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I have never seen such a childish and immature rant, in all my life.  Would somebody please give DW his blanket and pacifier back?  Its time for his nap.

Seriously, this guy simply cannot admit when he was wrong.  That seems to be a trend with these select JWs....When they are wrong, they just go all to pieces.

At any rate, the last 2 postings from this "man" about me, are the words of a defeated person.  You can just sense it in the tone.  He knows he was wrong, he knows he lied, but he just will not bring himself to admit it.  He does what he always does....When exposed for lying, just keep telling the lie over and over.

Like I said....Don't play those games with me, or you will look foolish.

DW:  “Quick response to Derrick because I am so bored with his stupidity and have much better things to do than this.”

Then go do them.  How do you think the readers feel about YOUR ever-ncreasing stupidity?  

Nobody asked you to stick your nose in this, anyway.  You could’ve answered that “question” about the chat forum without trying to use the opportunity to claim that I lied.  But since you’re a hate-filled and bitter individual, you just couldn’t resist lying to this board, yet again, and trying to attack me with your satanic lies.  

So now that you got your teeth kicked in, you’re pouting like a little baby?  What’d you expect?

DW: (from his previous post) “Whats interesting about the forum is a few days later "SAL" another one of "Grunbaums" aliases wrote to "Derrick Hollsnd" to try and make me look a liar. Unfortunately for him he attributed quotes to me that I hadn't even said “

Yeah, don’t you just hate it when liars attribute quotes to you, that you never said?  Can anybody believe the sheer hypocrisy in this statement, from DW, of all people?  This is the guy who LIVES off of FALSE quote invention.

But hey, DW….Maybe Sal was just “paraphrasing”.  You know, “the bottom line”…..


Well, why don’t we just pout and act like we’re 4????  I think he’s mad.  Are you mad, DW?  Are you mad that yet another attempt to lie to this board, blew up in your face?

Boy, you never learn, do you?

But honestly, does this sound like the writing of a mature JW, who has been given congregational responsibilities, and if I am not mistaken, claims to be of the "anointed"?

DW:  “Regardless of that fact I am talking about the private forum not the public one. There were two different ones Derrick knows that and he knows the one that I was referring too . The reason I knew he was spying with how he publicized certain things that was only made known on the "private" forum.”

I would highly suggest that DW go back and read that first e-mail in my last posting on this topic, between Selinski and myself.  It quite clearly states that I was invited to BOTH forums, but that since the original one (the email forum) caused such an uproar with people calling me “apostate”, the chat room forum had been started by Selinski/Grunbaum.

And here again, we see that DW’s memory isn’t quite what he wants everyone to believe it is.  Fact is, EVERYTHING that I have posted here that was said in that room, was from the CHAT ROOM FORUM, called “The Berean Group”.  

Why is DW lying, claiming that I am posting things from the private “email’ forum”?  Now, some of the same things might have been said in the email forum as well, but that is beside the point.  EVERY reference I have made, was said in the chat room forum.  That is the one that I followed with regularity.

So, DW is once again, not shooting straight.  Either that, or his memory is just REALLY bad.

So, he sort of sheepishly claims “Well, I didn’t know he was invited” , but WHERE is his ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ERROR, or some admission that he was wrong?  Nowhere…instead, he simply REPEATS the same lie, that I was “spying”, even though he now knows that I was invited by the Moderator/Creator of the forum.

This is the PRIDE that I have been talking about.  These people cannot swallow their pride, long enough to say “Okay, I was wrong” . Eddie can’t do it, Rando can’t do it, and DW can’t do it.  

But they are wrong, nonetheless.

DW: “Nice to see how Derrick brags about his marvellous memory I suppose he cannot admit to having such an occupational hazard.”

Why can’t you just admit you were wrong, and that you CONSTANLY lie to this board?  Does Jehovah God approve of you, DW?  

DW:  “Derricks hand wringing and "woe is me" performance at how he claims JWs have disgraced God's name is just sickening. There is something Satanic in this geezer there is no doubt about it.”

What’s sickening, is the way you defame God’s name with your sorry conduct.  Even to the point that your own brethren are sick of you, and your despicable actions.  You have been asked time and time again, and you have promised this board time and time again, that you were going to change your mannerisms.  Yet, you always lie, and revert right back to your satanic methods of lying and slander.  You’re a joke of an “expert”, and a mockery to the God you claim to serve.

Yeah, my point was valid.  Sorry it made you “sick”.  But there IS more to honoring Jehovah’s name, than just repeating it over and over.  When you lie in His name, and you use His name to try and give credibility to your lie, well, you’re going to have a lot to answer for one day.

But the readers will notice something else here, about DW’s way of thinking.  Its found in the way he labels me as “Satanic” and “demon possessed”.  

Now, that is funny….HE and his ilk are the ones lying, and I am merely setting the record straight, and presenting the facts.  But in his mind, I do not have the right to do that.  He should be able to tell any falsehood that he wishes, and never be called out on it.  That is actually what he thinks.  No doubt about it.  That’s why he keeps doing it, and then labels anyone who corrects him, as “apostate”, or “demonic”.

In DW’s fantasy world, it is “Godly” to lie in Jehovah’s name in order to fight the big, bad “apostate”, but it is “demonic” to expose DW’s lies, and make him look ridiculous.

Since when did demons start exposing lies, rather than telling them?

Seriously now, which is really demonic….Lying, or exposing lies?  

Such is the thinking of this warped, twisted individual, who is nothing more than an English version of Rando.

DW:  “Derrick is undoubtedly possessed by a demon .I mean he says he has a ghost living inside him. He will admit that himself.Go on ask him if he has a ghost living inside of him!! Which kind of explains his unexplainable behaviour. It's not even one thing it's a series of things that he just seems so oblivious too. 14 years man!! “

What a childish, immature, little pity party this was!  This is the usual “I got made to look stupid and I can’t actually refute anything he said, so I will attack the messenger” , tactic.  Yeah, DW is the very guy who likes to point this tactic out, and this is because he is the most experienced in its use.  

We just saw it in the above comment.  How he can even accuse anyone else of doing this after writing that nonsense, is the biggest joke of all.

DW:  “Come on 14 years sitting on a Jehovahs witness forum arguing with every single witness he comes across accusing everyone of lying whilst lying himself, contradicting himself repeatedly.”
Yeah?  Then why is it, that I have never had a problem with the majority of JWs who have volunteered on this site?  Why is it that I can even RECOMMEND several of them who are on this site right now, if a person wants a competent answer from a JW perspective?  Now, why would that be?

Actually DW, it is you that decent and honest JWs are sick of.  They have the displeasure of having to sit back and watch you, day in and day out, make a mockery of their religion by your sorry and dishonest conduct.

You should be real proud.  You have accomplished not one thing worthwhile, in your entire time here, other than making a fool of yourself.

You almost never get anything right, and you almost never tell the truth.  I’m sure Jehovah is pleased with you.

But regardless, the truth about the chat room forum is finally out there.  

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