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Jehovah`s Witness/NOBODY has the right to misrepresent the beliefs of another - 'xept you Mr. Holland.


Mr. Holland said this in his recent rant:

>>"Fact is, NOBODY has the right to misrepresent the beliefs of another.  They have NO more right to do it, than we do.  The difference is, we don’t do it….they do."<<

Really Mr. Holland?

Are you sure about your accusation Mr. Holland?

If so, then I'm sure you can easily answer the questions that I asked a few days ago.

Posted here:

And here:

Which simply asked:

What is the answer to these simple questions - Is Derrick Holland arguing with himself? If no, who said, "...not just some" then?

Inquiring minds wants to know. Were you arguing with yourself when you said "God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some”?

Or were you referring to us, what we believed and what we teach?

If so why the misrepresentation?

So what say you Mr. Holland?

Who said "not just some" are saved by God?

Very simple question but profound. In fact your integrity depends on it.

So my advice if you care to listen, thread honestly. And stop digging.

(Note: reasons for this question are explained in the two posts I included above)  

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