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Jehovah`s Witness/"What Difference Does It Make"?? Really, Ms. T?


Seems Eddie thinks he is above apologizing to Adam and Kevin, for his false accusation, and Ms. T doesn't think he should, either.  

Of course, that is nothing new with these people.  It just shows how little they value "truth".

Now, I am not going to take up my entire evening, responding to Ms. T’s extremely long attempt to claim that I contradicted myself.  Actually, I’m confident that every one of those “contradictions” will easily be seen through by the reading audience (except for the little circle of JWs), so I’m not even going to bother with those.  

I will applaud her for one thing….She actually did use quotes and provide links, so that part was good.  It was a refreshing change of pace around here, for a JW “expert” to actually do that.  However, even with the links and her best efforts, all a person has to do is read the links for themselves, to see there were no contradictions in the least.  Of course, if anyone has a question about any of her comments or wants clarification, then they can ask me, and I will be happy to reply.  Otherwise, I’m not going to bother with them, because quite honestly, there are some more important points from other posts, that I am going to respond to.

I am going to respond to one thing from Ms. T’s writings, and it is one statement that doesn’t involve me personally, but rather, 2 of my questioners.  It is this comment, that I find to be unbelievable…..

“And what difference does it make who wrote in about something that was incorrect?”

I honestly could not believe I had just read this statement.  Now Ms. T, if I am misapplying what you are referencing here, then please feel free to clarify.  But I have to assume that you are making a reference here, to the fact that I have called Dishonest Ed out several times now, for accusing my questioner of being Kevin, when it was in fact, Adam.

Is that what you are referring to?  I really can’t think of anything else it could be, so I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Did you really mean to type….“And what difference does it make who wrote in about something that was incorrect?”

I can’t believe someone would be that naïve, as to write something that unscriptural, and that ridiculous.  

So, let me answer it….It makes A LOT of difference ANY TIME you falsely accuse a person of doing something they did not do.  It makes A LOT of difference, any time you publicly attribute a quote to one person (as Dishonest Ed did SEVERAL times), when the statement was actually made by someone else.  It makes A LOT of difference, when Dishonest Ed calls someone “ignorant” or “lying”, when that person didn’t even make the statement.

I can’t believe Ms. T would have the gall to even ask something like “what difference does it make who wrote in about something that was incorrect?”

Well, since several of the JWs here like to “paraphrase”, then I guess I can too.  The difference is, my paraphrase will convey the CORRECT meaning of what was said.  This comment is basically letting that lying, low-life slanderer known as Eddie G, off the hook for calling out someone for a question they didn’t write.

Sound harsh to poor Ed?  No, not even harsh enough.  He is the one who had the hypocritical audacity to say I owed them an apology, for something I didn’t even say.  And in the same week, he publicly calls out someone and proceeds to attribute quotes to them, that were written by someone else.  And it has been brought to his attention SEVERAL times, and he was asked to apologize, and instead he just ignores it and refuses to comment, as if it never happened.  

If it was a simple mistake, ALL he had to do, was correct it.  That was it.

Now, Eddie is the charlatan and imposter here.  He is fraudulently claiming, and posing here, as a servant of Jehovah, the God of all truth.  However, a TRUE servant of the God of truth, would gladly correct any wrong or false accusation against a fellow human being...even one that he disagrees with.  He wouldn’t even have to be asked twice.  He CERTAINLY would not just ignore it, and refuse to offer any comment of any kind, as this charlatan has done.  

Ms. T, I thought you like to repeatedly say that JWs have higher standards of honesty than other people?  You sure would never know it from that statement of yours….You are in effect, saying that it doesn’t MATTER if you lie about what someone said, or if you misquote them, as long as they are “false” anyway, or if the statement is false anyway.

Well, I would love to see how you would react, if I took that same unscriptural position.  Since I believe that JW doctrine is “incorrect”/false, then let’s just say that DW writes a question to me telling me what he thinks of me, my being here in this forum, and my continuing to breathe air, and then I respond back to his comments by quoting him.  Only, instead of saying it was HIM, I instead claim that it was Sister T writing it, and I listed the quotes as if they came from you.  

Man, you want to talk about screaming bloody murder.  I would be called “liar” left and right, up one side, and down the other.  She would be demanding a retraction, and this would be used as “proof“ that “Derrick Holland is a liar“.

Of course, I wouldn’t do such a thing as that to begin with, so it’s a moot point . And if I did it by accident, I would happily apologize to the questioner, and her, for falsely accusing her.

And if Eddie G had an ounce of integrity, or human decency, he would do the same.  Instead, he has chosen to just ignore it altogether.

Eddie owes both Adam, AND Kevin, an apology.  Now, they will never see that apology, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is the Christian thing to do.  Eddie simply refuses to do the Christian thing.  Again, he’s a charlatan and an impostor….Falsely claiming to be a servant of the God of Truth, and a follower of Jesus Christ, when his actions are more like those of another “father” mentioned in John 8:44.

But that is what Ms. T just told us…..That it really doesn’t matter if you accuse one guy of writing something when somebody else wrote it, as long as they’re both false anyway.  (By the way, the comments weren’t false, either).  Even if they were false, that is no excuse to falsely accuse anybody.  If I think Ms. T’s doctrine is false, then its okay if I attribute to her quotes, that were said by somebody else, and publicly call her out for comments she didn’t make?  Oh, okay.  These people had better be glad I don’t believe that ridiculous notion.

But hey, let’s just see if T’s comment holds up to light of God’s Word….

The BIBLE Says….“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”

Ms. T Says….what difference does it make?”

The BIBLE Says….“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him….a false witness that speaketh lies”

Ms. T Says….“what difference does it make”

The BIBLE Says….“For men shall be lovers of their own selves….FALSE ACCUSERS”

Ms. T Says….“what difference does it make?”

The BIBLE Says…“A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.”

Ms. T Says….<b>“what difference does it make?”

Now, I know Ms. T will come unhinged after this, but that isn’t my problem.  She claims that I don’t use Scripture to back up my point, which was a lie.  But I just did use Scripture, and it certainly doesn’t make her statement look very good.

She could just as easily have told Eddie that, since he made a mistake, it would be best to just set it right.  She is also the one that stated here before, that she would NEVER stand for or be associated with something that is false.  Yet, she did her best to try to get Eddie off the hook for refusing to apologize for a false accusation.

I believe it was also Ms. T, who tried to defend Eddie’s and Rando’s lies about the Trinity, by saying that it really didn’t matter if they understood or represented it correctly or not, since it is “false anyway”.  How does a person even think like that to begin with?  That is not how mature adults think, much less one that claims to be a Christian.

I cannot even fathom allowing myself to think like that.  Telling the truth ALWAYS matters, and correcting your wrongs, ALWAYS matters.

Readers, her comment here reveals something about their mindset, that I have been pointing out for a long time now….These people have a way of thinking, that has them convinced that it is permissible to tell any lie, or distort any statement they wish to, as long as they’re fighting an “opposer”, or someone they view as God’s enemy.  

Nothing could have illustrated that point any better, than her statement that she made today.  So sad….She doesn’t seem to understand the concept of human decency, and apologizing to a fellow human being for falsely accusing them, even if you think they’re false.

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