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Jehovah`s Witness/Rando, I Do Believe You Have Some Competition


If Eddie G keeps it up, he will have more lies under his belt than Rando.  And THAT takes some doing....

So, let's look at Eddie's latest batch of fabrications and distortions, and see if the guy who demands apologies from others, will provide apologies for his own blunders.

Its mind-boggling to me, how anyone can be so dense and dishonest, all at the same time.  

Remember that I just pointed out not a week ago, that Eddie cannot get anything right….even the smallest details.  What we just read from him yesterday, is what happens when he tries to tackle a bigger subject.  It has been shown and proven time and again, that Eddie has a very difficult time, comprehending what is right in front of him.  But while Eddie is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, there is no way this is accidental.  Eddie is simply one who does not value truth, and has no problem with lying.  Which is precisely the reason he likes to write Rando so much.  Birds of a feather, flock together.  

It’s hard to know where to begin, since Eddie has posted so many ludicrous statements and outright lies, as of late.  So, before getting into some of those, let’s just dispense with his most recent one, where he presumes to play his usual game of distorting what I said, to suit his own purpose.

Here is what he posted this morning, presuming to quote me, but then lying about what I was saying regarding their beliefs.……..

EDDIE:  “He said:

...He is not Mediator for merely 144,000 select individuals, but He is Mediator for ALl men. God wants ALL men to be saved...not just some.  

1 Tim. 2:4-6- "Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;  

Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.  

That's pretty clear.....Jesus is Mediator for more than just a select few "anointed" JWs who think they, and only they, are part of the New Covenant. He wants ALL men to be saved, He is the Mediator for ALL men, and He gave Himself a ransom for ALL.

To place our hope of salvation in our participation with a certain religion, or our adherence to its dictates, is spiritual suicide. It is an insult to our Savior, Who took our place on the cross, and shed His blood for our sins...  

And that we...

"... have blindly trusted in this Organization and actually believe that being a part of it is somehow necessary for their salvation...  

After quoting my above statements, Eddie showed his complete inability to grasp anything, and claimed this…

EDDIE:  Paraphrasing (the first part of) what he said, he's basically saying that 'Jehovah's Witnesses believe and teach that only a few, " ...just some" "the 144,000 select individuals" are saved'. “

The key word here, is “paraphrasing”.  This is what they do.  They take your comments, and “paraphrase” them, into what they WANT to make them say.  But Eddie isn’t even close, with his “paraphrase”.

Then, Eddie said this….“So to say that we teach and believe that only a few "select" only the 144,000 anointed ones are saved, is a malicious lie. I think an apology is owed us.”

No apology is owed to him, because that is not what I said….Not even CLOSE to what I said.  
First off, Eddie is quite dense, to think that I was saying that JWs teach that only the 144,000 are “saved”.  Why do I say he is dense?  Because he can’t read, apparently.  First off, most Jehovah’s Witnesses do not even believe they are part of the 144,000.  

I guess he doesn’t realize that he just contradicted HIMSELF, by quoting where I said that they have blindly trusted in this Organization and actually believe that being a part of it is somehow necessary for their salvation“ .

This is what I mean, when I say that Eddie doesn’t think things through, or get anything correct.  He attempts to make my first quote say that JWs believe that only the 144,000 are “saved”, which is not what I said.  But then, he shoots himself in the foot, by quoting where I said that JWs  believe that being a part of the Organization, is necessary for salvation.  

So, which is it, Eddie?  Did I REALLY say that JWs teach that only 144,000 are “saved”, or did I say that JWs teach that they can be saved by being part of the Organization?  It can’t be both, Eddie.  So, which is it?  See, you contradicted yourself, without even having the brains to realize it.  This is what being blinded by hate, does to you.

So Ed blundered, by applying his dishonest “paraphrase” to my comments.  But, had he KEPT reading, he would have seen that this not what I said, because I made THIS statement not 3 sentences after the initial quote….

“To place our hope of salvation in our participation with a certain religion, or our adherence to its dictates, is spiritual suicide.”

Now, I think that clears it up quite nicely.  Simply put, Eddie lied again.  In the above quote, I clearly stated that they have their hope of salvation in being a part of, and participating in this Organization.  

So, did I REALLY say that Jehovah’s Witnesses think that only the 144,000 are “saved”?  Or, is Eddie off his rocker?  I think we will see it’s the latter, when we look at what I REALLY said.  I did NOT say that they think that “a select few ’anointed’ JWs who think they, and only they, are saved”

What I actually said, was….“a select few "anointed" JWs who think they, and only they, are part of the New Covenant.”

Big difference.  And Eddie knows this.  First off, nobody was claiming that JWs think that only the 144,000 are saved.  The fact is, JWs think that Jesus is Mediator for ONLY the 144,000, and that ONLY the 144,000 are IN the New Covenant.  They also teach that a JW can be saved, WITHOUT being in the New Covenant, and without having Christ as their direct Mediator.

THAT is the teaching I was debunking….The JW notion that you CAN be saved, and not have Christ as Mediator, and can be saved apart from the New Covenant.  This is actually the OPPOSITE of Eddie’s claim, that I said that a JW CAN’T be saved apart from being in the 144,000.  

How dense does someone have to be, to mess that one up so badly?

Eddie has a talent for seeing the exact opposite of what is right in front of him.  He read my comments, and tried to turn them into the very opposite of what they really said.   I was ACTUALLY debunking the JW notion that you CAN be saved apart from having Christ as Mediator and being in the New Covenant…not saying that they believe you “can’t be saved”, unless you ARE in the New Covenant.  

Again, he lied and claimed the very OPPOSITE of what I actually said.    

It is he, who should apologize to the readers, because it is he, who continues lying about what we say and believe.

In short….I was pointing out that JWs teach that Jesus is Mediator for only the 144,000, but that the Scriptures show He is Mediator for ALL men, because God wants all men to be saved.  The Watchtower teaches that the “other sheep” (non-anointed JWs), can be saved without Jesus as their Mediator, and that these are separate from the New Covenant.  This is unscriptural hogwash, and that is what I was refuting.  Nobody is saved, apart from being in the New Covenant, which was instituted by Christ’s blood, with Him as the Mediator.

The WT teaches He is Mediator for only the 144,000.…The Bible teaches He is Mediator for ALL men.  

Eddie, your lying and twisting of my comments, is simply not going to be tolerated.  

But I can understand WHY Eddie was so upset with the content of that reply from me...  Its because the questioner was referencing the debacle that went on last year on this board, with certain JWs thinking that the “end” was coming this past week, in October of 2014.  They formed their own little chat room, and started thinking they had knowledge that the rest of their brethren did not have.  They were their own little cult-within-a-cult.  And EDDIE HIMSELF was swept up into all that nonsense.  It was that little debacle, that caused one of the most hateful, nasty, and angry arguments between these JWs against each other, that I have ever witnessed….with them calling each other “apostates”, “deceiver”, etc.   

It was also that chat room, which ultimately resulted in DW deciding Eddie is not even a real JW, and telling the world that there are “only 4 genuine JWs here”.  And I think Eddie left the board right after that.

So, I can see why he is upset about the content of that answer....It obviously struck a painful nerve with him, and reminding him of how gullible he himself was, in falling into all that nonsense.    

But be that as it may, Eddie is not going to take it out on me, and lie about what I said, regarding how Witnesses believe they are saved.  The fact is, the vast majority of Witnesses do NOT believe they are in the 144,000, and still believe they will be saved apart from being in the New Covenant, and apart from having Christ as their personal Mediator.  And THAT is the point I was making….God wants ALL people to be saved, and that is why Jesus is the Mediator for ALL people…Because nobody is going to be saved, without Christ as their personal Mediator.

Okay, now that this lie of Eddie’s has been cleared up, so let’s move on…

Take for instance, THIS LIE from Eddie, just a few days ago.  This comment of his not only proves how dense he can be, but how dishonest, as well.  He takes my statement concerning the name of the Triune God being Jehovah, which read….

ME:  “Nobody has ever said that anyone BUT Jehovah, is the true God. In fact, my position has been from day one, that Jehovah is the name of the Triune God. That’s only been stated about 10,000 times now.”

But Eddie, in his usual clueless manner, and complete inability to grasp what he just read, tells this despicable lie….

EDDIE:  “Now isn't this interesting brother Rando? You've been asking for the name of the Trinity godhead and never gotten one, until now.

Finally he had to admit: "Jehovah is the name of the Triune God".

So, Eddie here claims that I have never identified the Triune God as “Jehovah”, until now , and that I am “finally“ admitting this.  

That a fact?

Now, this proves how dense Eddie is….The very comment of mine that he was quoting, said that I have already stated this “10,000 times”.  Obviously not literally 10,000, but the number does illustrate the point that this has ALWAYS been my position, and has already been stated countless times.  Yet, Eddie just read that, and has the audacity to claim that I had never said this till now.  Proof positive that the clown cannot even grasp the quote that he is replying to…Remember how I have pointed out that he cannot get his details correct?  Another case in point.

But what about this claim of Eddie’s, that I have not given a name of the Triune God, “until now” ?

Is he shooting straight with the readers?  Does anybody even have to ask that?  When does Eddie EVER shoot straight?

Why did Eddie tell this lie, while not mentioning the previous discussion on the Trinity, back in March of this year?  Consider these statements from me, made nearly 7 months ago…..

ME:  “And since when is the Trinity “nameless”, when both Richard and myself have stated that God’s name is Jehovah/YHWH?  Why do they continue to tell this lie”

(Kind of odd they were telling that lie then, and they STILL are)

Here’s the link to that statement, that Eddie claims has never been made, but was in fact made back in March….

And this one, also from March….

ME:  “The Trinity basically states….

There is only ONE God according to the Scriptures, and His name is Jehovah. Within this one God, the Scripture reveals 3 distinct Persons….The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Now, that is 2 clear references to the Triune God being Jehovah, within the SAME month.  And this was 7 months ago, yet Eddie claims it has never been said "until now" .

Now explain yourself, Eddie….How is it that you can tell a bald-faced lie to the readers of this board, and then have the nerve to demand an apology from me, for “misrepresenting the JW position on salvation”?

How can a “man of truth”, be so hypocritical?  Don’t say that you didn’t see these comments, because YOU were DIRECTLY involved in that discussion.  So, explain to the readers how it is, that you can lie through your teeth about this, claim I never said this until now when you KNOW better, and then have the nerve to demand an apology?  

Will YOU now apologize for lying to this board, yet again?

Let’s look at a few more ridiculous remarks from this extremely dishonest person, and see if he will tell us just what his true motive is here, for his lying?  I wonder how he will try to justify it?  If his past actions are any indication, he will merely ignore it, and try to change the subject to something else.  

But let’s just see if this clown who is demanding an apology, will apologize himself.

A few more absurd and false remarks from Eddie….

EDDIE:  “Their teachers, pastors, deacons, priests as a group conditioned their members NOT to use Jehovah as the name of the ONLY True God but another name of Jesus Christ - hence the name of the Triune God.”

This stupidity is hardly worth responding to.  When is the last time Eddie was in one of our Bible-preaching churches, to be here commenting on what we believe, or what we are “conditioned“ to not say?  There is not one Bible-preaching church that I have ever been to, that “condition people NOT to use Jehovah”.  That is one of the most absurd and ridiculous blatant lies, I have seen in a long time.

Again Eddie….See again the 4 questions below, that I will, once again, list for you to answer, as to why we would ever write, listen to, or sing a song, that uses the name “Jehovah” over and over, if we are “conditioned” not to say it?  Come on….defend your idiotic remark.

EDDIE:  “But do you know who they are referring as Jehovah in that song?

It's not the True Living God Jehovah.
It's not Jesus Christ's God and Father.
It's not the Almighty God Jehovah.
It's not Jehovah God THE Creator.

No it's none of those but the Trinity godhead. You see they can only use God's name Jehovah in the CONTEXT that Jehovah is Jesus Christ.

In other words, they are chanting the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as Jehovah.”

Now, how does Eddie know the religious beliefs of these Marines, as individuals?  Out of the few hundred guys in that service, how does Eddie know that these men are all from Trinitarian churches, or that they even have any church background at all?  Perhaps many who were there, decided to attend church for the first time in years, and maybe are simply wanting to seek after God?  Perhaps some came at the invitation of another Marine?  Perhaps some simply know of God, but had not really been of any religious affiliation for many years?  And perhaps, SOME of them indeed are from a Bible-believing Trinitarian church.  Be that as it may, there is NOTHING in that song, that demands nor debunks, a Trinitarian understanding.  Why can’t they sing a song about the return of Christ, and then say in the chorus that “There’s no God like Jehovah” ?

Will Eddie apologize to these Marines, for making such a stupid comment as “Its not Jehovah God THE Creator” ?  Of COURSE its Jehovah God, the Creator….What other “Jehovah” is there?

I want to say clearly, that this guy has a lot of nerve, asking me to “apologize” for some stupid twisted interpretation he came up with of my comments, while he himself never apologizes for his obvious blunders.  

Did he ever offer an apology to my questioner the other day, for FALSELY accusing that questioner of being someone else?  Did he apologize to the person whom he accused and publicly called out, even though that person did not write the question?  Did he apologize for lying, and claiming the questioner was someone that it wasn’t?

Did he apologize for telling the bald faced lie, that we (what he terms “Christendom) “hate Jehovah’s name” ?  Even though I listed 4 questions for him, which prove that we do not?  No, he did not even ATTEMPT to answer those questions.  So, I will post them again for him, since he seems content to continue with his lie, while shrugging off the questions that prove otherwise.

Ed, the questions you failed to answer, were….

1. If Christendom hates it, then why is it that it was “Christendom” that wrote this song to begin with?

2. If Christendom hates it, then why is it that “Christendom” has been singing this song in their churches, for years?

3. If Christendom hates it, then why is it that just an objective watching of the many videos available of “Christendom” singing this song, shows NOBODY “hating” it, but rather rejoicing in it?

4. Since I am pretty much regarded (falsely so) among some of the JWs here as one who “hates Jehovah’s name”, why is it that I would love this song so much?

Did Eddie apologize for completely ignoring the above proof that we do NOT “hate” Jehovah’s name, or did he just keep repeating the same lie?  Can Eddie offer us any logical explanation, as to why we would sing songs in our churches, which contain a name that we “hate”?  Why would a songwriter from “Christendom”, even write the song to begin with, if we "hate" it so much?

These people are so ridiculous.   If you DON’T use the name “Jehovah” enough, they criticize you for that.  If you DO use it, they take the attitude of “How dare you!!!  Only WE are supposed to do that!!!!!”

Like Jay said, they think you have committed some sort of copyright infringement.

But on the subject of apologies….

Did Eddie ever apologize for his willful misrepresentations and distortions of our belief in the Trinity, all because he cannot refute the REAL Trinity teaching?

Did Eddie ever apologize for LYING to this board back during the cross/stake discussion, when he continually told this board that we “worship” and “bow down to” the cross?  Did he ever apologize for the fact that he knowingly asked 2 other Baptist ministers if we worship the cross, and when he was told that we do not, he just conveniently “forgot” to mention that he was wrong, but continued to tell this fabrication anyway?

When are you going to apologize to the readers, Eddie?  

I believe you mentioned that you had another part to your "analysis", that you were going to post?  I can hardly wait...By all means, "analyze" away...the readers can always use the laugh.  I am sure it will be more of your lies and distortions, and I will be happy to continue exposing you.

But I'm just curious if you, the guy who demands apologies for things people didn't even say, will apologize for your obvious falsehoods which have been thoroughly documented.  

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