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Seriously, I can't believe that someone just wrote Rando to brag about the song "Days of Elijah" and it's use of "Jehovah".  The military chanting it, and Christendom hating it?!?  For the reader's information, this song was written by Robin Mark in 2003 and made famous by Twila Paris in 2005.  These are two Christian singers.  Much of Christendom has been singing this song in their churches for about a decade now.  The reader is way behind.

Come on Derrick, they have got to wake up at least a little bit to the fact that they are at least a decade behind the rest of the world.  Screaming about how bad the internet is, only to embrace it and push once they re-vamped it from the old site?  Believing that Christendom hates the word "Jehovah"?  They do realize that it was someone from Christendom who made that word up, right?  Do they not know that a lot of their "new light" just comes from succumbing to pressure from the outside world (like figuring out a way to allow blood transfusions without calling it a blood transfusion)...that or a new president taking over and making his own views law (most notably with Rutherford and Knorr)?  No wonder Fred Franz preached that there was no 1st century Governing Body.  Here is his speech...   He didn't want to give up the power.  The funny thing is that he was right.  Do they not realize that the Left Behind series is a work of fiction, and that Christendom does not believe that it will happen like that?  Do they not know that Christendom does not believe that Jesus went to heaven when he died?

Seriously, the average JW has got to be more educated than most of the ones who post here.  If not, their religion is in trouble.

Good evening, Adam.  I hope you and your family are well, and its great to hear from you again.

You know, I want to say that I am VERY glad you wrote me about this.  I saw the post this morning, and the comment "Interesting that the Marines is using God's name but Christendom hates it."

When I read that, I just laughed at the usual ignorance, and pondered on whether or not to write a post to myself, and address it.  I had sort of decided against writing a special post about it, because if I spent time correcting all of the false and incorrect comments these people dream up, I would never have time to do anything else.  But I was honestly hoping that someone would write me about it, and give me a reason.  Thank you for that.

You said...."The reader is way behind."

Yes, this reader certainly IS way behind, and ignorant of the facts.  But again, you are dealing with people who do not think that getting facts correct, is a huge priority.

Although this "reader" didn't sign their name, the writing style and usual disregard for being accurate, has "Eddie G" written all over it.  In fact, I'd bet on it.

The one thing I want to clarify about this song, is that it was actually written by Mr. Mark, back in the mid-1990s.  It has been recorded by several artists, including Twila Paris, and most recently in the Southern Gospel field, by the LeFevre Quartet.  

Contrary to the "reader's" assertion that we "hate the name Jehovah", I have personally always LOVED this song from the moment I heard it.  

You know, to make a comment that "Christendom hates it", was really foolish on several counts....For one, the very first link that this "reader" gave, was an article written by a member of "Christendom", COMMENDING these Marines for singing this.  Plus, you can go on Youtube and there are numerous videos of members of so-called "Christendom" singing this wonderful song, and rejoicing in the one true God.

Weren't they thinking before they sent that "question"?  Apparently not.

You wrote...."Do they not realize that the Left Behind series is a work of fiction, and that Christendom does not believe that it will happen like that?  Do they not know that Christendom does not believe that Jesus went to heaven when he died?"

Uhm no, they don't.  In fact, they don't know a lot of things that they spend a great deal of time talking about.  

Now granted, there are a lot of things I don't know about either......Brain surgery, rocket science, how to build skyscrapers, etc.  But then again, I am not on here talking about those things, and pretending I know something about them, either.

I want to say one thing, though.....I am grateful to this "reader" for giving that last link, to the video showing our Marines worshipping Jehovah God.  I'll be honest...While I was watching that, it was all I could do to hold back the tears, and stay in my chair.  Hats off to these men, and all of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedoms.  Hey, they have the liberal left and the ACLU upset at them (as if its any of their business what takes place in a CHRISTIAN worship service), so they must be doing something right.

Adam, thank you for pointing out the ridiculous error of this questioner.  When I read their comments, it hit me the very same way.  Yeah, isn't it funny how this person had the audacity to say that "Interesting that the Marines is using God's name but Christendom hates it." , and didn't even realize that the very one who WROTE this song is from "Christendom", this song has been recorded and re-corded time and again by "Christendom", sung in the churches of "Christendom" (as you mentioned), and loved by members of "Christendom" all over the world.  What...did he think this was just a Marines song?

You're absolutely correct....They are way behind, and have some catching up to do.  

And you hit it on the head....

"Seriously, the average JW has got to be more educated than most of the ones who post here. If not, their religion is in trouble."

While I know there are some who are, it seems most of the less-intelligent ones find their way here, to the profiles of about 3-4 select Witnesses.  You see this trend time and time again.  

But hey.... thank God for our men and women, who will still stand up and acknowledge the true and living God.  Seeing that in itself, was such a blessing to me.

Thanks for writing, and God bless.


P.S.  Here's a couple more links showing what you said, about this song being sung in churches all over the place....

I didn't see anyone who was "hating" it, did you, Adam?

Oh, and one more....Check out these Gospel musicians of "Christendom" from all over the Southern United States, singing this song about Jehovah....

Don't they know they're supposed to be "hating"?

Adam, these people are truly ridiculous.  

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