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Thank you Mr. Abdijah for taking the time to answer my questions concerning God's Kingdom. As always, I was not disappointed in your answer. The Witnesses would have to hold you and other members like you in the highest esteem. You folks (JW's) do this evangelizing work for free. There is a scripture that says: ''The TRuth Shall Set You Free'' I do believe now (not before) that you people do have the truth. Your motivation is geniune love for your fellow-man. I'm convinced more than ever, that God must be dealing direct with the JW's. I have made up my mind, that I am going to fully investigate your beliefs and at the same time, I am going to start praying  to YOUR GOD JEHOVAH and let HIm be a staple in my life once and for all. I've waisted many years of my life with various church's and have never had any real satisfaction until I started reading the JW'S comments and questions on this forum. You Mr. Abdijah and a few others, like Sister T  have not only added class but have given sinful people, like myself a real hope for everlasting life. And for that, I am thankful. I've never been a real bad person, I have always helped my fellow-man and tried to do what was right. But I know, that's just part of being a Christian.
Let me add just one more thing, I  believe that you folks can answer any question about the Bible with a scripture from the Bible. Not so, when you ask a preacher of your church. many times, they just give you their opinion which is Ok as long as it is the same as the answer that you would get from the Bible. But when their answer is different than that of the Bible, then that in my estimation is where one must draw the line.
Thanks again and again and again.

Thank you again for your kind comments, Phil. Any ability we have to answer questions from the Bible is due to Jehovah’s visible Organization, which is the Christian Congregation.

There we learn things that benefit us, and we also learn how to help others. (Isaiah 48:17, 18 ) So without Jehovah and his holy spirit, and his Son and the Congregation of which his Son is the head, we could do nothing.

Reading your message made me happy, and it also causes rejoicing in heaven. (Luke 15:7 ) I pray that Jehovah blesses your efforts in this regard.


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I will try to answer any question that can be answered from the Bible. I cannot answer questions about personal experiences someone may have had,as I was not there. Sometimes these are true; sometimes they are not. It is not my place to speak of that of which I have no knowledge.


I have been one of Jehovah's Witnesses since mid-1979. I actually studied for several years before that, and was rather critical. However, while that is not the wisest course, it did give me insight into the thinking of opposers of true worship.

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In addition to basic education, and some work-related college level courses, I have been on the Theocratic Ministry School since 1978. I have also attended a number of sessions of the Kingdom Ministry School.

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My greatest honor is to be a servant of the Most High God, Jehovah, and a preacher of the Good News of his Kingdom under Christ Jesus.

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