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Hello Robert Jones. It seems that a lot of things are not specifically mentioned in the NT.

The word "Jehovah" is not found in the New Testament, nor is the doctrine explicitly taught there ANYWHERE NOR IS THERE EVEN A CONCEPT OF IT. The foundations of the concept of saying Jehovah can NOT be seen in the New Testament, especially in the Gospel of John, one of the latest and most theologically developed of the New Testament books.

You make in interesting point. Even though the name Jehovah does not appear in the Greek texts, that did not stop the WT Society from inserting the name 237 times where they judged that it SHOULD have been.

All evidence indicates that pronouncing Yahweh had long fallen out of every day use by the time of Jesus and the disciples. Jesus did not mention "Jehovah" to Pontius Pilate. Neither did he call out to "Jehovah" while hanging on the torture stake. Neither did he say to pray to "Jehovah" in the model prayer.

The Apostle Paul was the apostle to the nations. Don't you think that he would have said "Jehovah" over and over to the people of the nations to make sure that they heard it and knew how to pronounce it? He never mentioned it in his famous sermon at the Areopagus, Acts 17, nor in any of his other writings. Neither did Peter, James, John, Timothy or any of the other Apostles.

And yet, the WT religion has made it practically mandatory to enunciate an old Hebrew expression for "GOD" that none of the New Testament writers showed any concern for.

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1. How the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is stuctured, how it operates, and how it exercises control over its members. 2. What Jehovah's Witnesses believe, why, and who determines doctrine.

It is a waste of time to argue with Jehovah's Witnesses or to present lists of scriptural proofs to show where they are in error. Jehovah's Witnesses listen only the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and immediately accept changes that come through the pages of The Watchtower magazine.


I survived 1975. For 32 years, from 1968 to 2000, I embraced and promoted everything coming through Jehovah's sole channel of communication, the "Faithful and Discreet Slave." I accepted doctrinal changes as "new light", meat in due season, from the Slave Class.

Was an elder the last 13 years, WT Study Conductor, Congregation Secretary, Book Study Conductor, and occasional Pioneer. Never "irregular" or "inactive" as the labels go. I have not been reproved or disfellowshipped. I no longer attend meetings or practice the religion. I have not started smoking, drinking, gambling, using drugs, or had any sort of emotional breakdown. How silly.

I am not a servant of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave", the WTBTS, or any other man-made organization. I hope to explain, not defend, the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses. I believe in universal truths such as kindness, humility, charity, and love. I do not believe that God selected a special group, the Jews or CT Russell followers for example, to receive a special message or blessing. I do not believe that one religion has it all right and therfore other religions are wrong. I believe it is a delusion for one group of humans to claim that "God chose us and therefore God did not choose you." I consider spirituality to be a personal endeavor that each person must discover for themselves.

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