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Jehovah`s Witness/Eddie Was Given The Chance To Show Integrity...He Chose Not To


In my other writing that also has posted today, I mentioned that I had contacted Eddie G directly, with several statements that I have made in past answers to other questioners, as to what JWs believe about salvation.  Those previous quotes from me, prove beyond all doubt that I have not, nor attempted to, tell people that "JWs believe that only the 144,000 are saved".  

Eddie has made this false accusation in his past 2 writings to this board, so I set the record straight.  This was nothing more than yet another attempt from these people, to slander and attack me, with their lies....period.  

So, I contacted Eddie directly with statements from me, that would prove his accusation false, and I asked him to please issue a retraction and an apology.  

Well, since the time I mentioned that in my earlier writing, I have received a "reply" from Eddie.

Here is exactly what I sent him, word for word.....

BEGIN QUESTION********************

"Your Question was:

Good morning, Eddie. I trust this writing finds you in good health, if not a very good mood.

I also trust that you have had time to read my thorough refutation of your latest false claim, being that I am lying to the readers, by claiming that "JWs believe that only the select anointed, 144,000, are saved".

This was an obvious butchering of my comments, as has now been proven. I merely wanted to give you the chance to set it right. After all, you did demand an apology for my saying this. And since it was you who twisted/lied/misunderstood, then it is now on you, to offer the apology.

I was going back through the archives for an answer that I gave several years back, on Jesus' Mediatorship, and I found another article quite by accident, that is, coincidentally, dealing with the very subject that you just falsely accused me of lying about....The JW view of salvation.

I want to provide you some of my statements from that answer, which will leave no doubt as to your misunderstanding/twisting of my comments.

Keep in mind, these comments were not typed this morning or yesterday, in response to your false claim that I said that "JWs think only the 144,000 are saved". No, they were typed 5 YEARS AGO. Therefore, they are quite effective in debunking your claim, that I wish to "lie to the readers", as to what JWs believe about being saved.

The following comments are from the following link, which you are very welcome to check out for yourself.....

In this link, you will find the following comments from me, regarding whether or not JWs believe that only 144,000 are "saved".

I said....

“At any rate, you ask a very good question. If I am understanding you correctly, you are referring to the JW teaching that Jesus is basically a "corresponding" ransom, and also that they believe the average Christian is not in the New Covenant. Is that correct?

The fact is, I have asked many JWs this same question. Although they assure me that their sins are forgiven, they cannot answer as to HOW this occurs. And the problem is in the fact that they believe the New Covenant is only for the 144,000 select ones who will supposedly go to heaven, and not for the rest of the "great crowd" who will live on earth.”

“ The fact is, JWs do not believe that Jesus Christ is their Mediator. Instead, He mediates only for those in the New Covenant....the 144,000. The only way the average JW can be saved, is to believe in Jesus' death as a corresponding ransom, thereby giving them the OPPORTUNITY to be saved. And if you read the various answers given by JWs on this board, there is no mistaking their stand....they believe you MUST come to the Organization to be saved. But they do not believe that Jesus is their personal Mediator.”

“Isn't it amazing how verse 5 clearly says that Jesus is the ONE Mediator between God and men (not 144,000), and BOTH the verses preceeding and following verse 5 says this is referring to ALL men? God wants ALL men to be saved and come to the truth (v. 4), and Christ was a ransom for ALL men (v. 6). Verse 5 tells us HOW this is accomplished....through Christ's Mediatorship.”

“That is why they have such pressure on them to conform to the idealogies of the Watchtower Organization.

“You see, to the average JW hoping to be saved, there is no question that they MUST not only believe that Jesus' blood provides them the opportunity to be saved, but that He also has set up an Organization on earth which is the only true interpreter of the Bible. Of course, that Organization (in their minds) is the Watchtower Society. Its dictates are viewed as coming from God, and to leave this Organization is to place one's self outside of salvation.

And that is how the JWs hope to be saved. I have asked my own mom about being SURE she is saved, and her answer is always that "I believe I am in a saved condition", but not to be "over-confident or presumptous". In other words, there are no guarantees.”

“Now, a JW is already raising the objection in an "Add-On" to one of my answers from you, stating that they DO believe that they are saved by Jesus' blood and not by works.

I also believe that I acknowledged that they DO say this, but that their beliefs actually imply that works ARE necessary, and that is the end result of following their teachings to their logical conclusion.

Case in point, your question…

"If Christ died for ALL your sins, why would anyone need the WTBTS? They need a theory of the atonement that makes the org necessary."

“Very good question, and a good observation. The fact is, while a JW may say that we cannot "earn our salvation", and that the blood of Jesus is the only way to be saved, the fact still remains that they teach the blood of Jesus was a "corresponding ransom" to Adam. That is why the Organization becomes "necessary".

“So yes, this implies that joining the Organization is a pre-requisite to salvation, no matter which way you slice it. And the interesting thing is, a couple of the JW volunteers on this board will come right out and admit this, while others deny it.

But notice how it is usually worded very carefully. They will say something like...."Joining an Organization will not save anyone".

Very true. JWs do NOT teach that joining the Organization is a guarantee of anything. HOWEVER, NOT joining at some point is a guarantee of destruction.”

Now, what do you have to say, Eddie? Will your hatred keep you from doing the Christian thing, and admitting to this board that you simply got it wrong?

Or, do you do what honors Jehovah, and admit your mistake?

Keep in mind....There's a lot more to honoring Jehovah's name than just saying it. You also have to do what pleases Him, otherwise, your are making a mockery of it when you repeat it over and over, but don't obey Him.

You don't have to agree with the above comments from 5 years ago. But you DO have to admit that they give a very different picture, from what you tried to portray to the readers of this board.

An apology, Eddie? After all, you demanded one from me, for something you fabricated, and claimed that I said. I think we now see the truth.

END QUOTE******************

That is exactly what was sent, and below in the "Answer" section, is the reply I received from Eddie G.....

After being shown that he had given an inaccurate and false representation of what I said concerning JWs and salvation, Eddie had 2 choices.....

Either retract and apologize, or do nothing and be content to let the lie stand.

JWs reading this, let me just ask you....Which is the CHRISTIAN and the SCRIPTURAL course to take?  This should not be a hard question for you to answer.  If you post a falsehood about someone, should you retract and correct it, or let it stand?

Well, here is the "answer" I got from Eddie.....

"Hello! The expert can't answer your question."

(A rejection of the question)

But he did type this little gem, in his "explanation" as to why he was rejecting the question, and I quote....

"please do not write to me. otherwise go here:"

Expert: Eddie G

Yep, that was it....The man knows he printed falsehood, he was addressed in a fair and decent manner and given the chance to make the needed correction, and all he can say is "Please do not write to me"

He actually thinks he can lie and slander me, and then tell me not to address him?  He's out of his mind.

But he had the perfect opportunity to show Christian character, and willfully chose not to.

And after all of his talk about "honoring Jehovah's name", he makes a mockery and disgrace of it.  Since when does Jehovah God approve of such despicable conduct?  Like I told him....There's a lot more to honoring Jehovah's name, than merely saying it all the time.  You also have to do the things that please Him, and lying does not please Him in ANY circumstance, for ANY reason.  And until they get that part figured out, then they have nothing to say to anybody, about the name of Jehovah.

And that's not all.  I also wrote Eddie a 2nd letter today, about another lie he told.  Namely, the one where he claimed that I was just "now admitting" that Jehovah is the name of the Triune God.  In my posting of yesterday morning, I had given 2 quotes that showed that to be false, as well.  Well, today I found another one, and sent it to him....again, asking for a retraction of the false statement.  

This is my 2nd writing to Eddie....

BEGIN QUESTION **************************************

Your Question was:

"In addition to the 2 quotes and links I posted this morning, which refute your claim that I had never "until now" identified the Triune God as "Jehovah", I have come across another one, from 4 years ago.

"Thank you once again for proving my point .... You say something that did not even need to be said, because Trinitarian Christians such as myself ALSO believe there is only ONE God that we should worship, and we believe that God is Jehovah. You, as 99.9999% of JWs I have ever conversed with, have not even the slightest understanding of the Trinity teaching, and that is why I have addressed these same issues countless times over the years. Its just the same old worn-out ramblings, that have nothing to do with what we really believe."

That comment is from the following link....

Like I said....This has been stated numerous times now. Maybe not literally 10,000, but certainly enough where you had no business claiming I had never said it.

So, will you offer a public retraction and apology, for this falsehood, as well?

Sorry for the multiple questions, but you told multiple falsehoods. So, it was necessary."

END QUESTION *****************************************

Another chance for him to tell the truth, and set the record straight.  And his response?

"Hello! The expert can't answer your question."


I keep wondering if there is something on, that validates this type of behavior, since that seems to be his only comment to me.  But I highly doubt it.  All I have seen on, is that they are SUPPOSED to TELL THE TRUTH.  So, doesn't help his case much, either.

But there it is....Eddie could've admitted his mistake, but didn't show enough integrity to do it.  And he accuses others of "lying", and demands "apologies".  Its no wonder good and decent JWs are embarrassed by the actions of these clowns on here, who presume to represent this religion.

Eddie said in his post today...."In conclusion, my case against this impostor is done."

That is correct....It is done.  Only, you have been the one who is shown to be the impostor.  

Sorry, Eddie...But this is what hatred does to a person.  See, I can address your dishonesty for what it is with no personal hatred, because I truly pity you, and your sad state.  Your actions are pathetic.  You need Christ in your life.  

On the other hand, you have such an intense hatred for me, that you have convinced yourself that lying is okay.  And even when the lies have been exposed to the fullest and you can no longer even defend them, you still just cannot bring yourself to say "Hey, I was wrong, and I apologize" ....Because you think apologizing to me, is even worse than lying about me.  I get that...I really do.  But you had to know that this was going to post, if you rejected it.  You could've salvaged a little credibility, by just doing the right and Christian thing.  But now, you left me no choice but to bring it out this way, and now people see that you were wrong, but also too full of pride and hatred to bring yourself to admit it.

Honestly, how much hatred must be inside of a person who knows full well that this is going to get posted one way or another, yet still chooses to take the low road, and not do the Christian thing?  Its mind-boggling how somebody like that, can go to their KH meetings each week, and pretend that they are following Jehovah God and living a life pleasing to Him.

Eddie, a word of advice....Don't lie about me again.  

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