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Jehovah`s Witness/No Apology From Eddie, as Expected...Just More Of the Same Lies.


The ever-predictable Eddie did just as I suspected.  When given the chance to apologize for several blunders, he apologized for none.  As for his lie, stating that I had never identified the name of the Triune God as Jehovah, he simply chose to ignore that one and let his lie stand.  As for his false accusations of my questioners, he also chose to let that stand, as well.

But since he is desperately trying to cling to a sinking ship, namely, his contention that I said "JWs believe that only 144,000 are saved", let's just go ahead and finish it off and watch it go under.

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day, so I will not have time to address every single lie that has been told by 4 different JWs today in the forum.

As for Rando….Nobody is talking about the Trinity right now, Rando.

As for Sister T….Not much there to address, except for one statement that I have addressed in another post.

As for Eddie G….Briefly, I will address his latest display of lying and haughtiness, as most of his latest comments are merely repeats of what he has been saying.  Eddie is desperately trying to hold onto any piece of his sinking ship that he can find, in an attempt to stay afloat.  As predicted, he offered no apology for anything, although he was proven wrong on everything.  That was to be expected from a liar, and a fraud.

Really not much else to say there….He lied and claimed that I said that they believe only the 144,000 are saved, yet as always, was never able to provide a statement from me, which said this.  I provided him numerous quotes from me which said just the opposite, so he was exposed as a liar.  What else can he do, besides just repeat what he has been saying, or else….apologize. And nobody actually thought he was going to do that.

But he is humorous, though.  I mean, the way he just keeps desperately trying to cling to his lie, even though it has been laid bare for everyone to see.  You almost feel sorry for him, because its obvious that he is embarrassed at yet another pummeling.

For instance, he just keeps trying to hang on….

EDDIE:  “Now comparing it to what you originally said:

>> ...He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some." <<

>> So, which is it, Eddie? Did I REALLY say that JWs teach that only 144,000 are “saved”, or did I say that JWs teach that they can be saved by being part of the Organization? <<

Answer: Yes you did! You "REALLY [said] that JWs teach that only 144,000 are “saved”.

To quote you: >>...He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some." <<

Focusing on the key words:

>> "God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some." <<

"...not just some." <<

Hence your OWN WORDS betray you!

Now, this is what I would call “desperately trying to stay afloat”.  Of course, the BETTER option would have just been to say…”Mr. Holland, I am sorry if I misunderstood what you were trying to say.  English is not my best language, so I might have missed the point”.

Had he done that, I wouldn't be calling him a liar right now.  But since he can demand apologies from other people, but views himself as above apologizing for his wrongs, and since he cannot humble himself to admit what everyone else knows...that he completely distorted my quote, then I have no problem calling him a liar.

You see, Eddie has a couple of problems….

He doesn’t correct his wrongs for the sake of honesty, because he’s a liar.

He doesn’t correct his wrongs on the basis of what was actually said, because he’s dense and can't comprehend it.

He doesn’t correct his wrongs for the sake of humility, because he’s arrogant and full of pride.

So, his only other option, is to hold onto what has already been refuted.

Anybody can read the above comments, and see that there is NOTHING there that states, or even hints, that “JWs think only 144.000 are saved”.  Yet, Eddie lies in response to my question of whether I actually SAID this, by saying…

“Yes you did! You "REALLY [said] that JWs teach that only 144,000 are “saved”.

So, I said it, even though the statement is nowhere to be found.  R-I-G-H-T!!!  Eddie, I think its time for your medication.

Now, I am going to just address this quote one more time, where I said….

“And there is only one way to do that....Not by coming to any church or religious Organization, regardless of whatever boastful claims they make about themselves, but by placing complete faith and trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There is ONE Mediator between God and men, and that Mediator is not a religion or a church....It is Jesus Christ. He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some.”

Tell you what, Eddie….You want to make some easy cash?  Its real simple….Read that paragraph, and find anywhere in it, that I said that “JWs believe only 144,000 are saved”.  That’s all you have to do.  

I mean, you just claimed that I “said it”. So, show us where.  Not some twisted “paraphrase” where you twist, distort, and attach your own meaning to it.  Just the statement where I said what you claim I said.  

No, what this quote actually does, is state several FACTS.

#1.  There is only one way to be saved, and that is by coming to Christ.

#2.  There is no religion which you can join, that will play a part in your salvation.

#3.  There is one Mediator between God and men….Jesus Christ, and not a church or a religion.

#4.   Jesus is not a Mediator for just SOME men, but according to the context, He is Mediator for ALL men (See today’s post on that very topic).

#5.  God wants all people to be saved, and not just “some”.

Now, WHY did I make point #5?  Simple….Because nobody is saved without a Mediator, or a Reconciler. That is, unless you can think of someone who has not been separated from God by sin, and therefore, doesn’t need a Mediator.  And since your religion teaches people can be saved WITHOUT Christ as their Mediator, then your religion is teaching a false way of salvation.  But the truth of the Bible is, that God wants ALL men to be saved, and that is why Christ was provided as the Mediator for ALL men.  The JW religion teaches you can be saved without Christ as your Mediator, but the Bible does not teach that.  

The point was actually quite simple and easy to grasp...Except for Eddie, that is.

So, here is where you made your stupid blunder….You claimed I was saying that “JWs think only the 144,000 are saved, since He is only Mediator for the 144,000.”

No, that is actually the very opposite of what I was saying….I was saying that JWs teach that He is Mediator for only the 144,000, but that the rest can be saved WITHOUT Christ as Mediator.  

So, I stated the simple fact….God wants ALL men to be saved, and not just some, and that is why Jesus is the Mediator for ALL men, and not just some….Because nobody is saved without Christ as Mediator.

Like you said, “Case Closed”.  Give it up.  You were wrong.  You were exposed.  You were too proud and dishonest to apologize, or admit you misunderstood.  But it doesn’t matter, because you have showed your hand to this board, and no honest person here thinks you have a leg to stand on.  So Sister T and Rando are trying to help you?  Big deal…what does that matter?  They’re going to support your lies, no matter what.  That is no surprise.  Their credibility is no better than yours.

But no objective reader of this board, is going to buy what you’re selling, in regards to my above quote.

Now, you also looked ridiculous with this one….

“Answer: Yes you did!

You said it here "JWs teach that they can be saved by being part of the Organization"  

supported by this statement of yours here:

where you claim that we, Jehovah's Witnesses ">>... place our hope of salvation in our participation with a certain religion, or our adherence to its dictates," even said "is spiritual suicide" .

Which is contrary to what we believe and teach.

And this was the funny part, which once again, proved your density and inability to grasp what is right in front of you…..

“Just because ONE is a Jehovah's Witness or part of the Organization, doesn't mean that one is saved. If you believed this, then your either lying or just not familiar with what we believe and teach.”

Never said it was a guarantee, or that it "means one is saved", and no, I don’t believe you teach that it is.  But of course, that wasn’t said, either.  Another figment of your imagination.

Read it carefully, and S-L-O-W-L-Y, Eddie….“"JWs teach that they can be saved by being part of the Organization"  

That’s correct, Eddie…They believe they CAN be saved, not WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SAVED.  Do you just not know the difference between “can”, and “will”  Apparently not.  

So, you sure did yourself no favors on that one.  Boy, talk about digging deeper.  You would have stood a better chance, if you had just left this part out of your post, because it only illustrated what I have been saying all along, about how you don’t comprehend what you just read.  I never said you teach it is a guarantee.  In fact, I have said just the opposite…There is no full assurance of salvation in your religion, and a person is NEVER sure of it in this life.  But what they CAN be sure of, is that they had BETTER be in the Organization, to have any chance at all.  

But hey, you forgot about something, I do believe.  A couple of the very quotes I sent to you yesterday, actually make this same point.  I will post them for you, yet again, because you obviously forgot it, and because your comprehension skills seem to be lacking….

From my writing to you yesterday.....

ME: And that is how the JWs hope to be saved. I have asked my own mom about being SURE she is saved, and her answer is always that "I believe I am in a saved condition", but not to be "over-confident or presumptous". In other words, there are no guarantees.”


ME:  “But notice how it is usually worded very carefully. They will say something like...."Joining an Organization will not save anyone".  

Very true. JWs do NOT teach that joining the Organization is a guarantee of anything. HOWEVER, NOT joining at some point is a guarantee of destruction.”

See there, Eddie?  My above comments that were sent to you yesterday, actually state exactly what you just said….Being in this religion is no guarantee.  But still, you believe that the only hope a person has to be saved, is coming to it.

So, once again, you have made a fool of yourself with your incessant rambling and twisting of my comments.  Do you have any idea, how foolish you are making yourself look?  I don’t think you do.  And I hate to say it, but Rando and Ms. T simply cannot help you talk your way out of it.  

Talk about “digging a deeper hole”….That is what you do with every single post.

So to summarize:

I DID say that JWs  belive that only the 144,000 have Christ as their Mediator…and that is true.

I DID say that JWs believe that only the 144,000 are in the New Covenant….and that is true.

I DID say that God wants all men to be saved, and that is why He gave Christ as the Mediator for all…and that is true.

I did not say that “JWs believe only the 144,000 are saved”….Your statement was simply not true.

You are correct about one thing….”Case Closed”.

Well, this got longer than I expected, so I will deal with DW’s lies about the chat room, in another post.  

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