is no longer correct.  THAT is what your statement implies, and nobody can argue with that fact, and maintain any sense of credibility.  You once told the readers, regarding me, to “Just read what the man says!!!!”

Well, I simply read what YOU said…end of discussion.  And what you said, was evidence that you are brainwashed.

Now, you have admitted now that you worded it poorly, yet you have not RETRACTED the statement, nor have you RE-WORDED it.  All I said was, that IF you didn’t mean what you wrote, then you should re-word it.  Personally, I think you meant EXACTLY what you wrote, but you are extremely embarrassed at the way you are being pummeled for it.  You know how ridiculous it looks deep down, but yet, it is what you have to believe.  

So, it isn’t my position that keeps changing….its yours.  

If you’re gonna re-word the statement, then RE-WORD it.  Otherwise, I will continue to quote it as is, whenever I deem it necessary, and will comment accordingly.

And hey, you should be glad that I show more integrity than you do, in that I actually DO quote you, rather than simply make things up out of the clear blue, like you lying characters do.

Grow up, DW.  Stop acting so childish.  You made the comment, I refuted it.  

Deal with it.  

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