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Hi Eddie,
I have a question and its probably very basic for you but for me, its hard for me to fathom why Adam and Eve disobeyed God. So that is my question; why did Adam and Eve disobey God?
 Thanking you in advance for your kind response.


Hi Peter,

Great to hear from you again and I must say it's a good question because we can learn a lot from the tragedy they brought upon their offspring. They brought so much pain and sorrow to us humankind that what they did it UNPARDONABLE! Hence they deserved what they got - eternal death, the second death.

But it's quite sobering to ponder what happened to them and why they did what they did. Being perfect in all their ways, body and mind, living in perfect health in a paradise Garden of God, what more do they need from their Creator Jehovah God? Nothing! There was nothing lacking because Jehovah God Himself pronounced all of his creations "very good" (Gen 1:31). God  provided everything they needed.

Yet, in spite of this, they sinned! Why? "Why did Adam and Eve disobey God?"

Well, it started in the heart. Although they had everything including free will, they lacked something very important: Love.

Being free moral agents, they have to develop this quality on their own. They have to cultivate this God given quality love and make it grow each moment of the day. They have to continue nourishing it by daily communicating with their Creator and Father. By talking to their Father and God, they can learn about his amazing and wonderful personality. Only this way, they can learn 'to love him with their whole heart and with their whole soul and with their whole mind'. Hence Jesus made it as the first of all commandments (Matthew 22:37). So he knew the importance of doing it. He even said:

"It is written: 'Man must live, not on bread alone, but on every word that comes from Jehovah's mouth."" (Matthew 4:4)

But what do you think Peter? Did they do what they were expected to do? Obviously, NOT.

Hence, we can conclude that although perfect, Adam and Eve neglected this important part of their developing life. They neglected their daily communication with their Father, their Teacher, their Creator and their God Jehovah. So when the test came, they failed. They failed miserably because they lacked love for their God and Creator. They loved themselves more than their Father. They became selfish beyond imagination and thereby DISOBEYED God!

What a sad consequence of what they did.

What's the lesson for us?

The Faithful Slave and God's Organization are constantly reminding us: Read God's Word Daily!

Constantly communicate with Jehovah through prayer. Stay closed with his people and DO NOT isolate yourself because the scriptures says:

"Whoever isolates himself pursues his own selfish desires; He rejects all practical wisdom." (Proverbs 18:1)

This is exactly what happened to our first parents.

I hope this helps Peter.  

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