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Jehovah`s Witness/Charles Taze Russell was a freemason?


Hello Derrick.  
I was reading Rando's accusations about what you supposedly said  about Russell being a free mason.  I can't be sure,  but I think he's talking about me. After one of his tirades against you  trying to smear the Southern Baptists he talked about them being free masons and their ideologies ect... I wrote Brother Rando with some questions. One of them being that I thought Russell was a free mason. My question was never published and his reply was simply  that Russell was not a free mason. If this is the case,  I believe Brother Rando owes you an apology.

Take care. Kevin.


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Hello, Brother.  You know, Rando owes me and this board, a few HUNDRED apologies.  But Rando has a pride problem, coupled with no integrity or values of honesty.  So, I doubt an apology is forthcoming.  I mean, he lied to this board about 1874, without batting an eye.  

Furthermore, he used a MOCK "Baptist" site which was set up by a God-hating atheist, and which was obviously a parody/satirical site, designed to ridicule Baptists.  

What kind of "moral" person does that, in an attempt to pretend he is correctly stating Baptist beliefs?

I think he owes an apology for that.  But he's too dishonest to give one.  But that's fine...he has been exposed, and he took Eddie down with him.  So, it only worked against him.  Not sure why he thought he was going to get away with that one.  

Rando is, shall we say, several Froot Loops shy of a full bowl.

About the thing of Russell being a Freemason....It could very well be from a statement that you wrote to him, I'm not sure.  Rando is too much of a blockhead, to get anything right, anyway.  He loves to attribute to me, statements made by other people, so who knows?

I have no idea if Russell was a Freemason, or not.  Never said he was, or wasn't.  I have read evidence for it both ways.  It doesn't matter....Russell taught false doctrine, and was a false prophet.  That is what matters.  There is no question that Russell did have some occultic interests, however.  He believed the Great Pyramid was a key to understanding Bible prophecy.  In fact, there is a pyramid in the very cemetery that he is buried in.  Its not directly at his grave, but it IS a tribute to his belief in Pyramidology.

See attached images....

Yeah, when I read his absurd tirade about my supposedly saying that Russell was a Freemason, and his accusation of my "slandering" Russell, I simply laughed at the stupidity of it.  He was obviously desperate to get the subject onto something else.  

I mean, here is what I said about this topic....

""Now, in all fairness, I am not sure about C.T. Russell being a Mason. I have heard some pretty compelling evidence of this, but also some evidence disputing it as fact. So I cannot say for certain that Russell was a Mason, but neither would I rule out the possibility.

What kind of dunce, could read that statement, and claim that I was slandering Russell by saying he was a Freemason?  


And worst part of it, it seems Eddie sort of looks up to Rando and his ability to tell the dumbest lies ever, and tries to imitate him, or something.  They are a hard duo to figure out.

Eddie is all over the board in his desperate attempts to twist some comment of mine, to "prove" a lie.  But when Rando lies about 1874, the Baptist beliefs, or whatever else, then the FBI couldn't find Eddie.  What's up with that?

If Rando is indeed referencing a statement from you, and attributing it to me, then there are at least 2 options that I can think of.....

1.  He's just incredibly dense

2.  He is on that kick again, of thinking that you are me, under another name.  Rando does that himself so much, he thinks everybody else does, too.

I guess when a person knows that they themselves lie all the time, they automatically are suspicious of everyone else, too.

Yes, you are correct....Rando owes me an apology.  He owes Richard an apology.  He owes YOU an apology.  He owes Eddie an apology, sort of.  But he also owes the entire reading audience of this board, a HUGE apology....For all the nonsensical lies that he has told, and been exposed for, in the past 7 years that he has been here.

Thanks for writing and giving some insight as to why he might possibly have attributed that statement to me.  

God bless, Brother Kevin, and take care.


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