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Jehovah`s Witness/Can we talk about Benyamin Grunbaum's Promised Last year?


Hi Derrick, do you recall those tearful promised from grunbaum last year? What can you say now, since it's already due?

Hello, Sir.  And thank you for writing.  

Yes, I recall that entire debacle from last year.  Now, when I was observing the chat room forum which was started either a little before, or right after the time that Grunbaum left this forum, the date was later adjusted from October of this year, to April 3, 2015.  

I will say now, what I said then....Jesus made some VERY clear statements in the Scripture, and I think we ought to heed them.  

1.  That He WILL come again....

John 14:3-  "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

We have a clear promise that Jesus will return for His followers, and when this happens, He will "receive us unto Himself".  That's a promise we can take to the bank.  The way we know that Jesus did not come "invisibly" in 1874 (the original year that the WT taught for His return), or 1914 (the current year taught), is that the things that are supposed to accompany His coming, have not happened.

But that does not mean that we are not getting close.  All the signs in this world, point to the fact that we are.  More on that in a moment.

2.  "That no man knows the day nor the hour"....

It seems the JWs who got caught up in all this nonsense last year, did not comprehend that one simple verse.  I mean, how clearly did Jesus need to say it, to convey the message that NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY NOR THE HOUR?  Could He have said it any other way, other than what He did, in order to get that point across?

I said it then, and I will say it again....Our job as Christians, is not to try and decipher the time of the end, and then sit around in some chat forum, talking about how we have knowledge that the rest of the world doesn't have, and how we are the fulfillment of some prophecy in Daniel.  No, our job is to recognize the SIGNS, as showing us that the day is drawing near, and living EVERY day as if that could be it.  Because you know what?  It could be.  None of us are guaranteed another day on this earth.  We should be watching and waiting for His return, every day of our lives.  Because its gonna happen.

Why do I believe we are nearing that time?  Because of what I read in the Bible, and see in the world.  The Bible tells us that in the last days, "perilous" times will come.  We are certainly living in dangerous/perilous times.  This world is more and more geared against anything that resembles Scripture, or Christianity.  There are dear brothers and sisters in Christ right now, who are being killed for no other reason, but that they are followers of Jesus Christ.  And American citizen who is a pastor, has been jailed for years now, and kept from his family.  His crime?  Following Christ, and loving those people in the Middle East, enough to build an orphanage.  I just read of another sister this week, a mother of small children, who has been sentenced to hang in Pakistan.  Why?  Simple....Because she is a Christian, and a group of women got together and fabricated a charge that she had "insulted Mohammad".  

And here in this country, it is getting more dangerous to be a follower of Christ.  Many states, including my own as of a week ago, have now allowed the wicked and vile perversion known as "same sex marriage".  And already, those who are taking a stand and refusing to dishonor God's institution of marriage by performing these ceremonies, are coming under attack with lawsuits, threats, defamation, etc.  

Everything about the thinking of this world, is twisted, because of who its "god" is.  Our society can murder the unborn, and call it "women's rights" or "women's health".  God calls it murder.  Yet, those who take a stand for what God has said, are viewed as "judgmental", "bigoted", or "hateful".  

Make no mistake....Jesus is coming.

But I will say this....No man IS going to know exactly when.  Not Harold Camping and his followers, not the Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and not some small group of people who think they have been blessed with some sort of special insight.  And not Benyamin Grunbaum/Daniel Selinski, or whatever other name he goes by.

We need to simply be ready.  And the only way to do that, is to turn from our sin, and turn to Jesus Christ.  He shed His blood on the cross as the final payment for our sin.  There is nothing that can be added to the blood of Christ.  Because of His shed blood, He is our Mediator....he bridges the gap that our sin created, between us and the Father.  

So, I'm not surprised that their prediction of October, 2014, came and went.  Nor will I be surprised if April 3, 2015, comes and goes.  Nor will I be surprised if Jesus returns today, because I'm ready and watching.

I hope this helps.  If there is anything else you would like me to clarify about the prediction from last year, please ask.  However, I will be placing myself "on vacation" from the board this Monday evening, as I will be going to visit my son, whom I have not seen for almost 3 months.  

Take care, and have a great day!


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