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Jehovah`s Witness/Is WT Society Jewish history experts too?



I have enjoyed your recent answers. Thank you for providing a breath of clarity here on the topic of trinity and the WT's misguided explanation of what others believe.

Similarly, the WT Society sees itself as an expert on Jewish and Babylonian history. They would explain to the Jews when the temple in Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians, insisting on 607 BCE as if they know better than Jews themselves. Any Jew would simply shake their head at the nonsense.

And the WT Society would go to the museums in Iraq and Britain and tell anyone that would listen how they have calculated the enthronement year vs. the ascension year of Nebuchadnezzar and why their's is correct despite historical evidence to the contrary.

Thank you for your compliments,
    I do pray that what I post is clear and understandable.  My goal is to educate readers (and some experts) about the differences between JWs and mainstream christians with kindness and truth.  Most JWs are very sincere in their beliefs and genuinely want to please God in their daily walk.  I am likewise steadfast in my beliefs, so I completely understand their hesitation in considering the implications of being wrong.  I can't blame them for clinging to their beliefs or risk losing their families.  I truly get it.  It would be very difficult for me to do the same.  This is why I speak to them in love, and why I encourage others to do the same.
    I find the 587v607 debate quite fascinating.  As you have stated, JWs cling to 607 despite the incredible and indisputable evidence otherwise.  When push comes to shove they simply say that the Bible trumps secular history (I agree) and that 70 years of desolation must be 537+70 (I disagree).  So, one must ask...if a different Bible interpretation lines up with the secular history, could that one possibly be true?  Maybe, just maybe, they are interpreting the 70 year desolation incorrectly.  
    They can't change it though as it is directly tied in with 1914.  The irony is that they initially set the date as 606 and taught this as truth.  It wasn't until they realized that a "0" year didn't exist that they changed it to 607.  To be honest with you, I can eventually see them dropping 1914, and thus 607.  There have been some major changes this past year, particularly with the FDS and dropping 1918 as a significant year.  It's just a matter of time before they realize that 1914 is of little religious significance.  They must take baby steps though so the rank and file follow along.
    I recommend interested readers obtain the book "Gentile Times Reconsidered" by Carl Olof Jonnson.  Jonnson was a JW who set out to prove 607.  It was through his research that he accepted the truth of 586/587.  He presented that research to the powers-that-be and they disfellowshipped him.  This book contains his exhaustive research.  Thanks again for your kind letter.

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