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Jehovah`s Witness/Wrong Again, DW....You Never Seem To Learn


(SIgh) Here we go again...Apparently, DW's previous trips to the woodshed have worn off, and he is need of another.  

What he needs to do, is grow up and accept responsibility for his ridiculous comment....

"now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

But DW isn't mature enough to accept responsibility for sticking his foot in his mouth.  Instead, he lashes out, and blames me for what HE wrote, and tries to make it look like I am contradictory in my statements.  What a joke, and a lame attempt to create a diversion.  Its never worked before.  What makes him think its going to this time?

This is what happens when someone runs their mouth, makes a foolish statement, and then gets called out for it.  Instead of just deciding to "Man up", he attacks the person who points out the obvious implications of his statement, without ever actually ANSWERING those implications, which were shown in the link....

Again, his statement, as written, clearly implies....

1.  It implies that truth changes.  Meaning, if the teaching is currently taught, then it IS true.  Until we decide later it isn’t…and then it isn’t.  

2.  It implies that the “Slave” somehow determines if a truth is Biblical.  They do not.  The Bible teaches what it teaches, with or without the help or input from the “slave”.

3.  It implies that the “Slave”, CAN in fact, tell you later on that a BIBLE teaching is no longer true.

Instead of going all to pieces and lashing out at me for pointing out the obvious, perhaps DW should take the time to actually state whether or not he thinks we should follow the "Slave", or the Bible, when they are in obvious conflict.  

Perhaps he should also take the time to re-write his statement.  If I were re-writing it, I would word it something like this....

"Now here's the truth...Every Bible teaching is the correct one, whether the Slave thinks its correct or not, as the Slave has done nothing but flip-flop in their doctrine for the past 134 years, while the Word of God has stood firm and sure"

That's what I would say.  But DW says that the "Slave" can "tell you otherwise".  

I think he has some explaining to do.

But what follows, will be my response to his emotional break-down, that appeared in the forum yesterday.

Now, even though this is not the first (in the order they appeared) of the lies and absurd statements posted by DW yesterday, I want to deal with it first, because once again, it shows the man has no more sense but to post something that is EASILY disproven, and continue on making a complete fool of himself in the process.  

I am referring to where he makes a false claim, that I never answered a “question” which he supposedly posted for me to answer.  Let it be made clear first of all, the he never ASKED me a question directly, in the manner in which it is supposed to be done….by sending it to me.  But I did see him post his ridiculous question a couple of times, and yes, I did answer it, contrary to the lie that he just told the readers, when he claimed that I never answered it.  

I quote DW's completely false statement....

DW:  “Derrick also never answered whether he's going to enjoy watching his J.W family burn in hell forever?? Why?? Because he knows a YES answer causes him serious problems and a NO answer also causes him serious problems.”

Wrong again, DW.  I certainly DID address this “question”….On January 9th, in the following link.  Check it out…..

DW, I think if you will click on the above link, you will see that, contrary to your completely false statement, I certainly did address that question you asked.  

Now, let us just SEE if the guy who gripes here about my not “apologizing” for a statement that I didn’t even make, will now apologize for the statement above that he DID make.  Yeah, sure he will….He’s such a man of Christian integrity.

Also, perhaps he can explain why he lied, and claimed I had not answered this?  Oh, wait…Let me guess….DW is going to now claim, out of sheer embarrassment at once again being made to look foolish, something to the effect of “Well, I really don’t take the time to read Derrick Holland’s board anyway, to see what he is ranting and raving about.  I simply have better things to do!!”

Fine….he is under no obligation to read anything I write.  But then, he really can’t use that excuse either, because if he isn’t reading my answers, then what is the clown doing commenting on them, and telling everyone what I have, or have not answered?  How could he possibly even know what I have or haven't answered, if he isn't reading the comments?  

So, did he LIE when he claims I never addressed this question?  Or is he just foolishly yapping about something, when he has no clue what he's talking about?  Hard to say, as DW has a tendency to do BOTH, on a regularly basis.

So, he is either LYING, he is foolishly making comments on my answers, that he will try to claim he hasn’t even read.  Either way, why would a person be so dense??

This is how easy it is, to make a person look ridiculous, when they choose the path of lying and deceit, rather than honesty and integrity.


DW:  “So one minute Derrick says "Jehovah's witnesses are brainwashed because they say the faithful slave can overthrow a bible teaching"

The next minute he claims I should have worded it better.

Which one is it??

“It's one or the other.”

REPLY:  Problem #1.…This comment, “"Jehovah's witnesses are brainwashed because they say the faithful slave can overthrow a bible teaching" , is not even a quote from me.  Notice how he places it in quotes, and PRETENDS that he is quoting me.  And worse, he makes the same statement AGAIN, and claims I said it….

DW:    “The very fact he didn't apologize for making this misleading statement "Jehovah's witnesses are brainwashed because they say the faithful slave can overthrow a bible teaching" shows the kind of person Derrick Holland is.”

Wow, DW…you have even outdone YOURSELF for lying, and that takes some doing.  But one thing….The above “quote”, is not a “quote”.  It is YOUR summary of what you THINK I said, because you can’t read.

What I said, DW, is that YOU are brainwashed for making a stupid statement like that.  Do I believe that most JWs are brainwashed?  Yes.  Do I believe that most JWs have a mindset that, whatever the “Slave” says, trumps clear statements in the Bible?  Yes. But that has nothing to do with the above comment from you.  You invent a quote, that I do not recall making.  Can you provide exactly where I made this comment, that you claim I should apologize for?

By the way, when have you apologized for YOUR blatant lies, DW?  You want me to apologize for a statement that you invented, because you can't comprehend what is right in front of you?

Let it be clear that I do not hold all JWs accountable for every stupid statement that you write, because I fully realize from some of the correspondences that I have had lately with some of them, that you are nothing more than an embarrassment to them, and they wish you would just leave.  So no, I certainly did not say that Jehovah’s Witnesses are brainwashed, due to YOUR ignorant statement.

However, you DID make the statement, and yes, it certainly proves that YOU are brainwashed.  And any JW who would AGREE with that statement, is brainwashed.  But I think many JWs would probably cringe at that statement.  

In addition, I did compare your brainwashed statement, to some statements made by another brainwashed JW on here, about mistakes not being mistakes until after it is known it is a mistake.  And yes, I did say that her statement also is evidence of brainwashing.  

But no, I did not make the statement that you lied TWICE, and claimed that I said…“"Jehovah's witnesses are brainwashed because they say the faithful slave can overthrow a bible teaching”

In fact, I am pretty certain that there are smarter and more honest Jehovah’s Witnesses on this board than you, who would cringe at a statement like you made.  

I believe it was me, who recently stated that you and your ilk, are NOT true representatives of what Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught.  And you had better be glad, because otherwise, your religion would be the laughing stock of this forum right now.  You had better be thankful I don’t believe that a person’s behavior determines truth, as you falsely claim I do, because I could have a field day with the likes of you and Rando.  

However, let me answer your question…“The next minute he claims I should have worded it better.

Which one is it??

“It's one or the other.”

Another debate fallacy….trying to create a false dilemma, by saying “Its one or the other” .  Uh no, actually its both.  

What DW fails to mention, and probably doesn’t grasp himself, is that my saying he should have worded his comment better, came AFTER his whining about my addressing it for what it actually said, and saying “I didn’t really mean that” .  

So, my point was, that if he didn’t MEAN what he actually wrote, then perhaps he SHOULD HAVE WORDED IT BETTER, to avoid writing something so stupid as ““now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

Initially, I was simply taking his words to mean what they said, and YES, the DO say that the “Slave” can decide a BIBLE teaching is incorrect, and the teaching then becomes incorrect, however the teaching “is the correct one” , UNTIL they decide otherwise.

Now, man up, DW…That IS what you said, and that is what I addressed.  Start taking responsibility for your own actions.  If you can’t handle the heat, then leave the kitchen…Its that simple.  Attacking me, doesn’t change that you made a dumb statement, that evidenced the degree to which you are brainwashed.  

Your feeble attempt to make me appear to contradict myself, simply falls flat.  When I addressed your statement, I took it to mean what it said.  I didn’t twist it in the least…I quoted it, and I tore it to shreds.  I took it that you were writing what you meant to say.

Then, when you came back and claimed you didn’t mean that, then I said you needed to adjust the wording, if that isn’t what you meant.  

No contradiction there….Sorry.

I simply took your statement at face value.  Are you now going on record, and telling us that we should NOT take your statements to mean what they say?

Moving on…..

DW:  “or did he lie by claiming Jehovah's witnesses believe Bible teachings can be overthrown??”

REPLY:  Again, YOU made the statement and that IS what your statement implies.

Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice that your entire post, spent NO time at all addressing the implications of your foolish statement, but rather, you spent the entire time attacking me.  Is that because you know your statement DOES imply that a Bible truth is determined by the “Slave”, and can become incorrect whenever the “Slave tells you otherwise”?

I am always amused how you are reduced to merely repeating the same old accusations, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, to the point that you make yourself look so silly.  You never actually provide a lie, slander, or attack from me….You do the attacking, and then you cry “Derrick Holland is attacking me” , like a whining baby.  

Just keep lying, DW.  Nobody is buying it.

DW:  “Once more he just tries to attack me and make me look bad and makes a fool of himself.”

Well, more whining, and STILL no example of an attack.  All the while, attacking me and taking pot shots at my character.  

Such as this one….“shows the kind of person Derrick Holland is”

Yes DW, why don’t you just tell us what “kind of person” I am?  

Everyone who knows me, knows what kind of person I am.  And they would laugh at you, and your little attempts to make me look bad.  You really think I am worried about what some liar across the ocean who doesn’t know me, thinks about what “kind of person” I am?  You, who has absolutely no problem with lying, and supporting those who do it?

You, who despite being asked by numerous people, REFUSES to give a simple quote from me that would prove that I teach the false things that YOU CLAIM that I teach?  Instead of posting what you KNOW you don’t have, you cowardly just reject their question, hoping beyond hope that they won’t send it to me, and that nobody will see that you were caught lying.  Isn't that the truth, DW? know it is.

Tell us about the “kind of person” who does the following….

Why does DW publicly post that I believe Jesus is a “super zombie body swapper, even though he has been thoroughly exposed on that falsehood”?  

Because he’s a liar.

Why does DW publicly post that I believe Jesus is ‘another almighty god”?

Because he’s a liar.

Why does DW claim that he has a “list” of lies that he has caught me in, but refuses to produce the list, when repeatedly challenged to do so?

Because he’s a liar.

Why does DW publicly claim that I have written to him in “Private”, attempting to stir up trouble, despite the fact that this has never occurred?

Because he’s a liar.

Why does he invent quotes and conversations with me, which never occurred?

Because he’s a liar.

Why does he constantly DISTORT AND MISREPRESENT the teachings of born again Christians?

Because he’s a liar.

Why does me make false statements like the following…“Derricks M.O is to try and make people believe the truth is found in a persons behaviour. I caught him out once before a little while ago doing exactly the same thing. Now he has waited for the dust for settle, before trying it again.”

I’ll give the readers 3 guesses….

But actually, this is one of the “lies” that he has tried to claim he has on me, and the one which I alluded to in my writing just the other day.  Actually, not once have I ever said, or believed, something so stupid as “the truth is found in a person’s behavior” .  I actually argue against that illogical statement.  Let it be clear that this comment was merely invented out of thin air by DW, and he can produce no statement that even hints at such a thing.

As I said, I alluded to this the other day.  I made the comment a couple year’s back, that the ungodly and dishonest behavior of people like Grunbaum, DW, and Rando, actually serves a valuable purpose, in turning them off to the JW religion, and thereby keeping them from falling into its error.  

Somehow in this twisted mind, DW attempted to make that statement say that I “am happy for people to believe a lie”.  Only someone who is controlled by lying demons, could even come up with that understanding.  My statement, in fact, said the opposite of how he tried to twist it.  I said that their conduct in this forum is so sorry, that people who read their answers would likely be turned off to this religion, and therefore, would not be deceived into falling into its false teachings.

But to show how ignorant DW truly is, he fails to see the implications of a person saying that “truth is determined by a person’s actions”.  In fact, he is merely trying to EXCUSE his own sorry actions, and those of his friends.  But let’s consider the implications….

If a person’s sorry conduct (like DW, Sister T, Grunbaum, or Rando), means they don’t have the truth, then a member of that SAME religion (Brenton, Carol, Pam, Elbert) who has GOOD conduct, would also be “proof” that that particular religion IS the truth.

Actually, that has nothing to do with it.  Truth is determined by the Scriptures…nothing else.

HOWEVER, a person who has the truth, SHOULD reflect that truth with their conduct.  The WT doesn’t have the truth, because their doctrines are not Biblical.  The lying dishonest conduct of DW, has nothing to do with it.  It merely shows that DW is not a man of “truth”.

So, let’s just dispense with that lie, right here and now, when he tries to claim that I believe something like that.

Once again, it only shows how desperate the man is, when he has to LIE about my beliefs.  The man who once bragged that he was going to give me a “Scriptural mauling”, is reduced only to inventing things in his own head, because he doesn’t have the spine to tackle me on a Scriptural subject.  So, HIS “M.O”, is to lie, twist, distort, accuse, and then that doesn’t work…whine and cry.

DW:  “All he tries to do is defend his own actions and his own lies. He's so concerned by trying to make people believe that Jehovah's witnesses don't have the truth because I should have worded a sentence differently that he doesn't realize he dropped himself in it, yet again!!”

Nope, nothing to defend.  No lies to have to defend, either.  I simply called you out on a stupid statement that YOU DID make, and you went all to pieces.  Unlike what you do, I didn’t twist anything you said.  I simply showed how its evidence of how badly you are brainwashed.  

And by the way, you lied again in the above comment, DW.  I never said “Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have the truth, because you should’ve worded a sentence differently”.  I said you should’ve worded it differently, if you didn’t mean what you actually WROTE.  I said Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have the truth, because their doctrines won’t hold up under Scriptural scrutiny.

Why lie?

DW, you are a slow learner.  Your lies, your inventions, and your attempted twisting, are simply not going to work with me.  You are messing with someone who is a lot sharper, and experienced, than you ever hoped to be.  If you continue it, I will expose you….just like last time.  So, its your choice.  You can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

“Yes I should have worded the sentence better. SO WHAT!! If derrick knew that in the first place why try and make people believe I meant something it did not??”

What does he mean, ”SO WHAT!!” ??  So, it doesn’t matter if someone says something so ridiculous as “now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise" ?  Even though this ridiculous comment clearly implies that the “Slave” determines if a Bible teaching is correct or not?  Why, its just a minor detail…hardly worth mentioning.

But the double standard of hypocrisy here, is amazing.  When HE makes a statement with such sorry wording, its “SO WHAT!!” .  However, I seem to recall an instance where I made a statement in regards to the JW teaching about the “seven times” of Nebuchadnezzar, and did not word the statement as well as I could have, and was more than happy to immediately re-word the comment to make it more accurate.  However, DW did not take the “SO WHAT” approach then.  Instead, he screamed bloody murder….”liar, deceiver, etc”.  

Even though I immediately went back and added the word I had accidentally left out, and corrected the mistake.  Yet, DW has corrected no mistake.   In fact, he cannot even bring himself to ADMIT that his original statement DOES say what he is so upset about my pointing out that it says.  Have we seen this hypocrite re-word HIS statement?  No, we haven’t.  And the reason is obvious  Even if he DID re-word it and removed the word “Bible” , then his statement would STILL prove brainwashing, because it would then read….

“now here's the truth every teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise"

It is STILL a stupid statement, any way you slice it.   Here’s why….

For a teaching of the “Slave” to be “correct”, it would STILL have to BE a Biblical teaching to begin with, regardless of whether he removes the word “Bible” from his comment, or not.  So, he still has the same problem.  

If the current teaching of the “Slave” is correct, then it will be correct TOMORROW, and NEXT YEAR.  That is, if it was ever “correct” to begin with.  Biblical truth does not change, as there is no new revelation being given, and no additional Scripture being written.  The Bible teaches TODAY, the same thing it taught 100 years ago.  And if Christ doesn’t return in the next 50 years, it will still mean the same thing then, that it means now.  Its ridiculous that this even needs to be explained.

The notion that the “Slave” can change ANYTHING that is Scripturally correct, is absurdity in the highest degree!  And now, because DW was called out and shown up for making such a ridiculous comment, he now wants to act like a child and whine, and blame me for what HE said.  

Funny….The guy who INVENTS quotes from me that I didn’t even write, has a problem with my taking HIS quote word for word, and elaborating on it.  What a hypocrite.

So, I’ll say it again….ANYBODY who would make a comment as foolish as “now here's the truth every Bible teaching by the faithful slave is the correct one until the time they tell you otherwise" , is brainwashed, pure and simple.  No, I do not blame all Jehovah’s Witnesses for that foolish comment.  But I will say this….DW made the comment, and yes, it proves DW is brainwashed.  And ANY JW who would agree with his absurd statement, is also brainwashed.

Now DW, since you have decided to go on the attack again, I think its time I called your bluff.  So, here it is…..

Since you talk so much about my “lying and slandering”, then I guess we should assume that YOU would never do such as that?  And from that assumption, we can then conclude that you DO, in fact, have direct quotes from me, to support the claims that you have been posting in this public forum, regarding my beliefs.  I realize that everyone who has asked you to provide one of those quotes, has been rejected with your cowardly “SPAM” reply, but you DO have those quotes at your disposal, don’t you?

So, in your very next “reply”, I am publicly challenging you to provide quotes from me, stating the following things that you have CLAIMED that I teach….

1.  That Jesus was resurrected as a “super body-swapping zombie”.

2.  That there is more than one “almighty god”.

And also, please provide….

3.  One example of where I have “changed a doctrine” of mine.

These are ALL things that you have publicly claimed, so back them up, Big Boy.  Either provide quotes from me that support your false claims, or be shown once again, to be the liar that everyone now knows you are.  

DW, we are all noticing something about you….You really don’t refute anything I say.  All you do is attack and accuse falsely, just like Satan.  I notice you don’t like to talk about John 8:44, because it nails you and your friends to the wall.  

Now, provide the statements, which you will now be challenged publicly to do, every time you post your lies in the public forum.  People will see you stick your foot in your mouth, and be completely unable to back up your talk.  They will then see, once again, that you are all talk, and nothing but hot air.  

Now, let’s see the quotes that you don't have, DW……Your bluff is called.  

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